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Dear Fandom Grower,

Hello and welcome! I am thrilled to see we are a match! Help me grow these wonderful pairings! :D Truth be told, I am most interested in seeing the work *you* wish to create! These prompts are only coming from one mind, so you may be cooking up something unique I hadn't thought of yet! :) All prompts here are suggestions only, and you may borrow as little or as much as you wish! <3 You can use this letter any way you wish: use the Likes Directory for some nice and quick prompts (I like a lot of things! XD ), the fandoms section for some prompts, or go with your own ideas! :D You're also free to browse through old letters (assume the most current DNWs on here as the most correct ones.) As you can see, there is much for you to dig around in here, and I hope something inspires you to take back amongst your treasures. Hope you enjoy, as I am certain I will have tremendous joy in seeing your creation! :)
Love & good wishes - [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere < now [ profile] Lunarium

Likes Directory:
General Info & Likes
Genre-Related Likes
Trope Likes
Elements I like
Worldbuilding Likes
Dark Loves
Art Likes
Kink & Smut Likes

Do Not Wants

Fandoms List

If you don't see something listed, assume a neutral stance, but I'm happy to answer any questions via the mod! :) The Likes Directory is huge. I figured this will be a nice place to refer to if you were curious about anything or wish to pick from as prompts. :D <3

(I will mention now that some prompts were copy-pasted and as such ended up long while some are very short. I want each request equally, though! I do apologize if one section is shorter than the other! Again, feel free to go with your idea! I know I will love it! :D I love seeing what other people think of! <3 )

💀 Do Not Wants:
− trauma to the eye
− incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc) unless I've specifically requested it! :D
− infidelity/disloyalty between couples (doesn't count for hero/villain type or dark ships)
− mpreg • a/b/o • underage • scat
− please no bashing of religion, spirituality, or any kind of deity
− please no character bashing and no vilifying ANY of my requested characters/ships, unless it is appropriate in-universe (example would be, via the published Silm, Caranthir making his scorn of the dwarves' "ugliness" publicly known)
− Grey Area: rape/assault/abuse in pairings not marked as a dark ship. I wouldn't mind them dealing with the aftermath of a loved one having been hurt by a villain or an evil OC, though. See my Dark Loves section for more details on this since this DNW is a grey area. :)
− Unrelenting bleakness or depressing main villain wins scenarios (think Sauron takes back the Ring AU, Zarkon takes over Earth and enslaves/kills all of Team Voltron, etc.) It's fine if a story begins with a villain having the upper hand but ends on a happier note. For any requested villains I DO WANT: power struggle/powerplay/truce. :) But, see the Dark Loves section for more info on this!
− Unrequested pairings (see each fandom for more info)

🎭 General Info and Likes:
❉ POVs :: third person (subjective, omnipresent, etc) • first person especially for sarcastic characters since I love seeing things from their POV, or an unreliable narrator, or someone with a very interesting/unique ideology and worldview • second person only for darker stories if you're trying to be elusive, or for interactive fiction.
❉ Ratings :: General to Explicit are all fine
❉ Form :: fic • poetry • art • comics • series of in-universe documents (which may combine both fic and art/graphics) • fanmix (as an aside/treat would be awesome)
❉ Content :: canon-setting fics • canon-divergent fics • gapfillers • episode tags • fix-it • backstories for characters or events or a location in canon • slice of life • pre-canon • post-canon • continuation of (a scene/chapter/episode/book/etc.) • AUs are fine too!
❉ Stylistic narratives :: your writing style • fairy-tales if you are opting for that route • unusual formats (look under Genres for more details)
❉ Length :: from minimum to longer works, which I adore. I love them all.
❉ Endings :: happy, tragic, hopeful, elusive, or suspenseful cliffhanger.

🍿Genre-Related Likes:
❉ Hurt/Comfort :: self-harm/depression/self-hatred and being helped from it • suicidal ideation/attempts only if their attempts are foiled and the focus is on the care and healing afterwards • illnesses (anything ranging from fevers and flus to severe illnesses that leave characters bed-bound, mental illnesses go here too) • injuries (accidental, self-inflicted, from a battle, etc) • for darker flavors of this genre see the Dark Loves section.
❉ Fluff :: cuddling next to each other • quiet moments • snuggled with a blanket • taking care of someone while they're recovering from a minor illness
❉ Angst :: dark tone • character dealing with a tragedy (accident, death, war, apocalypse) • having to make a terrible choice • self-blame and doubt
❉ Humor/Comedy :: light-hearted/humorous tone • cracky situations (bonus if the characters are still in-character or if their traits are just slightly cranked up a notch for hilarity's sake) • couples engaging in witty banter and laughing as they make love
❉ Action/Adventure :: rescue missions • "What? That's suicide!" • characters doing something to get an adrenaline rush • one of the characters is a thrill seeker (to the others' dismay) • quest stories • race against the clock
❉ Mystery & Suspense :: solving a crime or mystery (bonus if they have to solve this before time's up) • an old unsolved mystery that won't stop haunting a character • government conspiracies • having to do something extremely risky/potentially endangering their lives from the government (uncovering unsettlingly truths)
❉ Horror :: Ghosts (explored more under Elements) • any supernatural creature and bonus if it's something rare/unique to the culture/region • abandoned places, haunted houses and other haunted locations, especially if characters must lodge there for the night and/or find themselves trapped there or allured by it for whatever reason • For darker horror prompts, see Dark Loves section.
❉ Nonfiction and/or unusual formats :: biographical styled narrative • essays penned by one of the characters • lab reports • memoirs • journals • textbooks • transcripts of spoken speeches or recorded conversation • epistolary
❉ Porn/Smut/PWP (see below for its own category)

❣️Trope-y Things I Like:
❉ Ships :: femslash • slash • het • gen • enjoy seeing them all appear in the same story as well; feel free to include background ships so long as they don't clash with requested pairings/notes per fandom. :)
❉ Beloved tropes :: hurt/comfort • huddling for warmth • keeping out of the cold • bed sharing (romantic or platonic) • fever dreams • first times (either romantic/sexual context or pertaining to anything) • presumed dead
❉ Soulmate AUs and Tropes! (no preferences of what kind of story/trope you use; surprise me! ♥︎ )
❉ Holiday and season-themed works :: winter (snow, ice skating, hot drinks, cabins, pine forests, winter holidays and gift-giving themes) • spring (blossoms and the theme of new tidings, flowers, green, bright colors, cool wind, storms, birds, spring fever) • summer (storms, heat wave, walks in the forest, night time/star gazing, carnivals, beaches & lakes, picnics) • autumn (hiding out from the storms, falling leaves, cool crisp air, foliage, pumpkins, harvest and themes of feasts)
❉ Dynamics :: friends to lovers • enemies to maybe-lovers • learning to trust • enemies having to work together • incredible levels of trust between friends/lovers/etc • found families • intense friendships • intense friendships that are also romantic relationships • slow burn • a something-at-first-sight (love, passion, sense of familiarity or kinship) • teamwork • mutual pining • bonding • a mix of different loves in one relationship (friendship/eros/agape in romantic, storge/agape/friendship in platonic, etc.)
❉ Relationships :: romantic (getting together, established, dating, engaged, weddings, married life, getting through bumps on the road at any point of knowing each other) • friendships • peaceful families (no turbulent or complicated parent-child relationships, please) • strangers being kind to one another • moments of agape that changes a character in some way
❉ Alternative Universes I like :: cyberpunk and cyborgs • in space • noir detective • historical (any point in human history, but I especially love BC eras, ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Aztecan, Greco-Roman, Canaan) and the 1950s-1990s AD periods) • fork in the road • zombie apocalypse (especially in a Shaun of the Dead style/humor.)
❉ Crossovers & Fusions :: feel free to mix and match any of my requested fandoms with these: Tolkien's Middle-earth Legendarium • Peter Jackson's Middle-Earth Film Saga • Stand Still Stay Silent • A Redtail's Dream • Voltron: Legendary Defender • Small Trolls/Year in Hereafter/Tistow • Doctor Who (classic and new) • Nights into Dreams (especially for SSSS or aRTD) • The Old Kingdom Trilogy • Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra • Giant Robo • Journey to the West • One Thousand and One Nights • Marvel Cinematic Universe • The Glass Scientists • Gorillaz • The Munsters • Repo! The Genetic Opera • Fairy Tales, Mythologies, & Folklore (any culture around the world) • or any of your own fandoms; I'm always on the lookout for new things to check out! <3

🌈 Elements I Love:
❉ Very human, fallible, and flawed characters are incredibly endearing :: genuinely kind and caring characters who make mistakes and unwittingly hurt someone they love deeply • kind and tranquil characters getting enraged into action, especially by a cruel injustice • stoic characters cracking around the edges, driven by a love they did not previously believe in or thought they could experience • leader characters questioning themselves • carefree wanderlust characters finding themselves in one cage after another, living during a time when they cannot be free (war, tension, etc) • jokesters who are suffering and sad inside • characters with issues and internal (and external) struggles as high as the Burj Khalifa but still manage to be decent to others • characters learning from their regrets
❉ Awesome things :: deep unwavering loyalty and commitment • witty banter (or just bantering) • a sense of togetherness in the couple (aka, both are into each other) • very close bonds/profoundness • eucatastrophe • a sense of fairy tale magic/wonder in either the work itself or the narrative or the characters (etc; hopeful endings, quiet moments, dramatic moments, silly moments, etc) • that moment when character realizes they are loved/are shown love • one character rising above the challenge to help someone they love
❉ Interpersonal :: unconventional relationships • dynamic and unusual relationships that aren't the most peaceful or perfect but are nonetheless profoundly close • realistic relationships where they make mistakes but they try to patch things up. Sense of poignancy in their affection • prefer established relationships over pining/unrequited, but getting together isn't bad or a character reflecting on how things were before they got together • please no cheesy love confessions, but I do adore couples getting together in the most unconventional ways (kissing as a confession when things get dangerous, a character being suddenly nonchalant about their true feelings just as when death seems certain, growing so slowly closer together that both have no idea how they got from being just friends to being all married and making love in bed, etc)
❉ Professions :: characters at their craft • learning a skill or improving on what they already know • characters at work, their relationship to their job and how they feel about it • other characters' reaction to profession (such as amazement at character's art/magic/music/science discovery/fighting skill/etc.)
❉ ASMR :: and all sleep-related and relaxation tropes • one character doing something to trigger an ASMR response from a character • scratching sound of pencil or pen on paper • carding fingers through hair • whispering softly into the other's ear • character listening to another's breathing in their ear or the sound of their heart beating • sound of fabric/running hand over clothes • watching someone paint or doing something slowly or contemplatively that the other (the beholder) just watches and relaxes as they do so • repeated stim-like movements that are relaxing such as comfortingly rubbing hand over arm while soothing a person • (note: many examples of ASMR triggers on YouTube)
❉ Hairplay :: carding fingers through hair • shampooing/washing • brushing, braiding, styling • one character giving another a haircut (perhaps just a trim! :'D ) • can tie in to ASMR above • bonus beard-play for any dwarves in your work
❉ Ghosts :: characters telling ghost stories • encounter with ghosts • a story that explores a ghost story from a local legend or folklore • a character sudden experiences something from the POV of a ghost • stranger things such as where an entire building or object feels very much alive and haunted as though it has gone sentient • ghost trains (especially if a character somehow board one. I'll leave it to you to figure out how that happens! :D )
❉ Music :: work inspired by a song or any part of the lyrics (but not as a songfic please) • characters dancing to a song • characters singing
❉ Spirituality :: characters, individually or as a couple or group and the subjects of spirituality: experiencing God/Spirit, praying, discussing theological and/or philosophical topics, etc. (This can be general spirituality, or something that is centric to what the characters believe in, or you are free to write based on your own faith and beliefs. I am open to all three.)
❉ Those moments in life :: seeing the beauty of a terrible storm or the bitterness of a battle won • pyrrhic victories • hard battles with a strong sense of accomplishment and purpose afterwards • bright beautiful dawns after the darkest nights • difficult decisions, or situations with no easy solutions • having to make very painful choices • self sacrifice (not necessarily in the sense of death; can be anything), especially if it is appreciated
❉ Neat things :: philosophical contemplations, philosophical debates with other characters • dreams and characters keeping a dreamlog or a log of their travels
❉ Original characters :: many if not all of my canons can always do with more original characters so do not hesitate to include them • same goes for textual ghosts and unnamed canon characters

🌏 Worldbuilding Elements I Like:
❉ Settings :: abandoned places • old ruins, temples, places which only legends remember • revisiting a place mentioned only in passing in canon or a place glossed over previously • mountains (climbing them or going inside) • by rivers and other bodies of water • outer space • tombs and graveyards • quiet suburban neighborhoods where there's more happening than what meets the eye • places beyond the canon's map • places the characters have not yet visited • factories & other industrial spaces (especially abandoned ones) • regions unexplored • locations accessible only through special means (such as dreams, by taking hallucinogens, etc.)
❉ Fauna & Flora :: plant life that's unique to the area or something new and fictional • I love mythical creatures (especially dragons and phoenixes) or anything unique to the culture or region you're writing
❉ Linguistics :: Exploration of languages in any conlang • inventing slang, proverbs, sayings that can't be fully translatable into English but somehow "fit" the soul of its speakers, poems, a mini lexicon, expanding on a language for the purpose of a fanwork, etc. • For existing languages, if the setting is not set during modern times, a look into language shifts.
❉ Cultures of the people :: real world cultures or fictional cultures • love seeing customs, rituals (weddings, funerals, coming-of-age, preparing for battle and post-battle, etc), religion, holidays, culinary, traditions, proverbs, teaching us a saying or something that this particular culture believes in is always a treat • expanding on fictional cultures in a work, especially those we do not get to see much of (such as Avari tribes, dwarves, Númenor.)
❉ Attentions to details such as: jewelry and the history behind each piece, the making or reason why a tapestry was made, the history of someone's possession in a canon (such as Lalli's rifle, the blue brooch of the Cardolan woman mentioned in passing in Lord of the Rings, etc.)
❉ Unexplained Mysteries, Things Before Their Time, & Bizarre Coincidences :: I love mysterious things that are unexplained or artifacts that appear to be well before their time. To give some examples of what I mean (not necessarily from fandoms I've requested, but to give an idea) :
    ✧ Middle Earth :: Something similar to The Antikythera mechanism, which has been described as the world's first computer. An artifact so carefully pieced together and so mathematically precise and perfect that, to us in the modern age, it just seems impossible for someone of that time to have been able to pull it off.
    ✧ Stand Still Stay Silent :: Something that harkens to the story of when the HIV epidemic first broke out. The first medications for the virus had already been manufactured--years before the epidemic, but were shelved due to the researchers not having previously found any use for them. Perhaps the cure of the Rash Disease exists in some discarded modern medicine today, tucked away in the to-be-discarded pile of a pharmaceutical research facility because it had failed trials in, say, curing adult acne? What would be the odds of ever running across it again, and even more, getting the idea to use it?
    ✧ A Redtail's Dream :: Signs of a spiritual realm and more beyond this sphere of life. Can manifest as the Nazca lines, or something that would initiate a conversation of whether it was just coincidence that everyone in the village of Hokanniemi happened to have the same dream or if there was something more at hand. Something that would leave people wondering and debating and questioning themselves for years to come.
❉ Challenging Elements You May Enjoy Writing :: for those topics that have no definite answers but may be intriguing to explore nonetheless. I love getting philosophical and deeper into these topics, so if you are up to it, feel free to look at some of these suggestions:
    ✧ Magic/Religion & Science Working Together :: as someone who is both spiritual/a practicing witch and someone who works in a science profession, it does worry me that these elements are often regarded as mutually exclusive. So, I'd like to see something that manages to overlap the two sides, such as a mage using their understanding of a scientific field in being able to cast a stronger spell, or a researcher needing to tap into some areas that cannot be quantified through science and how they can manage that while exploring and studying more of the world around them. AKA: Can't put God in a test tube, but can't take God out of the equation either.
    ✧ Nature & Technology can coexist and can be mutually beneficial :: I love nature (and the cosmos!) but also have a very optimistic view of technology. I believe they can, when approached right, benefit us (such as in medicine) and may even help to benefit the world around us. As much as I adore Tolkien, I do not share his views on technology, so I would like to see something where technological advancements can be seen as beneficial. Not to turn a blind eye to the damages the industrial revolution has brought; pollution is a problem and I will not mind seeing that also addressed, but I believe it was something for us as a species to learn from rather than to see our creations and advancements as something to be ashamed of.
    ✧ Identity of the Self & Sharing The World With Others :: something that gets a little philosophical into what it means to belong to X group (could be a Race (as in Elves, Dwarves, etc), or race/nationality/ethnicity/a particular culture, gender, gender living during this era/living in this region/etc, orientation, orientation living during this era/living in this region/etc). As such I should add that exploring topics of racism/ethnocentrism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, misogyny, discrimination on basis of religion, etc will not matter here so long as the work has a general sympathetic tone towards the marginalized group. I would be interested in seeing works like that, especially canons with fictional groups or settings not in our time. And also, the idea of sharing this world with others. :)

🖤Dark Loves: if you wish to write something darker:
❉ Rape/Non-con :: in a situation where the culprit is someone who's a known villain in the work (such as Sauron, Morgoth, Zarkon) or an OC (such as a wicked kade.) Please, not someone who the character knows and trusts in canon (one exception: I like scenarios where the canon good character is either mind-possessed and made to threaten a loved one (and maybe loved one trying to break the spell?), or if the two parties are forced by a third party in order to survive (Fuck or Die scenarios, etc.) I find those scenarios really interesting to explore.) Work can focus on the trauma itself and/or the aftermath. Rape & Recovery, rape & rescue, revenge, etc. It's all good.
❉ Torture :: Not explicitly super-graphic (such as paragraphs spent on how the blood drips from the gashing wounds, etc), but something where the character is put under turmoil and stress is fine especially if they come out of the torment later on/defeat the villain/conflict. I do love seeing my faves getting a few scars, especially warrior types. Some graphic violence and description is great! :D
❉ Good vs. Evil :: I love everything that falls under this, especially good guys really getting under pressure • hero/villain locked in battle • battles ending in truces are awesome • Power play, power struggle • mind fuckery/hero and villain trying to play mind games or manipulate one another • villains engaging in dark seductions • heroes realizing a darker side to them • Villains growing complicated affection for a hostage or victim • I also love some darker What If AUs if villains get the upper hand in some way, although I prefer any "big bad" (such as Sauron or Zarkon) not to eventually win forever and kill everyone off. But if one person dies in battle/self-sacrifice, that's more than fine with me. I love crying. :3
❉ Hurt/comfort :: already talked about above, but for darker tones, whump and "get" scenarios • character having to witness someone they love and care for being brutalized by villains (in canon or OCs), the worse the situation the better (example: character tied up while the other is raped) • one partner being forced to hurt another lest both's lives are endangered • eating disorders (and disordered eating); refusal to eat • self-harm • victim of harassment/bullying/prejudice
❉ Illnesses :: could be physical or mental/emotional • depression/suicide ideation/PTSD/etc • substance abuse and addiction • character trying to make do while having a terminal illness/running out of time • painful and slow recovery journeys from an illness • I'm placing this here because it can be very emotionally draining for artist and audience, but I do appreciate stories that explore such heavy topics.
❉ Death :: Exploration of canon character death • non-canon character death is fine if it serves the purpose of the work and was not used as a form of character bashing • exploration of the aftermath of a canon death • character coming to terms with death and their mortality • works taking place in the afterlife are fine, as are near death experiences
❉ Horror :: expanding on and exploring any of the darker aspects of the canon • characters caught in a horrific situations they cannot get out of • something that plays with their mind (mind games, feeling trapped, something truly wicked and sinister under the surface), especially if it pushes them over the edge (think: the Tell-Tale Heart type of narrative) • brushes against the supernatural of the unpleasant sort • anything else that falls under here.

🎨 Art-Related Things I Love:
❉ Forms :: traditional • digital • mixed media and "cut-out" styles (this is a good example of what I mean :) ) • comics • single illustrations • scenery landscapes with my requested characters as part of the scene
❉ Black and white mediums :: charcoal • crosshatching • pencil shading • inked (especially when it plays on shadows and crosshatching) • black/white/shades of grey digital colors or paints
❉ Color mediums :: digital art • acrylics • watercolors • oils • colored pencils • Copic markers • screen printing/vector art
❉ Color schemes :: earth tones (greens/blues/browns) • jewel tones • sepia/shades of browns/neutrals • faded/washed out • vibrant • iridescent hues and "cosmic" themes • things that invoke autumn vibes • black/white/greys (look above) • pastel hues • monochromatic schemes or mixing complementary colors with or without black/white
❉ Subjects/settings :: forests • dreamscapes or dreams • homes or marketplace or someplace the character(s) loves • downtown or in their village • someplace new for the character and/or abandoned locations (see Worldbuilding : Settings for more details) •
❉ Clothing and appearance :: focus on folds in dresses, coats, tunics, etc • details around collars, hems, cuffs, especially if there are cultural meaning or significance to these areas of the clothing • elaborate hairstyles and clothing • drawing inspirations from ancient civilizations (any of your choice)
❉ Accessories :: Vibrant jewelry and details on each gem • interesting details of any advertisements or posters behind character • elaborately designed weapons (I hate violence but I love designs of swords and guns, and the more fantastical the designs, the better!)
❉ Bibliophilia :: character(s) reading/poring through the pages of a book (bonus if two doing it together) • sitting on top of a stack of books • thick ancient tomes • entire shelves of books • books on the nightstand • character reading a book in the bathtub (with more books scattered nearby (inspired by)) • massive libraries (either as backdrop of your artwork or as part of a comic story) • feel free to include other beautiful trinkets with these such as scrolls (rolled and/or unrolled), globes, desk lamps, bookmarks, mugs of tea or coffee, etc.
❉ Themes :: the four seasons • opposites (such as highlighting polar elements of two characters and making a piece out of that) • sun and moon • day and night • earth and cosmos/heavens • the five elements (earth, air/wind, fire, water, spirit) • seven chakras • the zodiac (Western, Chinese, etc)
❉ Inspired Piece :: I love artworks that derive some inspiration from other famous works such as Mucha or Dali. But just using your own style is equally welcome! :) Also if we match on a medium that has a set art style, you can either use the artist's style or your own is both fine. <3
❉ Character interactions :: if a romantic couple: kisses (on the mouth, on the cheek, on top of hand), affectionate poses/interactions, cuddles/snuggling together, looking into each other's eyes) • platonic or romantic: conversing, one with head on the other's shoulder, watching the stars, hand-holding, lying side by side on the ground, dancing • a group of characters: sitting around a campfire (bonus for at least one playing a musical instrument), marching along some interesting scenery, displaying great teamwork (bonus if my pairings are also included doing something alongside each other), epic poses before or after a battle
❉ Color palettes :: a few I like (but you're free to choose your own!) ::
❉ Prompts :: I tried my best to provide prompts for each fandom that can also work well for art. If not, look to this list as I would really love these as detailed here. Feel free to look at the rest of my general likes as well as my smut likes and my general list of prompts! :) I would love even if you took one element from a fandom request and made art of it (example: if I request something set during a dream, to get artwork of the character in that dreamworld.)

💋Kink & Smut Things I Like:
❉ My biggest loves in smut :: hand-holding during lovemaking • intense emotions • profound levels of trust • getting a strong sense of how they feel about one another • body positions so the lovers can kiss, hold each other, etc • getting so lost into the sex and the emotions for each other that they're practically melting into one another's arms.
❉ Oral :: cunnilingus, blow jobs (be as general or as detailed in description/depiction as you'd like)
❉ Vaginal :: fingering • penis • stap-on, etc.
❉ Anal :: by penis or strap-on, any position is fine
❉ Bodily fluids (semen, vaginal juices); bodily fluids play • watersports (watching partner pee, holding urine in hand or feel of urine down thighs, etc. Would prefer nothing in mouth, though.)
❉ If the canon involves aliens: alien anatomy is awesome too! :3
❉ Fingering or stroking • stimulation of the clitoris • massaging around the genitals or up the thighs/hips/stomach
❉ Nipple suckling, kissing the breasts, character brushing their nipples against their lover, etc
❉ Body worship :: kissing the neck, breasts, belly, hips, right over the heart, cheeks, the area right below the ears.
❉ Belly kinks :: teasing (gentle tickles), massaging, kissing, keeping hands over belly to keep the person warm (giving the navel some attention and love is fine too)
❉ Genital-genital contact :: tribadism • frottage • grinding of the hips • intercrural sex
❉ Hairplay during foreplay and sex, be it while one partner is performing oral or while they're in a missionary position.
❉ Fully nude, partially clothed, or fully clothed sex is all fine by me.
❉ Bath/shower sex (bonus for hair washing) • body worship • undressing partner • masturbating in front of partner (as a means of developing more trust and intimacy between a couple) • cuddling after sex • gentle/lazy/sleepy sex • naked cuddling • riding partner (either with cock or a strap-on) • sucking fingers of lover (perhaps after they've fingered or stroked them)
❉ Situational :: first times (in general or new sexual act) • sex for warmth • "Thank God we're alive" sex • sex in front of a mirror
❉ Sex in a smithy :: sex inside a smithy with a blacksmith character (location kink) • using objects found in a smithy for kinky fun
❉ Visual delights :: gripping onto the bedsheets • bedsheets twisting around them (or leg) or one of the partners • beautifully flushed faces
❉ Bloodplay in situations where one or more of the characters are vampires, or if they are magic users, magic sex is in play that requires blood, or in non-con situations between villain/victim. (see the Dark Love section for more info on rape/non-con.) Other elements include: using blood in ritualistic sex, blood drinking, smearing blood on lover.
❉ Being held tightly or squeezed during lovemaking • a little bit of rough sex, especially if it's in-character • a little bit of bantering as well (again, if it fits the characters) • a normally-stoic character losing control from the passion
❉ Voice kink :: soft whisperings in lover's ear • the sound of their breathing or moans driving partner closer to climax • breath on their skin or ears

🌰 Fandoms 🌰
Voltron: Legendary Defender
The Silmarillion
Lord of the Rings
Giant Robo
Year in Hereafter
A Redtail's Dream
Stand Still Stay Silent

Artwork by Ronnie Garcia
Voltron: Legendary Defender

Requesting: Fic, Art

Where to Find: Available on Netflix or iTunes (may be available elsewhere.) Season 4 coming to Netflix October 13th. I believe it's available in several languages. :)
Five friends find them joining a 10,000-year war, helping Princess Allura and Coran free planets from the controlling claws of the Galra Empire. This amazing series delivers on all the things, especially feeding my personal desire of seeing my faves getting whumped to hell and back! :D The series delivers on the dark right away what with the abduction of a crew of space explorers, and a few scenes later we meet one of them again looking much haggard, worn, and with a bionic arm. With said character dealing with PSTD throughout the season and every character getting their fair share of injury (explosion in the castle! Fighting with Haggar the witch! Knowledge or Death sequence! Mental anguish! Hallucinations! Getting attacked by food goo!), it delivers. But there's also some of the sweetest moments of love, friendship, and teamwork that leaves me wanting more. This series has stolen my heart completely. Also? It has giant robots. <3

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
+ I ship anything and everything for Voltron so you cannot go wrong there. :) If you'd like to include some mention of any additional pairing or some background ongoings, it's all fine by me!
+ You are totally free to write Pidge as a trans girl, Keith as a trans man, etc! :) I'm open to any gender headcanons! <3
+ Regarding the "canon" ages: you are free to ignore to play with them in any way you want. I personally saw everyone as early 20s when I saw the show, so the ages don't affect me personally (also, I assume a few years has passed since they left Earth anyway.)
+ Season 4 will arrive during the creating period of this exchange, so if some event in Season 4 inspires you, PLEASE do work based on that even if it means ignoring any of my prompts. Very much likely I will be screaming and begging for those things! :D

Do Not Wants:
− Nothing more to add to my above-listed DNWs. :)

Allura/Coran/Hunk/Keith/Lance/Pidge/Shiro • Allura/Hunk/Keith/Lance/Pidge/Shiro
I'm combining these two poly ships under the same section. :) What I want from this: honestly, what we're getting already with the series, but with them all in a relationship with everyone else in the team! \0/ Say Allura and Coran have the Paladins put on those mind-melding devices again so they can practice forming Voltron (perhaps it's part of some regular exercise or just for some extra team-building thing), but the Paladins decide to instead have virtual copies of themselves all engaging in some smutty fun right there before everyone, just to give Allura and Coran a little thrill. :D Or, just anything, really. I'm so in love with how everyone is a true team and found family of sorts for one another and I want that all highlighted, but with romance thrown in. :) Every member being super supportive of one another and open to giving kisses and massages and some sexual intimacy after a battle. Perhaps one of them gets badly injured and the rest are there for them?

Or if you want something a little darker, the team working together to get out alive after being captured or having to witness one or more of them being brutalized (tormented, raped, anything you decide on.) Perhaps one or more of them are captured by the Galra Empire/hostage situation and the others are on a rescue mission? Or one/more of them is struck/stranded/injured and the others are trying to locate them in this vast, vast universe (if it's a Paladin needing rescue, having someone use the lost Paladin's Lion to find them would be so, so sweet!)

Or a happy reunion fic! Perhaps they all find Shiro again, and they decide to each take turns letting him know just how much they love him? Shiro receiving personalized intimacy from each of his beloved crew/team/found family! :3 You can use this same premise but with the idea of the entire team taking turns showering a, say, injured teammate or someone who looks a little sad (Corangst, anyone? Perhaps Allura and the Paladins plan a special day for Coran on his birthday?)

Or, how about the Paladins introduce Allura to the Pocky Game? :D They break off into three teams (Coran referees? Or he ends up playing...maybe even with Kolivan? :D) Anyhow, they get into teams, and because Allura loves the taste of Pocky so much, she winds up kissing a number of her beloved Paladins! :D <3 Bonus for competition between Pidge and Lance because they both want to kiss Allura? (although, God, I want to see them smash faces with one another too! XD)

I can honestly go on forever with the ideas here. :) We're dealing with 6-7 members so there's A LOT you can play with this! <3

Coran & Haggar • Coran/Haggar
Either shippy or gen, but I am in love with the idea that Haggar (or Honerva, really) knew Coran long ago on Altea (thank you so much, Tumblr post, for that idea!) Perhaps as a part-time job while an university student Honerva agreed to various little jobs, including filming an instructional video in which she had to put on a costume and pretend she was a cute little Weblum! :D I would love to see that video come back to "haunt" her but in a bittersweet way. S3 hinted that somehow Haggar forgot her past. Perhaps watching this video helped to bring back some more of her memories and she remembered Coran, her weird friend/previous boyfriend before Zarkon? I just want to see Haggar crack a sad smile because S3 broke my heart into a million pieces and I was already deep in love with her!

And as for Coran, I want him to realize this is Honerva. He's seen her countless times before. They made that video together. They may have dated before before Honerva got too science-y for him and left for some Galra. A nice reunion tale in which they come to a truce? If not resuming their romance then at least I'd love to see a Haggar who has not completely turned her back on her Altean roots. And a Coran who would forgive someone who has tried to murder his dearest friends and only remaining family left on countless occasions. Hey, it could happen, right?

Oh, my heart! <3 :') The tiniest ship here. So tiny it's barely a speck in the night sky. :'D Coran sees his younger colleagues all breaking off into couples (any combinations you like! Poly is great too!), and he's happy for them. Love will keep them strong and united. But Coran is alone. And lonely. His special someone is a person he cannot go back to, someone buried 10,000 years away. But while working with Kolivan Coran rediscovers a purpose and a joy that he hadn't known for some time. Kolivan, meanwhile, sees past the humor and the silly puns, and sees an Altean who has lost so much. In the act of fighting against Zarkon, the two grow closer. :)

I don't know what else to say here, really. This idea sprung up suddenly one day, and I'm so enamored by it! But, there's not even a pond for this adorable little toyship to sail in! So ANYTHING here, really, will make me quite pleased! Angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, smut, you name it, I cherish it! :D

There is so much one can do with this. If you wish to play with Season 1, perhaps a longer torment scene between Shiro, Haggar, and the vision of Kuro tormenting/having his way with Shiro. Or perhaps with that reveals from Season 3, what if Kuro really IS a clone she's been working on and he's been perfected? (not to be confused with the character fandom has dubbed as Kuron, as I don't believe he's meant to be malicious. At least not from what we've seen so far.) Perhaps something with the newly-captured Shiro and a successfully cloned dark!Shiro, with a Haggar hellbent on revenge, is everything that I've ever wanted.

This is inspired by a Tumblr post I saw about how Pidge could fall under Haggar's spell by being seduced by all the science. Here's a picture prompt for you! Just...anything with this. Possible dark ship. Considering what S3 has given us, the parallels between Haggar's past life and Pidge is especially interesting. Seducing to the dark side via science? Perhaps Pidge turns darker as she tries to save her family from the Galra, or perhaps her father has fallen ill and she wishes to revive him using quintessence. Haggar can show her how, with a price.

Haggar/Shiro • Haggar & Shiro
I would love this with some sexual undertones or not here, but Shiro in his time as Haggar's lab rat is just such a sweet moment and I wish there was a lot more of it in fiction (it's canon!) And we're still seeing the effects what with this mysterious Operation Kuron we've been introduced to in S3. Is Haggar behind the entire thing? What was it about Shiro that singled him out to her? And absolutely anything here: Haggar making him stronger, treating him as a pet and beloved experiment, trying to revive a Shiro who's flatlining on the table, to breaking his mind and spirit so he could become the Galra Empire's greatest weapon.

Lotor & Lotor's Generals
Season 3 was such a blessing, ahhh! <3 I fell in love with these four generals, and especially with how they each related to one another and to Lotor. Absolutely anything here would be great. Everything from them scheming together/being one step ahead of Team Voltron to them having an all-girls night out (since I love the idea of Lotor considering himself as one of the girls!) Grooming for all: fixing up each other's hair, manicures/sharping up claws, target practice, you know, the typical feminine things they're all into.

I'm also intrigued by how they're all one step ahead of Team Voltron. How are they managing this. Just what is Lotor planning? Anything exploring this would be amazing. Also amazing would be how Lotor came to know these four women. Were they childhood friends? Someone he extended out a hand because they were kicked out for being Galra hybrids? I'd love anything.

My first ship in this fandom and I still love it so much! Absolutely anything will delight me here. I just loved seeing badass most powerful witch Haggar locked in battle with the magical Allura! Anything about them butting heads and smashing their faces together in some hurried, angry, rough love/hatesex would send me to Cloud Nine. <3 I want to see a magic showdown. I want to see these two powerful women at each other's throats, and then maybe forced to rely on one another in some way or another?

What is Haggar's deal? With the news that Haggar is Altean, how does that impact Allura? Does she seek out Haggar to find out more about her? What about when Allura learns that Haggar was Honerva (WHO GAVE HER A GIFT WHEN SHE WAS A BABY THIS SHIP IS SAILING!!!) Or perhaps some event pulls the two women together, forcing them to work together? Perhaps something is required of Haggar to use Allura so she captures the Princess, keeping her alive to everyone's shock? Honestly, I'll be most delighted with anything.

S3 brought with us some nice little new nuggets we can play with. For one, we know that Honerva (Haggar's Altean name) had given that gift to Princess Allura when she was born. Any sort of AU of dark queen Honerva/Haggar and young princess Allura with that gift being the thing that binds them together?

I utterly love how much Hunk and Allura were bonding in S3 over the fact that they both make up the Legs of Voltron! :D That was SO adorable, and especially how Hunk kept checking up on Allura while she was still adjusting to her Lion! And, of course, the look on Pidge's face when she learned that Allura became a Paladin! And then there's Hunk and Pidge, bonding throughout S3 over engineering and tech stuff. I want all the fluff and brainstorming and ass-kicking (and then kicking back at the Space Mall or whichever other resort; perhaps a tropical planet?) together and just enjoying each other's company. And Pidge being amused as Allura and Hunk geek out over being Legs (seriously what's is it about being Legs? XD I love that about Voltron! Do they get the best view in da house/giant robot?)

Visually, something with pink, yellow, and green would be awesome as well! :D

Matt Holt/Pidge
What I love here is the idea that Pidge and Matt had an intense love years before he was taken away from her. Be it platonic (that turns romantic when they reunite), or a budding romance just before he left, or a full-blown romance (with secret dating as not to shock their parents?), it's all up to you. Whatever the scenario, the extremely close ties between Matt and Pidge are not severed when he's ripped away from her. If anything, the separation strengthens their bond. Perhaps this is a Soulmate AU of some kind. Perhaps Matt and Pidge were once soulmates in another life, but they are not ready to let their familial ties keep that away from them. Maybe Pidge secretly knows if he's in danger.

Or alternatively, after they are reunited, the rest of Pidge's team notices the affection between them are, and finding it disturbing, try to separate them. Or just about anything else you can think of! :D

Art-specific Requests:
❧ A scene of the OT7/OT6 cuddled up together in one giant bed? :D (not necessarily smutty, but I wouldn't say no to that either.)
❧ Utena-esque styled drawing similar to this! Perhaps while all suited up? :D Bonus if the Paladins' (and Coran's) suits are in various stages of undress, or someone is, say, reaching under their shirt or something.
❧ The team washing up together. Either in a big, big bath (An alien planet has a Turkish bath? Or one is found in the Castle), or in robes but styling one another's hair!
❧ Coran and Honerva in happier days in Altea before she married Zarkon. Perhaps Honerva's disheveled hair after removing that Weblum costume? Coran/Haggar then and now.
❧ Coran tending to Kolivan's injuries after a battle with the Galra Empire.
❧ A heart to heart between Coran and Kolivan while everyone else is awake, such as the two studying the cosmos together, cuddling up against a large windowpane?
❧ Anything else, really. I just want to see Corivan exist. :)
❧ A torture scene of Kuro getting an advantage of Shiro while Haggar commands him.
❧ Haggar seducing Pidge towards evil.
❧ Haggar working on Shiro strapped to that operation table. Perhaps opening him up with Shiro still awake?
❧ Lotor and his generals all getting the manicures out and doing each other's hair/night relaxing while the Paladins are far, far away.
❧ Allura, Hunk, and Pidge at the Space Mall! :D Enjoying some bubble tea or milkshakes thanks to Katlenecker.
❧ Allura/Haggar is such a yin/yang ship, don't you think? Anything highlighting that would be neat, either in their styles of magic/power, the way they are dressed, how they are posing in relation to each other, etc.
❧ A mostly naked Allura under Haggar who is pleasuring her as she tries to get information out of her
❧ Or reversing the roles with Allura having the upper hand and forcing Haggar to pleasure or kiss her. (Haggar on her knees is a blessed image)
❧ In any kind of fairytale AU that features a witch, such as Haggar presenting Allura with an apple.
❧ Kisses (rough and violent, maybe with some bloodplay even), or if you want something lighter: art playing on their height difference (such as Allura bending over to kiss Haggar despite being handcuffed like in Season 1?)
❧ Soulmate AU type thing where Pidge is looking up at the starry sky and reaching out while elsewhere, Matt in space is looking down and reaching down.
❧ Pidge and Matt reunion in Season 3, complete with a kiss (surprised!Paladins optional!)

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Artwork by steamey
The Silmarillion

Requesting: Fic, Art

Where to Find: Books can be found at local library, book shop, and Amazon! :)
The history of Tolkien's Middle-earth. He takes us to the very beginning of the creation of the universe and how evil came into being. We follow the trails throughout time and see how evil sows seeds into peoples and corrupts, but also among all the misery is also hope. One of the most amazing things about the Silmarillion is that Tolkien manages to encompass an entire universe in a relatively slim book (compared to entire novel series out there); there is still so much to be explored in fanfiction and fanart and we're still only scrubbing away at the tip of the iceberg!

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
+ Regarding ships that I like from here if you wish to also include in the background: all the canon ships, all the blacksmithes in ANY combination, Elemmírë/Lalwen, Ilmarë/Thuringwethil, Míriel/Indis, Míriel/Finwë/Indis, Aredhel/OFC, Aredhel & OFCs, Aredhel & Lalwen, Elemmírë & Maglor, Amras/Nellas, Maglor/Gildor, Meleth/Rôg, Mablung/Beleg, Amras/Nellas, Tindómiel/Meril-i-Turinqi, Númenórean Queens/OFCs, Númenórean Queens & OFCs, and Gereth/Evranin.
+ I love giving some lesser written about cultures a voice, so I tend to gravitate towards requesting them. Different POVs and narratives are neat, but you don't have to write those. <3
+ On that same vein, if a character's ethnicity (Noldo, Sinda, etc) is not specified in the text, I often like to headcanon them as Moriquendi/Avari. Just like how fandom liked to go with Elemmírë and Gereth as women, I like to go with ethnically ambiguous characters as Moriquendi! :D But, again, you don't need to go with that! <3
+ I love works that tap into the complex and opposing views, since it's so rich in Tolkien's work. I like the Noldor and the Sindar and the Vanyar and the Avari. I like both sides of every argument and I find that to be a major draw of the Silm (...except for Morgoth and Sauron.) I really love the complexity of Tolkien's work and I love some of the sense of historical bias I get from the reading. I love seeing that explored, hence my kink for different POV fics and taking events and trying to see them in another light!

Do Not Wants:
− Nothing more to add to my above-listed DNWs. :)

Aredhel & Idril Celebrindal & Meleth
We know Aredhel and Idril came from Valinor, but what of Meleth? One of the Sindar or Avari they had met and befriended while in Hithlum? If so, how did Meleth help them settled into the new world after their difficult cross through the Helcaraxë? And life together in Gondolin and how that's like. Any adventures to tell there?

Azaghâl & Telchar & Gamil Zirak
DWARVES! And sadly the very few of the Silm that we know of, but they are precious nonetheless! As a general note on dwarves: I'm okay with any genders you decide to assign them. Based on Tolkien's notes, since the ladies look just like the men, I take it to mean that the genders assigned in the text is just how loremasters recorded them based on reports, so for all we know, any dwarf may in fact be a woman who just doesn't bother giving her gender out. XD So: do what you want here!

For this, I'm open to anything. Two are from Nogrod and Azaghâl is from Belegost. Did the two clans work together? We don't have many cases of teacher/apprentice-type relationships for the Silm, so what was Telchar and Gamil Zirak like? Was it amicable? How did they all meet? Was Gamil Zirak looking for a pupil or did Telchar just barge their way in? Was there some desire from Telchar to become a better smith? Or perhaps Gamil sends Telchar to retrieve something before they can learn Gamil's secrets in smithing, and Azaghâl had some role in it? This can go so many ways. :) Make it loving, or competitive, or even frivolous, as I'm sure they've had to take breaks from working longs hours!

Daurin Tórin
I'm so fascinated by this little-mentioned relative of Fëanor! :D Absolutely anything here. I want to know more about his life, from birth to death, at any point you'd like to explore, about him facing Morgoth before even King Finwë was slain, if we combine the two timelines together. What was his job? Was here simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or what?

Eöl & Mablung
Eöl forging weapons for Mablung either upon request or as a gift to him. I do headcanon them as brothers (Mablung being older) if you like to play with that too: anything from Mablung being teasing towards Eöl or the two supporting one another if another in the family was taken by the Dark Foe. Avarin/Moriquendi culture exploration would be great too (again, my personal headcanon points to Kinn-lai, but you are free to go wherever your inspiration takes you!)

Evranin, the nurse of Elwing, was also the lover of Nimloth. Perhaps in an open relationship while Nimloth was married or something that occurred before her wedding, but anything that would display why Nimloth seemed to trust this elf so much to take care of her daughter. Was there something more? (and feel free to mix this up with Evranin/Gereth if you want!)

Irmo & Nienna & Mandos
I want absolutely anything to further explore these siblings and their relationship with each other, especially with playing up their elements. A discussion between Mandos and Nienna about an elf who has recently entered the Halls? (Perhaps the elf is of the Avari and belonged to a tribe who believed a different set of gods? How does Nienna approach such a stranger?) Or perhaps a conversation between Mandos and brother Irmo analyzing a peculiar dream and then getting into some really interesting Valar-POV'd philosophical discussion about the fate of Arda and/or its peoples? (Nienna can definitely join in!) Or also their origin, what it means to be siblings and Valar. What were they like before the shaping of Arda, these three Ainur spirits huddled together, one who wept because her heart was full of things she still did not understand, one who was grim because he understood too much, and one whose mind was lost in the heavenly clouds? :)

Lalaith somehow surviving but never joining her sister and mother in her travels (and ends up taking up Túrin's role?) Or perhaps she ends up somehow saving Niënor from dying after her suicide attempt. Or even a ghost story. Having died so young, she was spared the worst of Morgoth's curse and spent it trying to find some means of healing her doomed family. The opportunity came in the form of saving, protecting, and loving her sister Niënor. Ghost/human relationships are just to die for, aren't they? :D

Míriel & Daurin Tórin
Sister-brother bonds! I would love to read about them from the lake of Cuiviénen, deciding if they should leave their old home (were there other siblings and relatives they had departed with along with their birthplace?) and adjusting to the new life in Valinor. Anything here would be great, especially how the two are adjusting and supporting each other throughout history.

Fimbrethil/Yavanna Kementári
Treebeard's long-lost wife. Perhaps some tragedy or horror haunted her, and Yavanna stepped in to protect her? Or perhaps a festivity the Ent-wives hold for the goddess.

Gereth first capturing Evranin and Elwing only to fall in love with Evranin and betraying the Noldor and helping them escape, even with the Silmaril. Uneasiness between them in the beginning, learning to trust, building a new life together for their new young charge in Sirion, and falling in love.

Fingolfin & Írimë
Being each other's best friends, rough-housing, perhaps teaming up to tease/make fun of Fëanor (all in good fun, I'm sure!), sticking together through thick and thin, or the day Írimë learned of her brother's death. Did she rule his people, or a part of them, in his place?

Art-specific Requests:
❧ Aredhel, Idril, and Meleth in Hithlum shortly after the former two enter Middle-earth.
❧ The three dwarves conversing or the two smiths speaking with the Belegost king.
❧Daurin bravely defending the trees.
❧ Older brother!Mablung giving Eöl a noogie, or Eöl presenting Mablung with a new sword.
❧ Nimloth handing over her infant to Evranin as they share a look of love. Perhaps the two as lovers before Dior.
❧ Irmo, Nienna, and Mandos discussing something in Mandos's Hall.
❧ Family portrait of Míriel and Daurin throughout time: as kids, before leaving home for Valinor, shortly before Míriel died.
❧ Yavanna healing a scarred or injured Fimbrethil. Or a dance from the Ent-wives for the Earth goddess.
❧ Gereth/Evranin: sex in a smithy! Or the two adjusting/trying to build a new life in Sirion.
❧ Lalwen and Fingolfin fencing, as kids, or at point of their lives during the Silm giving one another support.

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Artwork by steamey
Lord of the Rings

Requesting: Fic, Art

Where to Find: Books can be found at local library, book shop, and Amazon! :)
The sequels to The Hobbit and The Silmarillion, a fellowship is gathered to defeat a long-standing enemy that's threatening the free peoples of Middle-earth. Set in the Third Age before the last remaining elves leave Middle-earth forever for the lands of Valinor. It's Tolkien's most well known work and contains one of the most iconic moments in fantasy. :D

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
+ Ships if you're interested in including them: Berúthiel/OFC, Ioreth/OFC, Haldir/Legolas, Gildor/Maglor, Lindir/Rúmil, Arwen's Daughter/Éowyn's Daughter, and all canon ships.
+ I'm in love with the Third Age and Fourth Age, so anything goes here, really. :)

Do Not Wants:
− Nothing more to add to my above-listed DNWs. :)

Círdan & Galdor & Gildor Inglorion
Gildor is an elf of Rivendell, but something sends him to stay at Lindon for some time. Perhaps by Elrond's command to pass on a message, or Gildor stays there after having a vision that disturbs him (perhaps the sea-longing grows greater? Or he deeply misses a lover who he can only touch in dreams.) He comes to know better Círdan and Galdor and strikes up a bond and friendship with them.

Alternatively, Gildor was an elf of Lindon, and watched over Elrond, before Elrond grew up and led his people to what is now Rivendell. Years later, Gildor goes to meet up with his new friends.

Art-specific Requests:
❧ Gildor visiting Lindon and the Grey Havens; a nice meal with Círdan and Galdor against the backdrop of the sea behind them.

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Giant Robo

Requesting: Fic, Art

Where to Find: Not available for steaming, as far as I know.
Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still is a seven-episode OVA that was released from 1992 to 1998. This steampunk of an anime is really an homage to Mitsuteru Yokoyama's entire career, but it's a charming if zany series on its own. Basic premise is that ten years prior to the main events of the series, a catastrophic incident led to the death of an entire city. A young man emerges from the rubble swearing to finish his father's evil work by means of corrupting the Shizuma Drive (the future world's energy source.) Oh, and there's giant robots. If you happen to come across this, I love the original English dub for all its zany language and accents. :D

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
+ Allow me to get a tiny bit emotional here, but this is one of the first giant robot series I ever got into (giant robots are my thing, a little known fact about me), and I'm still very much in love with this eons later. As such, absolutely anything about this rare gem of a series will absolutely delight me. We've seen glimpses of other giant robots asides from Giant Robo himself, but we never got the chance to see them in action. If you'd like to play with that, go right ahead!
+ Feel free to speculate on ANYTHING! What happens after Episode 7. What happened in the past/gapfillers? Just who is Big Fire? What's going to happen next? What will become of the Magnificent Ten, or the International Police Organization? Or heck, AU the entire thing! (I've seen parts of the Ginrei Specials!) I will absolutely take anything, any genre, any rating, just anything with this beloved old favorite series of mine! So go have fun with this one! :D <3

Do Not Wants:
− Nothing more to add to my above-listed DNWs. :)

The International Police Organization • The Celestial Nine • The Magnificent Ten
Combining these three together because I want the same thing for all! :D Basically, how the organizations came into being, how one becomes part of it, who decides who becomes part of what, and even tiny details like paperwork and holidays and pensions/dental insurance, I don't know. Anything! I'm really fascinated with this world that I'll take anything! :D Also, since IPO/Celestial Nine and the Magnificent Ten are butting heads, anything where the two parties are at war would be neat. Is there ever a time when the two manage to have a peaceful lunch together or share a beer without attempting to blow one another up?

(and I just had a hilarious mental image of an AU future where both sides are trying to keep their cool during Daisaku and Sunny's wedding!)

Chief Chujo/Professor Go
If you've seen the Ginrei Specials, you'll remember that one scene! I never considered the possibility of Professor Go liking Chief Chujo like that, but there you go! I'd love something that explored that cracky scene. Any more moments in which that crush came out? A surprise kiss while their lives were in danger? :D

Cho-Katsu Komei/Genya
There is so much potential for dark things here. Komei taking Genya under his wing right after the Tragedy of Bashtarle. Did Komei groom Genya into the wicked villain we saw in the OVA? Sure looks like it! :D I would love that, and love anything where a Genya growing up reaches out to Komei for sexual fulfillment.

The Fabulous Fitzkarald & Red Mask • The Fabulous Fitzkarald/Red Mask
Shippy or gen. I've been fascinated with their relationship ever since Red Mask stabbed The Fabulous Fitzkarald with that knife. Just what was THAT all about? Weren't they both part of the Magnificent Ten? Something that sheds light on that relationship on what looks like a fall out would be great!

Ginrei & Sunny the Magician & Taisou
I would love some kind of AU where Ginrei and Taisou try to get Sunny on their side. Perhaps deep down Sunny is afraid, especially of Komei, and she tries to communicate that to someone. The International Police Organization get her message. I would be very interested in seeing this scenario. Or, just about anything else you think of! I *love* Sunny!

Ginrei & Sunny the Magician & Youshi
Honestly? Absolutely any situation that'll get all three female characters interacting! Perhaps a scenario similar to the above?

Ginrei/Kenji Murasame
I love the romance between them! How and when did they meet? Was it while on duty? Did they both think the other was working for the enemy since they didn't know the other's identity? What of the first time Ginrei learned of Kenji's ability, or the first time Kenji learned of Ginrei's ability (and begging her to never, ever use it?) Anything here. I OTP this so hard! <3

They work together in the International Police and must have worked alongside one another at numerous points: what was that like? And what more of their history is there? We know a little about Ginrei's past, but what of Youshi? This is purely a clean slate, so feel free to go in any direction you please! :) Perhaps Youshi being a mentor of sorts to Ginrei growing up?

Minor characters, but I love them all the same. And boy can Kaei's archery skills put Robin Hood and Legolas to shame! :D Absolutely anything here would be amazing. I just like the idea of there being something more between these two. Perhaps strategizing or having a day off from fighting Big Fire/The Magnificent Ten?

Shocking Alberto & Sunny the Magician & Hanzui
That moment in the hall was so intense, when Hanzui had that vision of Alberto's shadow while Sunny was speaking with HIS voice. I loved it. Any more magical/witchy moments like that demonstrate the psychological link between father and daughter? Also what is Hanzui to Sunny? Her godfather? I'd love a closer exploration of that and what that says about Alberto and Hanzui's own relationship/friendship.

Canon OTP! <3 I love how much they loved each other and worried about each other when they were at threat of death and were overall badass throughout the series. Absolutely anything here would be amazing. How did the two meet? What was their wedding like? Honeymoon? Any missions they did together that involved them both as a couple? In fact, did the entire relationship begin *because* they were both pretending to be a couple somewhere? (feel free to reuse this trope for any other requested pairing!) Anything here! :D

Art-specific Requests:
❧ Portrait of the Celestial Nine, Magnificent Ten, or IPO (if it's too many characters, pick a section of them!)
❧ I can't get over this idea so: Daisaku and Sunny falling in love in the future, and their wedding scene while BF and IPO are trying to be diplomatic in the background (ha!)
❧ Professor Go cuddling up next to a recuperating Chief after they've both had one drink too many. ;D
❧ The Fabulous Fitzkarald and Red Mask before the betrayal: a kiss, a battle couple (or a dynamic duo), but something showing them kicking ass and being a team.
❧ Ginrei and Taisou (or Youshi) communicating with Sunny's spirit by some magical means while the real Sunny is still in BF headquarters.
❧ Ginrei and Kenji in a 1940's noir style?
❧ Kaei and Koushin either flirting, or drinking, or stargazing and having a good laugh over something (er, at least Kaei might laugh over something?)
❧ Alberto, Hanzui, and Sunny family portrait. Or another message sent via Sunny.
❧ Taisou and Youshi as a battle couple! Or Youshi lifting Taisou as they hurry out of an exploding area. :D

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Artwork by Karoliina Hankonen
Year in Hereafter

Requesting: Fic, Art

Where to Find:
Currently active (updates Wednesdays and Fridays.) Free to read online. 247+ pages as of August 10. Available in English. Another webcomic that is based on Finnish lore, specifically the Kalevala (as one of its settings is!) Story will feature the heroes journeying to defeat the Nine Diseases that will lead them to the mother and new ruling mistress of the North, Loviatar. Although still relatively in its early chapters, the canon already has lovely dark moments (not to mention the family secret of the Harmonsuo sucks you right in!) with promises of more to come.

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
+ Ships I like here: Veeti/Jaakko, Sakari/Mika, Ieva/Sulo, Ieva/OFC, Sulo/Justiina, all canon ships.
+ I'm very flexible with this canon since it's on hiatus and it'll be going off real soon, so I'm sure you'll be getting new ideas after sign ups close. You're more than free to go with those! :)

Do Not Wants:
− Nothing more to add to my above-listed DNWs. :)

Ieva Pajari/Kalevala Guardswoman
The Kalevala Guardswoman is the woman we see from pages 174 to 176, but you know us shippers, I totally want to see a romance spark between them! Anything about these working together, or any other adventures before Mika and Veeti came on the doorsteps of Kalevala would be super neat! (and giving her a name that comes from the book of Kalevala would also be super cool!) Did Ieva have any special instructions for her lover before heading North? Any reunion fic? Have fun with this any way you want!

Ieva Pajari/Sulo Rautio
I have no idea where this ship came from, but I love the idea of pairing our beloved high-ranking infantry with our beloved blacksmith! :D Absolutely anything here would be neat! I somehow can't imagine them being all that sappy romantic, so yay for unconventional courtships! Humor as to the sort of things Jaakko (and later on, Sakari!) had to witness whenever Ieva stopped by. Or perhaps for a tiny angsty twist, a time when Ieva was under the weather and Sulo cheered her up? :) Anything here, really! How do you see the ship, dear person? :D Definitely an anything goes pairing!

Inkeri & Sakari & Veeti & Harri Harmonsuo
Family fic! Honestly, anything here would be great, what it was like growing up and knowing you were different from everyone else, how each person's magic is different and what it was like being the child of Siiri. :D Also, how did each of the siblings react to Sakari's death, and then to Veeti's disappearance? As for Sakari, did the other three ever get a something, such as a dream, about him? Did they try to reach out with magic?

Inkeri Harmonsuo/Johannes Lapintaival
The rich and complex history and secrets with the Harmonsuo family have got me hooked on them! Anything here about Inkeri growing up in this magical family; perhaps her first encounter with Lempo? Her roll to play, or a closer look at her own magical abilities, especially with how it's played into her trying to live a normal life otherwise. How much of her life, her family, and their history does Johannes know? Was he ever intimidated by Siiri? And what exactly happened that day when they lost Sakari? (the comic seems to imply that the couple were very close to him. Or was there more to the story, as there seems to be many layers of secrets here?) Really, just about anything here will make me most pleased! :D

Jaakko Ilmarinen & Sulo Rautio
Jaakko learning forging and being a blacksmith, getting chastised if he goofed up, how he got stuck being the one to always cleaning up Rautiola, perhaps Sulo ranting about finding Jaakko's hair strands littering the place?

Mika Lapintaival & Veeti Harmonsuo
Their time spent before entering Kalevala intrigues me. More exploration of their developing friendship, or their reunion after Mika returns to Rautiola.

Sakari Harmonsuo & Mika Lapintaival & Ieva Pajari
This one is short, I apologize, but: their adventure going up north. Absolutely anything. So far, it looks like Ieva seems a bit...downcast/contemplative while Sakari and Mika sleep. Is there something she knows that they don't?

Sakari Harmonsuo & Veeti Harmonsuo
That moment when Sakari saw unconscious Veeti in the boat broke my heart! I cannot wait until the two reunite for real on page/screen. In the meantime, any speculation of how that will go down will be great. Or, anything about their past before Sakari's death!

Sakari Harmonsuo & Veeti Harmonsuo & Jaakko Ilmarinen & Mika Lapintaival
I've seen official artwork of the four of them together, so anything here, what you think this means about their future as four individuals teaming up and working together.

Sakari Harmonsuo/Mika Lapintaival
I love this as a relationship that blossoms while the two are out with Ieva traveling north! I adored this ship the moment Mika cried out an answer to Sakari's call when he spotted the ship coming towards them. And Sakari calling Mika "Mini Mika"? SO CUTE! :'D While they are brother-in-laws, I wonder how that would impact the relationship. Since there were some years distance (especially considering the years during Sakari's disappearance), how does that impact and shape their relationship? And honestly, I just want to see more of them together. Sakari is such a gentleman and I love how he's sweet towards Mika. And just like with Veeti/Jaakko, I'd love absolutely anything that'll take us just a step further in the storyline, even if it's just a snippet of a moment of them traveling with Mika resting his head on Sakari's back. :) Perhaps Sakari asks Mika about life back at home, about Johannes and Inkeri and Siiri and the rest? Mika telling Sakari about Helmi? :)

Sampsa & Siiri & Kalevi & Martti Harmonsuo
We've met two of the four, unless if I missed something, so a look at the four siblings, their lives growing up, their magical abilities, how their related to one another, and so on. And perhaps, if you are interested, a comparison to how similar or different they are to the current generation (Sakari, Inkeri, Veeti, and Harri.)

Sampsa Harmonsuo & Veeti Harmonsuo
The first time Veeti called for Sampsa and the first time he answered, the relationship between uncle and nephew. Perhaps Sampsa helping Veeti to heal during his mage coma? Absolutely anything here.

Siiri Harmonsuo & Inkeri Harmonsuo
It's said that Inkeri looks up to her mother, so I'd love to see more of that in any way. Other ideas: Inkeri learning about the family history, learning magic from Siiri or joining her during one of the missions to the swamp.

Siiri Harmonsuo/Kari Harmonsuo
Eeeek! Okay, I love Siiri so much, and the new sketches that have come out have made me even more excited for this webcomic to come out of hiatus! :D If you can think of some story or artpiece to build around that image of Siiri in that hood, I would love that! (We'll be going back to Lapland for Chapter 6! Possible flashback time? Who knows! :D) Also, considering the information on page 205 regarding magic in the Harmonsuo family, what would Siiri be? Tutelary? Omniscient? Elemental? And what's Kari's reaction to the first time he's seen her magic? :D

And speaking of Kari our other half of this ship: what of her relationship with Kari? I just love the yin/yang-ness of the relationship, with Kari being the more subdued/calm of the two. How did the two meet and was Siiri so...Siiri on that first meeting as well? What made Kari decide that he would spend the rest of his life with this amazing human being? :'D

Sulo Rautio/Justiina
Justiina is a not-yet-mentioned character (only a sketch of her exists so far) but she's a barmaid who Sulo visits, and it looks like she's his girlfriend! :D I would love anything about this. Perhaps something that annoys or embarrasses Jaakko because the two are just so lovely dovey it's sickeningly cute?

Veeti Harmonsuo/Jaakko Ilmarinen
Absolutely anything here that takes us a little further into the story would be amazing. The webcomic left us in a rather interesting moment. Veeti is off in a sleep state in Jaakko's bed while Mika and Sakari are off on a journey with Ieva. Sounds like the setup for a romance story of some kind. Of some kind (humor? head-butting? Or perhaps...maybe Veeti and Jaakko recognize one another from before? Is Jaakko a native of Hereafter or does he not remember his life from before his death? Or perhaps the two had met before, in a dream, or as spirits?

If you would like to tie this with Small Trolls in some way, perhaps a Soulmate AU/trope scenario where they learn they are soulmates from multiple universes (Small Trolls, Tistow, Year in Hereafter, etc.) and realize that in each lifetime they must learn something important from one another. Or if you happen to be also familiar with SSSS, Veeti/Jaakko also seem like mirrors to Reynir/Lalli, my OTP for SSSS, so if you wish to write for that in any way (as a Soulmate AU where the couple remeets in each lifetime, etc), you certainly may. :)

Art-specific Requests:
❧ Jaakko holding Veeti's hand and helping him up when he wakes up
❧ A little strip showing them about their day (Jaakko at the smithy, Veeti in the forest, with the final cell of them just together, perhaps one sleeping on another's shoulder)
❧ Messy kisses after a long day (soot on Jaakko, twigs and dirt on Veeti)
❧ Mika riding right behind Sakari, perhaps with one arm around him, head against Sakari's back?
❧ Mika and Sakari sitting next to one another during a meal break while the group is taking a break from their travels?
❧ Stealing a kiss while Ieva isn't looking? XD
❧ I just had a funny thought of Jaakko and Sakari watching from afar as the two lovebirds (Ieva/Sulo or Sulo/Justiina) converse, looking like they're about to kiss, or about to get into a heated fight. Something humorous here with Jaakko and Sakari looking...not pleased? :)
❧ The two taking a break! Perhaps sharing a lunch together at the pier? :)
❧ Perhaps Siiri and Kari during a winter vacation. Does Siiri ever enjoy herself? :) Or Siiri getting angry at, say, a broken furnace while Kari is sitting there reading and ignoring the whole drama. XD
❧ Siiri doing magic, perhaps protecting Kari while at it? Depends on the type of magic you think she inherited. :)
❧ The first time Inkeri and Johannes met, or perhaps Inkeri trying to act as normal as she can during a first date (considering her family background), or Johannes witnessing her do magic for the first time.
❧ Inkeri, Johannes, and Sakari on that fateful day. Perhaps something peaceful right before tragedy hit? :)
❧ Siiri training Inkeri in magic or the two going to the swamp together
❧ Sampsa, Siiri, Martti, and Kalevi listening to tales of their family line.
❧ Sampsa showing himself for the first time to Veeti, or the two roaming the spirit world together
❧ Sakari, Mika, Veeti, and Jaakko all decked out in some Final Fantasy-ish getup (or whatever the artist has in store for us!)
❧ Jaakko trying to cut corners at his cleaning job but getting caught anyway, or him and Sulo working together at the forge
❧ Mika and Veeti reuniting after Mika's trip northward, or sailing on the Tuonela boat together.
❧ Sakari, Mika, and Ieva at any point in their travels up north, perhaps taking a break?

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Artwork by Minna Sundberg
A Redtail's Dream

Requesting: Fic, Art

Where to Find:
Completed. Free to read online. 556 pages. English (Finnish also available.) Webcomic that ran from September 2011 to October 23, 2013 which follows the journey of a young man (Hannu Viitanen) and his dog through the other side of the Bird's Path through the realm of dreams to rescue his friends from Tuonela. A relatively light canon that is based on Finnish lore, but with some area one can easily have fun introducing darker elements or making pre-existing aspects of the canon darker! :D

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
+ Background ships if you're interested in including them as well as my requested pairing: Jonna/Riikka, Joona/Anssi, Paju/Hannu, Paju/anyone, any canon ships. I also love all of the friendships and the animal companions here.
+ Crossovers/SSSS Year 0 scenarios are always nice. :)

Do Not Wants:
− Nothing more to add to my above-listed DNWs. :)

Anu Kantanen/Åsa Skärsholm • Kielo Miettinen/Åsa Skärsholm
Combining these two because I want the same thing, but: older women in love! <3 Take a look at Anu; she seems to be unlikable due to her personality, but that just makes me want more works with her, since I can relate to her work ethics (I'm always writing and creating, just as she never lets go of that timber work, bless her! <3) Absolutely anything here shedding on new light on this character; is she connected to her work because she's lonely? Because she grew up poor and going to bed starving every night and thus fears stopping will bring a drought of food on the table? Perhaps Åsa see a side to her other characters don't?

On that front, perhaps something about Åsa and Kielo striking up a relationship after the events of aRTD? Does she do more research about dreams, about the imagery of the swan and what it means, and it leads into an interest in seas and boating?

Hannu Viitanen/Samuli Tiira
When I was introduced to this pairing I thought, "Man, I want all the dirtybadwrong for this!" Not sure why! Samuli isn't an evil person, but he is quite the grump. But they do both own dogs (at least Hannu used to) and I guess I'm kind of kinking on the age gap here, especially if Hannu is really into it but won't admit it to anyone. Perhaps something where both he and Hannu get into a little heated debate that leads into something else entirely heated for both of them? Hatesex, a bit of rough play, banging like the doors during a Midwest tornado storm? Perhaps the two kind of like the unexpected turn of events? A nice change from the humdrum of life, without anything weirdly supernatural going on.

And feel free to go as kinky as you wish with this. Perhaps they discover that breaking Tyrkisk Peber into powder and sticking it in certain anatomical orifices yield some, um, interesting results. :3

Or, if you like Year 0/SSSS crossover fics, may I tempt you with the following suggestion: Samuli Tiira a lá Rick Grimes! :D Just imagine these two having to work together to survive, battling trolls, Hannu being shoved and pushed around by a hardass Samuli! And all the hard hatesex too. I apologize for all the smut-themed prompts, but that's the vibe I keep getting from this pairing. :) If you have anything else in mind, you are free to go with that too! <3

Joona Kuikka/Anssi Skärsholm
The idea for this ship came about because I love Jonna/Riikka so much (Jonna being Joona's twin sister and Riikka being Anssi's older sister.) It struck me that their respective brothers could also be a good combination together. They don't interaction much on page, but they are seen sitting together during the northern lights viewing event (while Jonna and Riikka sit together.) In terms of personalities, I think Anssi's easygoingness meshes well with Joona's jokester personality, don't you? :)

So let's see Jonna and Riikka's respective brothers get together too! In fact, if you'd like to feature those two ladies as well (as well as ANY of the aRTD cast), that'll be great! Perhaps it was Jonna and Riikka's idea to matchmake the two? How did the two think of the idea of being a couple? Joona teasing Anssi before thinking, "Hey, this is the first guy who doesn't want to kill me after a prank!"

Absolutely anything here would be a joy, what their life together would be like, how they function as a couple (their dynamics, getting together and things like how this relationship would function, and so on), their life together down the years, etc. Hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, smut, more brush-ins with the supernatural, it's all good in here. What I love about aRTD is that it has wide doors open for SO many things you can do!

Feel free to also incorporate SSSS crossovers here too, for some hurt/comfort scenarios or suspense (would either of them become mages? What of escaping the village or staying put? Or does one of them get infected?) Or perhaps even, while riding out of town, they meet up with Harmonsuo family from Year in Hereafter? What happens then? ;D

Jonna Kuikka/Paju Kinnunen/Riikka Skärsholm
Jonna/Riikka is an OTP for me, but I've always wanted to see how Paju can join in on the fun! :D Poor Riikka is a bit jittery over Paju, so maybe Jonna cooks up a way for the two to get more cozy with one another? And of course there's also the SSSS Year 0 route: what if Jonna was a mage, and Paju an early troll hunter, and Riikka a medic of sorts (or what would become a Cleanser.) The three band together while keep each other safe and warm at night.

Art-specific Requests:
❧ Hannu and Samuli getting rough and kinky against a wall or a tree or anywhere else your imagination takes you! :D
❧ A visualization of the above Year 0/SSSS crossover would be neat. Perhaps Samuli and Hannu back to back as they fend off trolls?
❧ Something cute such as the three (Jonna, Riikka, and Paju) sharing some sweet or some ice cream. Perhaps watching fireworks together? (any Finnish summer holidays?)
❧ Kielo boating with Åsa while learning more about swans and trying to reconnect with her dream.
❧ Joona having Anssi sample something he's cooking up in the family bakery.
❧ Anssi stopping by the bakery to give Joona some of the fish from the refinery.
❧ Joona/Anssi - a peaceful present or future scene of the two sitting together under the stars and northern lights (preferably one that is Fox-less)
❧ A double wedding of Joona/Anssi and Jonna/Riikka! And of course what's a Kuikka wedding without it being a little quirky and mischievous? :D

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Artwork by TheCherryMovie
Stand Still Stay Silent

Requesting: Fic, Art

Where to Find:
Currently active since November 2013 (updates Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.) Free to read online. 768+ pages as of August 10. Available in English. Webcomic with the premise that 90 years prior to the main story, a Rash Illness killed off most of the human race, dissolving to the world into mere surviving communities, aka the Known World (currently from the main characters' POV, that is patches in the Nordic countries) and the Silent World (everything else.) An expedition of six unlikely crew members head out to explore the Silent World, among other things. Despite the very grim backdrop, the comic has its light moments and for the most part skirted around bleak topics and guarded its heroes with quick last-minutes saves. Things have only gotten grim for the crew recently this year, but there's always room for more misery. :) Story takes inspirations from Norse and Finnish lore.

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
+ Pairings I like for this fandom: I like Reynir/Lalli, Reynir/Lalli/Kade, Lalli/kade, Sigrun/Tuuri, Ensi/Original Sami mage character, Reynir/Lalli & Tuuri, Tuuri & Lalli, all of the families, and the entire crew working together as a team. Also, canon pairings (exception: Exception: Ensi/any male character.)
+ Feel free to include OCs or canon character/OCs too, as well as minor characters.

Do Not Wants:
− No unrequested pairings (best to stick with my requests and for background, what was listed/mentioned above)
− Nothing with Onni or Ukko-Pekka, please

Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen/Kade from Page 412
I've fallen head over heels for that Kade on page 412 in the comic! :D Who is she, that kade, what's her deal, and what if Reynir and Lalli encounter her? She might never become a canon character unless if Minna surprises us, so I would love some AU where she shows up and plays an important role in the tale post page-750, perhaps being the one to work with and even help (to some degrees) Reynir and Lalli in getting Tuuri back to the world of living.

I would be so down with the idea of Reynir falling for her, and Lalli being exceedingly jealous at first (oh, the irony!) before the two reach some sort of common ground. Also, think of all the sex magic! Bonus for this lady kade being wicked (but not towards Reynir and Lalli. She'll help. For a "price.") Also she's hypercompetent so these two mages sure need right a mage like that right now.

Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen/Tuuri Hotakainen
I adore Tuuri and Lalli's relationship and how it has developed from them barely knowing each other (what with Lalli mainly spending time with their grandmother and then working alone as a scout) to how steadily they've grown closer over the course of the comic to Lalli intensely feeling the moment Tuuri's spirit left her body and grieving over her in the cover page for Chapter 16. And it's no secret that Reynir/Lalli is my OTP for this canon (and while I don't ship Reynir/Tuuri, I love their interactions and friendship and when in a poly with Lalli or as a gen trio, it's wonderful!)

For this it can go in two ways, depending on whether you want to play with Page 750's events or not. If you don't, then: I want to see Lalli and Tuuri growing exceptionally close during the expedition, to the levels where Lalli begins to have romantic feelings for her while at the same time having feelings for Reynir. I want Tuuri, as she gets to understanding Lalli she finds herself wishing she could be with him more, far more than Onni. And while she adores spending time with Reynir, he's only a friend; she sees the growing affection between the mages but it doesn't make her jealous. Instead, our adventure-loving Tuuri decides to try out something thrilling and new.

(and since I did mention Onni, while I would prefer he's not a main character in the fic, it would be okay if he's just mentioned or briefly seen, especially since I kink on the idea of him being vehemently against Lalli and Tuuri together but the cousins totally go against his wishes and engage in all the taboo fun, all while dragging in a very shocked and aroused Reynir in the process! :D I dunno, I just want to see Tuuri happy and get sandwiched with love from my favorite mages and have some fun out there in the Silent World! <3 )

If you do want to play with page 750, then continuing from above: assuming this progression towards feelings have been occurring before Tuuri killed herself, Lalli rushes to Reynir to help him, and somehow they figure out that the boat Reynir woke up on a while back was located on the edge of life and death. They go on a journey to retrieve her, and just think of the heartwarming moment when Lalli uses his love to bring Tuuri out of the ice and back to the world of living! I want to see something that really highlight just how closely tied these two are, and of course especially their ties to Reynir.

Or anything, really. Perhaps a future fic where the three of them are all happily married together? :) I just want to see Tuuri get showered with love.

Árni Reynisson/Guðrún Einarsdóttir
I love the idea of Árni being a woken mage who suppressed his magic, and forbade Guðrún from ever mentioning it to their children or grandchildren. How did these two meet? Árni wanted a sheep farm, so was Guðrún a farmer's daughter? Did he purposely seek someone as simple and non-magical as possible to live his non-magical and simple life? What if Guðrún shared Reynir's dream of wanting to see what was out there, even if it made her sad and broke her heart? I cannot help but get the feeling there was tension in their relationship even with all that love. So...have at it! :D

Reynir Árnason & Ólafur Árnason & Guðrún Árnadóttir & Bjarni Árnason & Hildur Árnadóttir
I LOVE Reynir and I want anything with his family! There's still a lot to explore with his siblings. The idea that all four older siblings are doing so many cool things that Reynir has no idea of. What are their jobs? What if one of them is a mage? (FWIW I headcanon Hildur as a mage!) What if all four of them happen to be on that ship heading back to help the crew? What if they, what with each sibling's own unique job, can somehow help Reynir revive Tuuri if they all work together?

Or, any story about Reynir and his siblings growing up or a tale of them all together after Reynir gets back home safe and sound.

Aino Hotakainen & Kaino Hotakainen • Tuuli Hollola & Aino Hotakainen
Sisters and sisters-in-law! \0/ I would love to see something that picks up where the story left off, more of life on that boat. As Aino gets closer to labor, Kaino and/or Tuuli being supportive, or the point in which both sisters/in-law realize there's no more going back and Aino angsting over not being able to return to her job and her normal life. And perhaps a bit of Saku as well? What if he had the disease all along and Kaino needing to comfort Aino as Saku lies dying, as the two have to be quarantined? Considering Tuuli's mention of giving birth in a sauna, what if that ends up being Aino's fate after all? They end up being forced to find a sauna to help her give labor.

And considering the recent events on page 750, what if it wasn't Saku who contracted the Rash Illness but Aino, made vulnerable by her pregnancy? And what if after being forced to give birth to save the baby, Aino drowned herself, just like Kalevala's Aino, all while leaving a note asking Kaino and/or Tuuli to take care of little Ensi? Are you crying yet? Because I am. :')

Aino Hotakainen/Saku Hotakainen
This is such a darling pairing! When we're first introduced to Aino, she's already quite far along in her pregnancy, and when she catches up to her husband abroad the boat, she's very adoring towards him, though he doesn't sit with her when the family goes to eat (probably because the sea and Saku do not mix well. Microwaved frozen pizza would have been an awful addition to this mixture!) We only get to spend eleven pages with the ancestors of Onni, Tuuri, and Lalli, but they, along with Árni Reynisson, are possibly my biggest obsessions from the prologue. :) I would love to know more, such as what Saku did for a living and what he thought of his job (I seem to have an obsession with characters' occupations. I mean, tell me! Do you love your job? It is your career, your life, or just something to pay the rent and bills while you pursue your dreams such as publishing your awesome book or landing your dream acting role?) How far along was Aino in her pregnancy at the time of the Rash outbreak? What happened by Day 30, Day 60, etc?

I'm so curious about what happened to this family after we leave them. We get some teases throughout this scene, some humorous and some...not so much. Aino looked mortified at the thought of a traditional sauna birth. Well...what if that's what happened in the end? And in the very end, when Saku wished he had the Rash and died instead of being seasick, well...what if? On Pages 46 and 47 we get some snapshots of our prologue characters, and...if you just look at Page 47, at that photo of that boat marked as "38. Paiva, Vuosi"...perhaps this is the moment when they docked because Saku became "sick for real," got the Rash, and possibly died, or Aino went into labor and they end up only finding a sauna to take her in (thus having her go through her worst nightmare), or...both? (Yes, be evil with them, please! :3)

Art-specific Requests:
❧ A threesome between Reynir, Lalli, and the kade, or the kade leading them down Tuonela while wearing a smirk.
❧ Reynir and Lalli at either side of Tuuri giving her a big kiss on the cheek.
❧ Lalli holding tightly on to a recently-rescued-out-of-Tuonela Tuuri as Reynir sails the boat away from danger.
❧ The three of them enjoying some poly fun anywhere: in the tank during a day off from the expedition, or after the mission.
❧ A scene set some point far in the future: Tuuri married to both, perhaps with a child in her arms (either Lalli's or Reynir's, you decide.)
❧ Árni hiding his magic (such as accidentally casting a spell) while Guðrún is pretending she didn't see anything. Or Guðrún looking out ruefully, wanting to see the world, while Árni looking disgusted with the idea of it.
❧ MORE screenshots of young Reynir with his siblings!
❧ Reunion of Reynir and siblings!
❧ Aino and Kaino on the boat during the early days of the Rash breakout, looking out into the silent and sad new world.
❧ Tuuli and Aino post-delivery in that damn sauna. <3
❧ Aino and Saku holding hands for the final time before they are to be quarantined (they have to wear gloves.)

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And you've reached the end! Hope something here inspires, and again, if you have any questions you're always free to contact me via the mod. Best of luck, and I cannot wait to see what you make, you most creative soul! 🌱


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