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Dear Crossover Writer,

Hello and welcome to my humble abode under the mountain! I, [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere, am so glad to see we have matched! I am quite easy to please and always enjoy seeing what other creative souls produce, so do not fret!

Now, I do confess this letter was a little difficult to write if only because I wasn't certain how to present my requests for mixing fandoms, so please do feel free to ask any questions for clarifications or to go with any of your own ideas if these inspire you in another direction! :) I love crossovers and fusions. I love the crack potential, the creativity these bring out in writers, how we have fun twisting elements of our favorite canons and see what happens when we mix them up.

With that in mind: go nuts here! :D I've written up a few ideas below, but if these inspire something else, go with it! I assure you I'll be delighted!

I kept my general likes and dislikes trimmed here, as I tend to copy and paste them, but you can look through my other dear author letters if you want the full version.

Now with that done: pull up a chair next to the fireplace, bring some ale, and we shall begin!

General Likes:

+ For crossovers and fusions: I love what if scenarios that play with the idea that either these canons exist in the same universe but possibly in different points of time or just in different locations. The Fëanorians would definitely have come across Sun Wukong if they traveled far east. Reynir runs across a journal written by an elf during the Third Age. That sort of thing! :) I also love the idea of the characters interacting from other canons and trying to adjust into the other character's world. Sam Wilson trying to fly around the Silent World, confusing the hell out of viking Sigrun Eide? (possibly a Sigrun/Sam romance stuffed with all the sarcastic witty banter you could ever hope for?) Heck, Steve Rogers catching Fëanor figuring out how to properly use the microwave ("Not the foil!") in his apartment would be endlessly amusing for me! XD There is much room for fun and crack here! :D

+ In general: I have a pretty broad spectrum of the kind of stories I enjoy reading. I'd love stories that are soft and innocent. I love the doom and gloom. I love humor, adventure, hurt/comfort (a huge love of mine), friendship and dynamics between all relationships romantic and platonic, and anything from hopeful endings to tragic ends. I also love dark stories, and I don't care how dark and depressing they get. I have read fics from the Hydra Trash Party meme, to give you an idea, don't feel like there's any limit beyond my DNWs. :) So if you wish to explore darker matters (such as one of the characters getting gravely injured, torture, even death, etc), then that's all fine with me, but again, for this exchange I am leaning towards the lighter side. :)

+ Ghosts! I love ghosts and a good ghost story. Perhaps a character tells a ghost story, or the characters find themselves in a rather spine-tingling atmosphere or situation? Perhaps they are running away from ghosts, getting attacked, or find a ghost (or more) that begs for their help before they can make peace and move on to the afterlife? Here, have some nice scenery porn to help you along if you wish for some visual inspiration! :) I *LOVE* abandoned locations!

+ Generally: OCs! I'm always happy to meet your OCs so never shy away from using them! :) Many stories have need for them! (Not so certain about the case for crossovers/fusions, but just in case I've kept this here! :) )

Other General Likes

Ratings? - Any is good!

Kinks? - Any is fine here too!

Endings? - it can be happy, tragic, hopeful, elusive, or ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger (yes, go ahead and torture me with cliffhangers!) I love it all! :)

POVs? - Any is fine!

Violence? Character death? - All fine with me!

Do Not Wants:
− eye gore/trauma

− mpreg, a/b/o, underage

− incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc)

− no rape/non-con/dub-con/abuse/etc (if, say, the culprit is a known villain (like Sauron or a HYDRA agent) or an OC, that's fine.)

− bashing of religion or spirituality, including bashing Eru and the Valar

− Please no vilifying ANY of my requested characters, please, or bashing any characters unless it is appropriate in-universe (such as Caranthir calling the dwarves ugly.)

(Do note that beyond these specifications, I have no limits as to how dark you wish to make a story. Death fic is perfectly fine in some instances, especially if it's not used as a means of vilifying a character.)

And now on to the prompts! Again, you do not need to hold yourself to only these ideas! If these combinations inspire something else, go for it! :D Have fun, you amazing creative soul!

Stand Still Stay Silent • The Corpse Bride • Old Kingdom
Requesting: Crossover or Fusion

• Emily doesn't encounter Victor but two mages (Lalli and Reynir) who work together to help Emily towards peace. They may do so with either a set of bells they have found or with the aid of either Sabriel or Lirael. Bonus if Emily thinks one of them (or another member of the SSSS team) is meant to marry her, thus fulfilling Victor's role.

• The same idea as above but with Sabriel or Lirael working with Emily without the SSSS boys! What does Sabriel and/or Lirael learn about Death after this particular encounter?

• What if the Old Kingdom is in fact the survivor community of the United Kingdom, and the Abhorsen is the mage equivalent? What if when Sabriel or Lirael starts having visions of Reynir and Lalli, and the two groups meet? Or if Clariel encounters a kade?

Lord of the Rings • The Silmarillion • Journey to the West • One Thousand and One Nights
Requesting: Crossover or Fusion

• A retelling of any Silmarillion or Lord of the Rings tale in the tradition of Journey to the West or One Thousand and One Nights.

• Amrod, distraught over his twin dying in Losgar, travels far east to ease his mind and in the process meets Sun Wukong and other characters from Journey to the West.

• Berúthiel as Scheherazade, or her finding a magical lamp.

• Maglor and Berúthiel bond over their love for cats (using my headcanon that Maglor was Beleriand's resident crazy cat elf.)

• Sun Wukong and his friends getting into trouble after a run-in with Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Bonus if there are some sons of Fëanor also searching for Silmarils in Baghdad!

Stand Still Stay Silent • The Silmarillion • Marvel Cinematic Universe
Requesting: Crossover or Fusion

• A dark request: Reynir's appearance reminds Maglor of his brother Maedhros, with whom he has some unresolved anger towards, and he takes it out on him, to Lalli's horror.

• The Illness meant not only a return of the old gods, but a return of the elves as well. What it meant for the Lingerers: growing back a corporal form, etc. Or perhaps someone like Reynir, being from Iceland that still has stories about encounters with the elves, finding a book penned by one. Lalli meeting a character from the Silmarillion, etc.

• Reynir, who has prayed to the Norse gods, finally gets to meet one: Thor. And he's quite a hunk. And a superhero. Lalli may or may not be jealous.

• If it's not already obvious, I'm rather fond of Reynir and Lalli from SSSS. XD I do ship them together, but what if they sought another couple to help them out with their relationship? Reynir/Lalli with Gildor/Maglor or Mablung/Beleg or even Sam/Bucky.

• Using an idea I mentioned earlier: Sam Wilson and Sigrun Eide getting into a rather unexpected romance full of sarcasm and witty banter (and maybe some language barrier? Unless if Sam somehow knows Norwegian!) Also bonus if Sigrun thinks to enlist a-confused-but-eager-to-help Steve Rogers into her team.

• Combining all three prompts: Morgoth and Thanos have teamed up and are controlling all the trolls and giants of the Silent World to do their bidding. The casts of all three fandoms must combine forces to stop them, if they can only manage to cooperate first!


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