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Dear Fellow Tolkien Enthusiast,

Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo! Hello and welcome to my humble abode under the mountain! I, [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere, am so glad to see we have matched! A Tolkien exchange, how fun and exciting! :D

Now, I will be approaching this letter and my requests a little differently. For this exchange I wanted to pick some well-loved characters (mostly gen, but there is some ships as well) I don't often get the chance to request along with some exchange regular favorites, and I will be splitting them up and discussing them in groups to make things a little easier and fun. :) I'll also be sharing some headcanons since in some instances we have very little to go on for these characters; you are free to borrow these headcanons or use your own! :)

May you be elf or dwarf or of the Race of Men, your creation will be something I will look forward to! I'm pretty easy going and very easy to please, so have fun with this exchange, you beautiful child of the stars!

Light of the Two Trees:

All the things that will bring light and joy into my gift:

🌟 I have a pretty broad spectrum of the kind of stories I enjoy reading. I'd love stories that are soft and sweet. I love the doom and gloom. I love humor, banter, adventure, hurt/comfort (a huge love of mine), friendship and dynamics between all relationships, and anything from hopeful endings to devastating tragic ends. I also love dark stories, and I don't care how dark and depressing they get. I have read fics from the Hydra Trash Party meme, to give you an idea, don't feel like there's any limit beyond my DNWs. :) So if you wish to explore darker matters (such as one of the characters getting gravely injured, torture, even death, etc), then that's all fine with me.

🌟 Worldbuilding and culture, and cultural traditions! May it be further exploration of something in canon, or something new you're introducing where the creator had not explored.
🌟 Side note for the Moriquendi tribes, I personally draw influence from the following general real-world cultures: Kinn-lai = Native American tribes, Hwenti = African, Windan = East Asian, Kindi = South Asian, Cuind = Middle-eastern, Penni = North European (but the most distinctive trait that they all share is red hair), Nandor = South American, Sindar = ...they're more of a nationality in my mind than an ethnicity, but grey/silvery hair is a prominent feature here, especially since they are similar to the Falmari of Aman. :) Of course you don't have to use these if your headcanon says otherwise, but I've put this here in case you were curious about my own perspective! :)

🌟 Ghosts! I love ghosts and a good ghost story. Perhaps a character tells a ghost story, or the characters find themselves in a rather spine-tingling atmosphere or situation. Perhaps they are running away from ghosts, getting attacked, or find a ghost (or more) that begs for their help before they can make peace and move on to the afterlife? Here, have some nice scenery porn to help you along if you wish for some visual inspiration! :) I *LOVE* abandoned locations!

🌟 Generally: OCs! I'm always happy to meet your OCs so never shy away from using them! :) Many stories have need for them, especially for this canon!

🌟 Holiday-themed or season-themed settings and stories (in this case: Autumn! October! Halloween!)

🌟 Seeing the beauty of a terrible storm or the bitterness of a battle won. I love those kinds of tales: pyrrhic victories and so on. :)

🌟 If you are comfortable with it, I wouldn't mind stories exploring the spiritual aspects of that canon. Especially since the elves and dwarves of Middle-earth have pretty intricate and fascinating ideas about faith and religion. :) I do like the Valar and see them as generally good though flawed (for they are not Eru Himself.)

🌟 If you desire to write smut: General settings and scenarios that I love are: wedding nights, making love in a nature setting (forest/meadow/etc, and cuddling close during those chilly autumn nights), finding shelter (and passion) away from a storm, lovemaking after getting some kind of thrill/scare of their life (life-endangering experience or exploring a haunted/abandoned place), reunions, getting away from the demands of life for a little alone time, fitting passion into their busy schedules, close body contact (holding one another tightly) and keeping one another warm while it's cold outside or holding someone to comfort them after they've been injured (and remaining close after lovemaking.)

🌟 Also for smut (and in general), I'm all about emotion. I love the close intimacy, the profoundness of a relationship, the trust and deep love for these ships, the unspoken commitment and trust. I especially love intimacy after some massive conflict, such as surviving an event that could have killed one or both (a battle, a natural disaster, siege by enemies, etc.) That little adrenaline rush mixed in with such deep emotions makes for a very happy dwarf over here. :) If it's emotion, I love it!

🌟 Even in gen settings, I really, really love emotion, especially when it comes out during intense moments such as where one character thinks they may have lost another. I love love hugs, affection, banter, working together, the (much) younger one gaining wisdom from the older one--whatever the particular relationship may entail! :D

🌟 Characters finding themselves in very complicated situations with no easy solution (my heart might hate you for how much it will be pounding in my chest, but my brain will certainly be tickled and love you for it!)

🌟 If you can somehow manage to write something where one character does something to trigger ASMR in another (and all ensuing sleepy tropes), I will love you forever! :) Common ASMR triggers: threading fingers through hair, whispering softly into the other's ear, perhaps painting or doing something slowly or contemplatively that the other (the beholder) just watches and relaxes as they do so.

Other things that may be of interest:
🌟 Ratings? - Any is good! If you decide to include smut, I do enjoy the emotional/sensuality aspect in those scenes a lot. I love knowing what it is the characters love about one another, feeling that emotion and passion coming from them. It can be for smut or even G-rated if a character is wholly devoted to another. I love emotions in characters.

🌟 Kinks? - Any is fine here too! I cannot think of a single kink that squicks me as I've written everyone one at one time before, long ago. Don't worry if you think a kink might be too "extreme" or whatnot. I've written a few Maglor watersports stuff myself (and feel free to write a Maglor fic with watersports!) :) You can find some smutty prompts from this letter for a previous exchange that you are more than free to take inspiration from!

🌟 Stance on LACE? - I figured I should state my stance on this. :) I do generally like LACE for what it shows us of the Eldar culture, but I do not believe that it pertains to all elves. The Moriquendi I am certain have a very different culture; polygamy may be a common thing for all we know. I also see it as a bit of a guideline but not some hard and true facts (for example, a couple may be referred to as "man and woman" just for ease of language, but same-gender marriages are definitely accepted in Calaquendi (and Moriquendi) cultures.) One thing for sure, though, is that I hate to imagine elves being capable of rape or spousal abuse.

🌟 Endings? - it can be happy, tragic, hopeful, elusive, or ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger (yes, go ahead and torture me with cliffhangers!) I love it all! :)

🌟 POVs? - Any is fine! Third person subjective or omniscient both work well for these canon. First person is great for sarcastic characters since I love seeing things from their POV, or an unreliable narrator (drugged up Maglor?), or someone with a very interesting ideology and worldview (Sauron?). Second person might be great for darker stories, if you want to play with that. :)

🌟 Violence? Character death? - All fine with me!

💍 Rings of Power:

If you feel you need some extra materials to help you forge your very own Ring of Power, try looking at these prompt resources below!
💎 [community profile] dailyprompt

💎 The Daily Post's Daily Writing Prompt - daily, one-word prompts (you can view all previous prompts on link)

💎 Elizabeth Sharp McKetta's Writing Prompt Generator - click button to generate a new prompt!

💎 Yeah Write's 2016 Weekly Prompts

💎 A Writing Prompt a Day

💎 Suddenly, Prompts! - some are pretty out there. :)

💎 If you are like me and love pictures as inspiration, perhaps exploring around Flickr may inspire? :)

💎 If you get inspiration from music, feel free to comment anonymously to this letter with "Give me a song!" and I will reply with a song at random! :) You can also specify a certain theme such as "Give me a song that's upbeat!" or "Give me a song that's about ghosts!" Something like that. :)

💀 Breath of Ungoliant:

Things that will surely poison all joy from a gift:

🔻 eye gore/trauma

🔻 mpreg, a/b/o, underage

🔻 incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc)

🔻 no rape/non-con/dub-con/abuse/etc between the characters, requested or otherwise, if they are the culprit (if they are the victim for purposes of a hurt/comfort story and the culprit is a known villain (like Sauron) or an OC, that's fine.)

🔻 bashing of religion or spirituality, including bashing Eru and the Valar

🔻 Please no vilifying ANY of my requested characters, please. I love all of them equally. :)

🔻 bashing any characters unless it is appropriate in-universe (such as Caranthir calling the dwarves ugly.)

🔻 Would generally prefer no additional pairings beyond my requests (unless if the ships are confirmed canon, like Fëanor/Nerdanel, Eöl/Aredhel, etc)

(Do note that beyond these specifications, I have no limits as to how dark you wish to make a story. Death fic is perfectly fine in some instances, especially if it's not used as a means of vilifying a character.)

And now below are my requests, which I have put into groups and specified genres (gen or ship) and requested medium. Enjoy and best of luck! I cannot wait to see what you create, amazing person! :D Savo 'lass a lalaith!

Artwork by Sindacollo

The Istari: Pallando, Radagast, Saruman, Gandalf, Alatar
Unfinished Tales, Lord of the Rings
Requesting: Fic, Gen

Some of my all-time favorite characters, especially Gandalf, who is perhaps the biggest favorite character in all of the legendarium! I love what Tolkien intended with the Istari: that the wizards were sent to help guide the peoples of Middle-earth, sent not as strong, powerful Maiar, but as old men, as people generally regarded as vulnerable but wise, those who would change the world with their words and gentle kindness.

And I'm fascinated by the backstory and the fates of each of them. Saruman's temptation into power, and Radagast becoming too enamored by nature that he strayed from his mission. Perhaps the sadness of the world sent him running towards what he loved most, nature, as he was a Maia of Yavanna? The Blue Wizards are very interesting in that Pallando became one of the Istari because of his friendship with Alatar, the Maia of Oromë.

And then we have Gandalf. ♥ I just love that his element, fire, manifests in ways we normally don't associate it with: fireworks, wisdom, his smoking shows that the fiery strength can be presented in a different way, in the form of this old man, this wizard, who helped the peoples of Middle-earth while his peers all fell. And even more, he's a disciple of Nienna, one of my favorite among the Valar! He was taught patience and pity, virtues that we see him bestow on other characters in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings ("Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement." - Fellowship of the Ring.)

I would love anything that further explores each Wizard. What sort of people were they before being sent to Middle-earth, when they were Maia of their respective Vala? A scene of Gandalf/Olórin with Nienna, perhaps him and the other Wizards in discussion before they leave Valinor? What of the journey of each wizard, a compare-contrast of each man's failures and successes? Perhaps Radagast turning to nature isn't a loss after all? He chose to protect those critters who could not protect themselves. And Alatar and Pallando: perhaps we never hear from them because they're busy in their own intense adventures, having learned of dark dangers in the East and South and having become the Gandalfs of those lands? I would love that. And Saruman...something in his POV would be interesting, a chance to understand a little more why he chose to do what he did.

Artwork by Ted Nasmith

Aghan, Ghân-buri-Ghân
Unfinished Tales (Aghan), Lord of the Rings (Ghân-buri-Ghân)
Requesting: Fic, Gen

Another one of a very well-loved favorites that I almost never get the chance to talk about, request, or write about: the Drúedain! Just who exactly are they: magical Neanderthals who can turn into stone, or what? I love that these guys just exist along in Middle-earth, have their own unique stories. I'm fascinated by their craftwork with wood and stones, and anything that takes us further into the lives of Aghan or Ghân-buri-Ghân, or other fellow Drúedain, would be very much loved! Perhaps a deeper look into those intriguing watch-stones?

Artwork by melkorewashere

The Fëanturi: Nienna, Mandos
The Silmarillion
Requesting: Fic, Gen

Another set of favorites: The Fëanturi! The tagset included Nienna and Mandos, who I adore with all my heart (if the Valar were real, I'd be a follower of Nienna), but feel free to also include their brother Irmo! Of all the Valar they fascinate me the most because of their shared skills. Nienna is all about grief, sorrow, patience, pity, and courage. Mandos oversees the souls of the dead and the master of fate; though he's often portrayed as a villain, I feel like he's misunderstood. His grimness comes from understanding something that the other Valar do not, seeing how things will end. It's part of his character to be able to see the eventual fate of characters, which only Eru Himself can understand more, hence his character really fascinates me. And Irmo, the lord of visions and's always been a thing to pair up death and dreams as brothers, it seems! :)

I want absolutely anything to further explore these siblings and their relationship with each other, especially with playing up their elements. A discussion between Mandos and Nienna about an elf who has recently entered the Halls? (Perhaps the elf is of the Avari and belonged to a tribe who believed a different set of gods? How does Nienna approach such a stranger?) Or perhaps a conversation between Mandos and brother Irmo analyzing a peculiar dream and then getting into some really interesting Valar-POV'd philosophical discussion about the fate of Arda and/or its peoples? (Nienna can definitely join in!) Or also their origin, what it means to be siblings and Valar. What were they like before the shaping of Arda, these three Ainur spirits huddled together, one who wept because her heart was full of things she still did not understand, one who was grim because he understood too much, and one whose mind was lost in the heavenly clouds? :)

Elros Tar-Minyatar's Wife, Tindómiel, Meril-i-Turinqi
Unfinished Tales, Book of Lost Tales Part One
Requesting: Fic, Art (for Tindómiel, Meril-i-Turinqi); Gen, Ship (for Tindómiel/Meril-i-Turinqi)

Elros's wife! I'm so fascinated by her, especially since we know the names of so many of the other wives and daughters and sisters of other Númenóreans, even if they are just names or textual ghosts, and yet for the wife of Elrond's twin we have not even a name. Who is this woman? When was she born? What did she do in life? How did she and Elros meet? Were they perhaps both involved in the War of Wrath. Was she from the line of Haladin? WHO IS SHE? You can write Elros/Wife fic here if you wish, but I would love further exploration of Elros's wife herself as a person before and after the birth of Númenor. :)

Tindómiel equally fascinates me, especially as she's the only daughter of Elros and Wife, she immediately strikes me as a sort of parallel to Arwen. Even her name, which can be taken to mean "twilight of dawn," seems like a mirror to Arwen's "Evenstar" name. I'm especially interested in reading a story for her that parallels to Arwen's in another way: falling for an elf, or Meril-i-Turinqi, the beloved Queen of Tol Eressëa. Just imagine how much she would curse her luck to be descended from elves, to fall for an elf, but to be mortal herself? And how does Meril feel, falling for this beautiful princess of Númenor? Does Tindómiel ever become counted as among the elves, to join her beloved, or do they remain together until Tindómiel's passing?

Since the elves of Tol Eressëa often visited Númenor with gifts of seedlings to enrich the land, I would love to read a story of Elrond, on his way to Valinor, stopping by Tol Eressëa to rest, meeting Meril, and learning these stories about Tindómiel and Meril, a story that mirrors his daughter's own. I just love parallels like that. :) Happy or sad ending to their story is all up to you.

Artwork by CleopatrasWeave

Mablung, Beleg, Eöl, Nellas, Meleth, Rôg, Lúthien, Evranin, Annael, Ainairos, Ivárë, Círdan
The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Books of Lost Tales
Requesting: Fic, Gen, Ship options: (Mablung/Beleg, Eöl/Aredhel, Rôg/Meleth, Evranin/Gereth, Beren/Lúthien, Amras/Nellas.)

MORIQUENDI IN DA HOUSE! Ahem, I mean...I really REALLY love the Moriquendi! :) Everything from the Sindar (who I take to be both a nationality but also an ethnicity in some cases), the Green elves, the Avari tribes...I feel like this is such ample opportunity to bring the diversity that seems lacking in Valinor as well as give these elves a chance to have a voice and tell their stories, as the Silmarillion often feels like a biased documentation written by Noldor historians. :)

So yes: give me all of the racially and culturally diverse elves! Kinn-lai Mablung and Eöl, Nando Nellas, Sinda Beleg and Annael, Hwenti Meleth, Windan Rôg and Evranin, Cuind Ivárë--anything your heart desires! I love to think of Doriath as a melting pot of all of these peoples! And of course, feel free to add in a few of your OCs as well! :) I'll be thrilled with anything about these elves in Doriath: a celebration (Autumn festivities!), perhaps Olympics-like events where all of the tribes are light-heartedly pitted against one another (throwing javelins, anyone?) The peoples of Doriath teaming up to take on their foes. The other communities all over Middle-earth: Nan Elmoth, Nellas's home, Mithrim (Annael!), and regions not on the map: the far east, the south...

Feel free to also include: Nuin, Morwë, Nurwë, and any and all Dark Elves, OCs or any other textual ghosts you could find! :D

Ainairos is the odd one out there considering that he's a Calaquendi. I'm including him because his hatred for the Noldor would probably make him a bit of an ally for the Moriquendi if the two met. Or perhaps someone can help to mend his relationship with the Noldor? Perhaps, say, meeting Eöl, who also hated the Noldor but also had loved one. Or perhaps the Doriath native Evranin, whose life was spared, shown mercy by the Noldo Gereth, who later wed her. Perhaps they can help Ainairos trust the Noldor again?

This is such a wide, wide field to play with, so have fun! :D

Artwork by CleopatrasWeave

Evranin, Gereth
Book of Lost Tales
Requesting: Fic, Art, gen, ship

This is a little subset of the above, but basically: a further exploration of these two characters! Evranin is the nurse of Elwing and a native of Doriath, and I envision her as a small and slim elf, a violin player and fair-voiced. And then there is Gereth, a very large and muscular Noldo who is also a blacksmith (hell yeah, female elf blacksmith!) Perhaps she was an elf of Nargothrond, perhaps in the Second Kinslaying she defied the Fëanorians by helping young Elwing and the fair nurse escape. Just imagine Curufin's face as he watches this elf running away with an elf thrown over each shoulder!

And what happened at the Havens of Sirion? Perhaps these two learned to trust each other more, Gereth helping Evranin with the child-rearing since the parents were now dead. Imagine them as a family unit, with Gereth being the breadwinner since she can use her blacksmith skills to bring in money while also helping to build a new community for the survivors. Perhaps a romance blossomed between Evranin and Gereth? I would love seeing something with these three as a little family together. :) Or something about these two in Doriath during that pivotal moment when Gereth went from Evranin's foe to friend, or any other moment between them.

Lírien, Gwaeren, Ammeril
The Hobbit films (extended edition)
Requesting: Fic, Gen

The three women elves we see in the extended edition of An Unexpected Journey (Rivendell scene) caught our interest so much we just had to name them (I named Gwaeren, pictured above), and why stop just there? I would love to see stories about these ladies! :D Allow me a moment to talk a little about some headcanons, which you are of course free to borrow or to use your own! (I admit my headcanons tend to swing towards the humorous side!)

Lírien is around Tauriel's age, but have lived a considerably more pampered and sheltered life in Rivendell than Tauriel. She has predominantly Noldor heritage, but apparently it will take time before she develops their wisdom. She was taught by only the very best in music and harp-playing, and she dreams of becoming greater than Maglor himself. Though she likes to act graceful and as though she's top in her field, she's rather sensitive to how others take to her music. It sounds like a funeral? Her guests hate the music? She's ready to break the damn harp! XD In terms of ships, I like shipping her with Tauriel. After the Battle of Five Armies, Tauriel went to Rivendell to clear her mind, told Lírien to stop that awful funeral music, and...the two've been entangled together ever since. :D More info about them here if you are interested.

Gwaeren of the Sindar was born in Doriath at some point towards the late First Age, and was only a small girl to witness its end, being among the few survivors who escaped to the Havens of Sirion. Gildor Inglorion took her under his wing, raised her, and taught her music when he realized it brought her happiness. She remained there for a time, first declaring Mithlond her home before following Elrond to Rivendell. One of Gil-galad's men loved her, but Gwaeren's love included music and birds, not to other elves, so she never married or had a lover. Her home in Rivendell is located in the highest tower so she may overlook everything and be among the birds. In personality, she's the most easy-going between the three, as it takes A LOT to upset her.

Ammeril...oh, sweet Ammeril. Elf whose entire family tree includes servant elves of all backgrounds to the point where it's difficult to really pinpoint what her ethnicity is. She was born during the Second Age right on the cusp of the founding of Rivendell, and the travel to there is her first memory...and the most excitement she's ever had in life. She lives the very dull life of serving guests of Lord Elrond, and it's always a treat to her if the guests get rowdy and chaos erupts (thank you, Bofur.) She has a strange secret desire to witness strife and commotion, especially from the sidelines where she can just stand with her tray and watch the shitshow unfold, all the while keeping a pokerface but internally wearing a grin. In fact...she has a husband who happens to be one of the cooks of Rivendell, and I like to imagine he's rather high-strung was flipping out that day in trying to crank out dishes to sate those damn dwarf guests.

So, those are the three! XD This is now just a copy and paste from my GenEx letter, but: let's see them interact! I'd love to see them interact during any other day in Rivendell. Perhaps Lírien airing out her grievances, being too sensitive over how others receive her music, to the much older and experienced and wiser Gwaeren? With some harp-breaking in the mix, to Ammeril's silent glee (I have an odd obsession of wanting to see Lírien break her harp in a fit of rage.) It seems like these three are appointed with entertaining guests, so what other guests have they played for and served before? Anything from the serious to the utterly silly. Also, their collectively relationship with Lord Elrond? I'd be curious to see if he held meetings with them on how to pull a successful dinner for his guests ("And do promise me you will not to dump the wine jug on our guest this time, Ammeril?")

Or any tale about them individually! :) At their job, during their time off, a tale about them when they were younger, etc. I would love to see more works for these lovely ladies!

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