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Dear Femslash Exchange Creator,

Hello and welcome to my humble abode under the mountain! I, [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere, am so glad to see we have matched on at least one of my favorite femslash pairings!

I am quite easy to please and always enjoy seeing what other creative souls produce, so do not fret about what you will be creating! I'm sure to adore it to pieces! :) Let your mind relax and your inspiration guide you! Hopefully you will find plenty of mithril while digging down here to use for your tale or artwork. Sometimes there may be a few Balrogs about, but not so much this time around unless you wish to explore the darker aspects of any canon I've requested, which you are more than free to do so! :)

Feel free to look through my previous letters for more ideas! I do tend to copy-paste a lot, but there may be additional information you may find useful! :) And please do not feel you are bound to *only* these prompts! I try to come up with as many as I can as guidelines in hopes of them sparking something. If something here inspires a new idea, go with it! I will love it, I assure you! :D You may even go by only the general likes (or from the new general prompts section) as your starting point if these alone set you on your way! Also for the song prompts: I try to match them up by the pairing I think they fit best, but if they made you think of a different pairing on here, go with that! :D

Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask at all! I will be more than happy to answer any questions! :)

Now, pull up a chair next to the fireplace, and bring some ale, and we shall begin!

❤️ General Likes:
+ I have a pretty broad spectrum of the kind of stories I enjoy reading. I'd love stories that are soft and sweet. I love the doom and gloom. I love humor, banter, adventure, hurt/comfort (a huge love of mine), friendships, and profound dynamics between all relationships, and anything from hopeful endings to devastating tragic ends. I also love dark stories, and I don't care how dark and depressing they get. I have read fics from the Hydra Trash Party meme, to give you an idea, don't feel like there's any limit beyond my DNWs. :) So if you wish to explore darker matters (such as one of the characters getting gravely injured, torture, even death, etc), then that's all fine with me.

+ Worldbuilding and culture, and cultural traditions! May it be further exploration of something in canon, or something new you're introducing where the creator had not explored.
+ Side note for the Moriquendi tribes, I personally draw influence from the following general real-world cultures: Kinn-lai = Native American tribes, Hwenti = African, Windan = East Asian, Kindi = South Asian, Cuind = Middle-eastern, Penni = North European (but the most distinctive trait that they all share is red hair), Nandor = South American, Sindar = ...they're more of a nationality in my mind than an ethnicity, but grey/silvery hair is a prominent feature here, especially since they are similar to the Falmari of Aman. :) Of course you don't have to use these if your headcanon says otherwise, but I've put this here in case you were curious about my own perspective! :)

+ Ghosts! I love ghosts and a good ghost story. Perhaps a character tells a ghost story, or the characters find themselves in a rather spine-tingling atmosphere or situation. Perhaps they are running away from ghosts, getting attacked, or find a ghost (or more) that begs for their help before they can make peace and move on to the afterlife? Here, have some nice scenery porn to help you along if you wish for some visual inspiration! :) I *LOVE* abandoned locations, so if you find more on the net and wish to explore that place, you have my blessing! :D

+ Generally: OCs! I'm always happy to meet your OCs so never shy away from using them! :) Many stories have need for them!

+ Additionally, I love female characters so much that I feel like being a bit greedy and say: I love all the femslash and also if you wish to also include friendships and characters' family members into the same story, then go with it! The more the merrier! I love families, found families, wacky teammates, friendship circles and everything in between! :)

+ Holiday-themed or season-themed settings and stories (in this case: autumn! The day is getting shorter, and the air a little bit cooler, but the weather's still wonderful, an excellent time to be with friends and family, and to have an adventure! :) Harvests, apple-picking, maybe...ghosts even? :p)

+ If you desire to write smut: General settings and scenarios that I love are: wedding nights, making love in a nature setting (forest/meadow/etc, especially during summer time), finding shelter (and passion) away from a summer storm, lovemaking after getting some kind of thrill/scare of their life (life-endangering experience or exploring a haunted/abandoned place), reunions, getting away from the demands of life for a little alone time, fitting passion into their busy schedules, close body contact (holding one another tightly) and keeping one another warm while it's cold outside or holding someone to comfort them after they've been injured (and remaining close after lovemaking.) I include a couple more kinks below. :)

+ Also for smut (and in general), I'm all about emotion. I love the close intimacy, the profoundness of a relationship, the trust and deep love for these ships, the unspoken commitment and trust. I especially love intimacy after some massive conflict, such as surviving an event that could have killed one or both (a battle, a natural disaster, siege by enemies, etc.) That little adrenaline rush mixed in with such deep emotions makes for a very happy dwarf over here. :) If it's emotion, I love it!

+ Seeing the beauty of a terrible storm or the bitterness of a battle won. I love those kinds of tales: pyrrhic victories and so on. :)

+ If you are comfortable with it, I wouldn't mind stories exploring the spiritual aspects of that canon. Especially since the elves and dwarves of Middle-earth have pretty intricate and fascinating ideas about faith and religion, and I would love further exploration of SSSS's religious views, if you wish to explore that. :)

+ Characters finding themselves in very complicated situations with no easy solution (my heart might hate you for how much it will be pounding in my chest, but my brain will certainly be tickled and love you for it!)

+ If you can somehow manage to write something where one character does something to trigger ASMR in another (and all ensuing sleepy tropes), I will love you forever! :) Common ASMR triggers: threading fingers through hair, whispering softly into the other's ear, perhaps painting or doing something slowly or contemplatively that the other (the beholder) just watches and relaxes as they do so.

❤️ Other General Notes
Ratings? - Any is good!

Kinks? - Any is fine here too! I cannot think of a single kink that squicks me as I've written every one at one time before, long ago. Don't worry if you think a kink might be too "extreme" or whatnot. I've written a few Maglor watersports stuff myself. :) You can find some smutty prompts from this letter for a previous exchange that you are more than free to take inspiration from! General smutty things I like: being held down, cunnilingus, fingering, tribadism, nipple suckling, enthusiastic lovemaking, one partner showering the other with utmost affection, lost of affection and mutual adoration in general (if that's IC of them; if the characters hate each other, I love seeing that come out too), emotions running high especially after a fright or an adrenaline-rush-inducing experience.

Stance on LACE? - I figured I'll add a bit here since many of my requests are Tolkien: I do generally like LACE for what it shows us of the Eldar culture, but I do not believe that it pertains to all elves. The Moriquendi I am certain have a very different culture; polygamy may be a common thing for all we know. I also see it as a bit of a guideline but not some hard and true facts (for example, a couple may be referred to as "man and woman" just for ease of language, but same-gender marriages are definitely accepted in Calaquendi (and Moriquendi) cultures.) One thing for sure, though, is that I hate to imagine elves being capable of rape or spousal abuse.

Endings? - it can be happy, tragic, hopeful, elusive, or ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger (yes, go ahead and torture me with cliffhangers!) I love it all! :)

Length? - Be it short or novel-length, I treasure it all! ♥

POVs? - Any is fine! Third person subjective or omniscient both work well for these canons. First person is great for sarcastic characters since I love seeing things from their POV, or an unreliable narrator (drugged up Jillian?), or someone with a very interesting ideology and worldview (Thuringwethil?). Second person might be great for darker stories, if you want to play with that. :)

Violence? Character death? - All fine with me!

🎨 General Art Prompts:

I have quite a wide range of things I love in art. I love colored works, but black & white paint/charcoal/pencil shading or crosshatching/etc are also nice. I love digital art as much as traditional art (paintings, colored pencils, etc) and even mixed media (it's my sister's preferred medium, and it's always neat to see what she does with it)! Heck, if you happen to be Nerdanel and get inspired to make a sculpture of one of my pairings, I'd be equally ecstatic and impressed! :D Pastel colors, jewel-tones, neutral/sepia colors, monochromatic schemes or mixing complementary colors with or without black/white--I love it all! Feel free to also make comic strips if you're so inspired! :D

Below are some general art prompts you can apply to any of my requests. Please note that below I will try to list some additional art prompts, but you are not bound to only these! If any of my story prompts inspire art, go for it! (and vice verse, if an art prompt inspires a story or even a poem: go for it! :D I highly encourage creativity in everyone reading this!)

❥ On their wedding (or alternatively, dancing together either wearing dresses or in not (suits, other outfits, etc.))

❥ Couple enjoying a sunset (or sunrise.)

❥ Physical affections: kisses, cuddles, huddled together near a fireplace or campfire (or TV set, if it exists in their canon), entwined together in bed, all the smutty poses (tribadism, cunnilingus, etc.)

❥ One partner stretched over the other's legs all cat-like and being tended to/pampered/showered with adoration. :3

❥ Hair-brushing/hair-playing, massages.

❥ One giving a gift to the other.

❥ If they are a battle couple: in their element! XD Or one protecting the other!

❥ Against an Autumn scenery: taking a walk among falling leaves, or enjoying a hot drink together, cooking together, carving a pumpkin, sharing some hot apple cider, etc.

❥ Halloween night! :D My couple in a masquerade ball? Costumes? Cosplaying as another one of my requested pairing? (or who's the Korra/Feudal Lord and who's the Asami/Handmaiden? :D)

🌰 General Prompts:
Something new that I'm trying out. If you are in a bind and need a little push towards some ideas, check these out as some general prompts as, hee hee, seeds of inspiration you can apply to anything here:

[community profile] dailyprompt

The Daily Post's Daily Writing Prompt - daily, one-word prompts (you can view all previous prompts on link)

Elizabeth Sharp McKetta's Writing Prompt Generator - click button to generate a new prompt!

Yeah Write's 2016 Weekly Prompts

A Writing Prompt a Day

Suddenly, Prompts! - some are pretty out there. :)

❦ If you are like me and love pictures as inspiration, perhaps exploring around Flickr may inspire? :)

❦ If you get inspiration from music, feel free to comment anonymously to this letter with "Give me a song!" and I will reply with a song at random! :) You can also specify a certain theme such as "Give me a song that's upbeat!" or "Give me a song that's about ghosts!" Something like that. :)

💔 Do Not Wants:
− eye gore/trauma

− mpreg, a/b/o, underage

− incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc)

− no rape/non-con/dub-con/abuse/etc between the characters, requested or otherwise, if they are the culprit (if they are the victim for purposes of a hurt/comfort story and the culprit is a known villain (like Sauron or a HYDRA agent) or an OC specifically for the purpose of being a baddie, that's fine.)

− bashing of religion or spirituality, including bashing Eru and the Valar

− Please no vilifying ANY of my requested characters, please. I love all of them equally. :)

− bashing any characters unless it is appropriate in-universe (such as Caranthir calling the dwarves ugly.)

− Would generally prefer no additional pairings beyond my requests (unless if the ships are confirmed canon, like Fëanor/Nerdanel, Eöl/Aredhel, or Torbjörn/Siv, etc)

(Do note that beyond these specifications, I have no limits as to how dark you wish to make a story. Death fic is perfectly fine in some instances, especially if it's not used as a means of vilifying a character.)

Below are some more specifications if you wish for more prompts! Again, you do not have to stick to these, but if you'd like some additional ideas, they are there. Enjoy, and best of luck, you amazing creative soul! :D

Stand Still, Stay Silent
The Silmarillion
The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings
Ghostbusters (2016)
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Artwork by standstillstaystylish

🌹 Stand Still Stay Silent:

Sigrun Eide/Tuuri Hotankainen

The narrative of these two is as precious and beautiful as the narrative that surrounds my slash OTP (Reynir/Lalli) for this fandom! :) So we know from the beginning that Tuuri was really interested in meeting an attractive tall Swede on this expedition, but instead she met an attractive tall Norwegian! What I love so much about their introduction is that not only do we see Tuuri's face lit up when she first glimpses Sigrun far away (with an adorable "Eeee!" to boot!) but also when she's right up against her the first thing she thinks of is the height, the thing she was obsessing over throughout the trip to Denmark! :D The cuteness doesn't end here. Throughout the comic I get the sense that Tuuri really wishes she can get to know Sigrun more, but perhaps held back but her own personal ghosts (or anxieties, such as her age or experience in military and life.) Despite these potential problems, they haven't prevented Sigrun from showing affection towards Tuuri on more than one occasion. Perhaps I'm reading too much into things, but I say there's definitely something developing between these two ladies! :D

I just love the contrast between them. Sigrun, in all her troll-hunting fighter glory, strikes me as one big giant kid. She's young at heart, someone who is 32 years young and it can show at times when putting her up next to her peers. Tuuri, meanwhile, at nineteen carries this air of someone who was forced to grow up too early while still somehow naïve and innocent of the wider world. Also, Tuuri is the studious one; Sigrun does seem to give two cahoots about edumacation. XD And comparing their drawings of Kitty, Sigrun's hilariously devil-may-care Pusekatt compared to Tuuri's princess Kisu. It's all of these little things that make me shipper heart sing! :D

Of course, the other thing I love about this ship is that, while I do see them as lasting until their final days (and even beyond, if the Finnish and Norwegian/Icelandic gods will permit them), same as my other OTP I do see so many hurdles that makes their journey together as a couple a bit of an adventure in and of itself. I will include some of my headcanons below that you are free to borrow or ignore in your own tale! :) And now, for those prompts:

• Their roles set them apart on the team usually, as Sigrun often is out doing things with other crew mates. Tuuri plots ways to get Sigrun alone. Is Sigrun aware of Tuuri's feelings? How well does she hide her own, that Captain Wears-Her-Heart-On-Her-Sleeve? Or does she keep certain things hidden from sight lest it leads to too many distractions?

• Sigrun protecting Tuuri with body and spirit is catnip for me. They go exploring some long abandoned building, looking for books, and Sigrun shields Tuuri from a ghost or troll. I would love it if the two got separated from the rest of the group and work together against a common foe. With Sigrun's military expertise and Tuuri's smarts, they are sure to be a formidable team! :D

• Or the ghost/troll got to Tuuri, and she's now infected! Race against time as Sigrun, fueled by guilty and the love she feels for her younger crewmate, propels her to find the cure for the Rash Illness before it's too late. How far will this love take her? (Dragging the rest of the crew with her on impossibly wild and insane adventures! Well, I'm sure Lalli will appreciate it nonetheless!)

• A story of them coming together. When does their first kiss happen? When do they become a couple? During the expedition or after?

• I like to think that after the famed expedition, Sigrun proposes to Tuuri to come live with her in Norway. All the culture clash, please! Especially with Tuuri's anxieties and personal issues, trying to fit into a world very different from her own. How does she adapt to the viking ways? Any nasty surprises? Any rivals she didn't know she had? (and hey, maybe Sigrun herself was oblivious to them too! XD) Conversely, maybe a story of Sigrun meeting Onni, perhaps on the day when they are to leave for Norway. I'm sure Onni can't do a "break her heart and I'll break your neck" speech after seeing what sort of person Sigrun's like!

• A headcanon I have is that, what with her child's heart and competitive streak, Sigrun wanted to be the first in her group of friends to have a child, and so she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy (either this was via the Dagrenning Program or she found someone to get her pregnant.) Tuuri, with all the adjustments they've had to go through in their relationship, how does she react to this news that the love of her life has a son, and one who is just a few years younger than herself? If you are interested in this prompt, I name her son Heiberg Eide. (Of course Sigrun would name her kid "mountain"! XD)

• Art prompts: Sigrun and Tuuri mountain-climbing or looking out of Sigrun's bedroom window, Sigrun checking out the Northern Lights as Tuuri takes her on a mini tour of Finland, one kissing/cradling the injured other, Tuuri meeting Heiberg and/or Sigrun meeting Onni.

Song prompts!

Breathless - The Corrs (lyrics)
Cannonball - Breeders (lyrics); I rather enjoy the eye candy here in the music video :3
Fell In Love With A Girl - White Stripes (Mary Bichner cover. Original song here) (lyrics)
There She Goes - Sixpence None The Richer (lyrics)
She's a Rebel - Green Day (lyrics)-because Sigrun's holding on Tuuri's heart like a hand grenade! :D

Grandma Hotakainen/Original Female Character

So this one plays around with the question of "what if?" What if Grandma Hotakainen had a female lover either before her marriage, or...what if this IS the person she married? :D What if there was some prototype of the Dagrenning Program that existed in Finland briefly before it was rolled out in the rest of the Known World, and this is where the mothers of Tuuri and Lalli come from? I like to play around with that (and I gave Grandma Hotakainen a Sami wife at that!), which I've written about before. So this pairing is completely free reign for you to play with.

You are free to adapt either of my OCs, who I've named Taika (name inspired by sweet [personal profile] elleth!) Hotakainen and Láilá Dunfjeld, or you can make your own names! :D I just really love this idea and would love to see this take off the ground! So, prompts:

• How did these two meet? Are they both mages or is Taika the only mage? How was life like growing up on that threshold where they were the last generation to see the old world and live in the new, and be part of shaping that new society? How much does magic factor into their lives? What of raising a family together?

• Were they the curious/adventurous sort and would they have explored areas outside of Saimaa? How did those adventures go? Run ins with trolls or ghosts? Or fun witchy smutty times uninterrupted by neither man nor monster? :D

• Art prompts: Definitely something with Halloween and magic! Taika and "Láilá" casting a spell, bewtiching the other (literally or metaphorically!), lovemaking in forests, hiding away from trolls (or telling scary stories to one another), or something to do with their Luontos? :D

Song prompts:

I Love You - Donna Lewis (lyrics)- This song is just perfect! Since Lalli was said to have a whispery voice, I like to think one of his grandmothers did too. :)
Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer (lyrics) - especially when they were younger
Black Magic Woman - Santana (Cover by Alice Reay and Paul Stylianou) (lyrics)
I Put a Spell on You - Annie Lennox (lyrics)
Moon Dance - Corpse Bride soundtrack (instrumental) - is this not the perfect romantic song for two witches in love? :)

Photo by Kindra Nikole

🌸 The Silmarillion:


Silm femslash pairing of my heart! I am convinced they were together! Probably because there's nothing to contradict this, hee! :D But there's so much to explore with these two, so much potential. Per the HoME, Írimë was said to be the youngest of the children of Finwë and Indis, so how was her childhood growing up? Why are she and Fingolfin so close? Is it their similarities or their differences? I imagine Írimë was a dancer whose dances with weapons were meant to convey stories, and this allured Elemmírë to her. Elemmírë I envision her as a mild-mannered Vanya of great beauty and musical skill. I imagine her also being an intersex woman, so how was that something that affected her life? Would that explain why her name is gender neutral? I love the idea of giving racial diversity to non-Valinor elves and dwarves, so what of sexuality and gender diversity among all elves as well, such as Elemmírë?

And as I said before, there is so much you can do with these two, especially since Írimë (or Lalwen as she later became known) travels east into Middle-earth while Elemmírë couldn't follow. Emotional hurt/comfort, angst, healing, affection, shared love over music, reunions, and possibly saying goodbye, trying to get back together, second chances, etc. I love it all. :) Here are some other things to consider:

• Their first meetings, and how their occupations/vocations bring them in together. Is Írimë a dancer? A hunter? A fellow minstrel? The two sending silly little love notes to one another with increasingly hilarious limericks?

• What sort of wedding did they have? How did Elemmírë's parents and family receive lovable and perky Írimë? How did Finwë and Indis receive the famously talented Elemmírë?

I'm pretty certain these two enjoyed getting physical. :3

• The lovebirds going on an adventure along with some little elves, such as young Maglor and/or Aredhel, who I believe was very close to Aunty Írimë. :)

• Elenwë followed Turgon out of Valinor, so maybe not all Vanyar may have stayed. What if Elemmírë wanted to leave, and what kept her in Valinor? Her family, or possibly Írimë herself, with a promise to return soon (or fear for Elemmírë's life? Perhaps she left while Elemmírë was sleeping to protect her?)

• The years spent without Írimë/Lalwen, and how it may have affected Elemmírë. Did she write songs about her missing love, about her fears of never seeing her again? Or possibly having a vision that Írimë was injured and then praying for Eru and the Valar to give her strength?

• Írimë brings back with her many stories of which Elemmírë turned into song, and perhaps Írimë and she performed together, with Írimë dancing out to tell the poignant tale of the Noldor in the First Age? Or Írimë comes back to an Elemmírë so hurt over her wife's disappearance that they need to first patch things up? What of their relationship 50 years after Írimë's return to Valinor? 100? 500? 1000? By the Third Age? Modern day? There's such a deep well just waiting to be explored with these two! :)

• Alternatively, what if Elemmírë was among the Host of the Valar during the War of Wrath and saves Lalwen who was cornered by a band of orcs and just about to be killed? (Elemmírë cradling a wounded Lalwen would be interesting to read/see!)

• Art prompts: Írimë dancing to Elemmírë's music, or dancing to get her attention during a ball, or the two dancing together somewhere outside during an enchanted evening. Sharing body heat, Elemmírë helping tying the ribbons that completes Írimë's dancing dress (or helping her take them off, up to you!), their reunion after the First Age, cuddling by a fireplace.

And now the song prompts! For some reason a lot of 90s dance music make me think of them. But it's one of my favorite periods, so *shrugs* :)

Sweet Dreams - La Bouche (lyrics)
Dancer in a Daydream - Ace of Base (lyrics)
This Is Your Night - Amber (lyrics)
Don't Turn Around - Ace of Base (lyrics - Perfect for when Írimë leaves for Endor; Elemmírë's POV)
The One I Love - R.E.M. (lyrics)-Perfect as an Lalwen POV song! :D


Ahh, these two! I enjoy the symmetry here; Ilmarë is the kindler of stars, of life and light, and Thuringwethil is the extinguisher, the shadow, the destroyer of light and life. Perhaps they once worked together, or were born together, being matter and anti-matter, light and dark, etc. For all we know, their fates are the most tightly bond of all the characters in the legendarium.

• Perhaps Thuringwethil was once the Maia who was to clean up after Ilmarë, reabsorbing light, energy, entire stars? What if this was then twisted by Morgoth, thus turning her into a vampire? And her vampirism need not be the bloodsucking kind; psychic (energy-sucking) vampires, or indeed any vampire myth, can work excellently here! :)

• I do not believe Thuringwethil died when Lúthien took her batfell; she simply had to make a new one for herself. I would love a further exploration on what that is, this creation of shadow, especially when placed against Ilmarë. Does she have something similar, a raiment of starlight? How does it help her? Since they are both these cosmic creature trying to walk on Earth, do these raiments try to ground them and what happens if they are shed?

• Do they meet again, perhaps during the War of Wrath, and what if both found themselves unable to kill one another? Or going by above, they shed their raiment and decide to take up the battle high in the heavens, with plenty of emotional baggage following them as they intensely hate yet still love one another.

• With that in mind, had Ilmarë ever tried to sway Thuringwethil back into the path of light?

• Let's say they fail in killing one another in the War of Wrath, but they are suddenly locked into a sort of curse. They must be reborn into each Age and find one another. I would be interested in seeing an film noir-styled story or comic of Ilmarë in the 1940/1950s of our era, for example, trying to hunt down a certain shadow woman. Or anything else of this idea that you can think of.

• Art prompts: any play on starlight/shadow, Thuringwethil drinking blood or energy from Ilmarë (especially if her blood isn't red, but, say, made of light.) This is such a new unexplored pairing that there isn't much left to say, but I do hope there'll be more after this exchange! :)

Now for the song prompts! :D

Don't Speak - No Doubt (lyrics)- isn't this perfect for when Ilmarë and Thuringwethil go their separate ways? :')
Sabotage - Chisu. It's a beautiful Finnish song (seems a bit James Bondish, no? This ship is a great fit for genre stories, it seems); the video below has both Finnish and English lyrics on the screen. Enjoy! :)
Borderline - Madonna (lyrics)- either Thurginwethil feels constricted by Ilmarë or by Sauron and wants Ilmarë to free her? :)
We Belong - Pat Benatar (lyrics)


Tindómiel fascinates me, especially as she's the only daughter of Elros and Wife, she immediately strikes me as a sort of parallel to Arwen. Even her name, which can be taken to mean "twilight of dawn," seems like a mirror to Arwen's "Evenstar" name.

• I'm interested in reading a story for Tindómiel that parallels Arwen's in another way: falling for an elf, or Meril-i-Turinqi, the beloved Queen of Tol Eressëa. Just imagine how much she would curse her luck to be descended from elves, to fall for an elf, but to be mortal herself? And how does Meril feel, falling for this beautiful princess of Númenor? Does Tindómiel ever become counted as among the elves, to join her beloved, or do they remain together until Tindómiel's passing?

• Since the elves of Tol Eressëa often visited Númenor with gifts of seedlings to enrich the land, I would love to read a story of Elrond, on his way to Valinor, stopping by Tol Eressëa to rest, meeting Meril, and learning these stories about Tindómiel and Meril, a story that mirrors his daughter's own. I just love parallels like that. :) Happy or sad ending to their story is all up to you.

Song prompt:

Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall (lyrics)- This is a great song, I think, about Tindómiel seeing Meril for the first time and wanting to be counted as among the elves.

These two have so much potential! Evranin is the nurse of Elwing and a native of Doriath, and I envision her as a small and slim Windan elf, a violin player and fair-voiced in addition to being a healer. And then there is Gereth, a very large and muscular Noldo who is also a blacksmith (hell yeah, female elf blacksmith! ♥) Perhaps she was an elf of Nargothrond? Is she one of the Fëanorian's bunch? Perhaps in the Second Kinslaying she defied the Fëanorians by helping young Elwing and the fair nurse escape, swearing her allegiance to them instead to the elves she personally believes have gone too far (or she just fell really hard for that nurse!)?

• I would love a story that takes us through that pivotal moment when Gereth went from Evranin's foe to friend, deciding to help Evranin and young Elwing. Just imagine Curufin's face as he watches this elf running away with an elf thrown over each shoulder! Please, go wild with the banter here! :D

• What happened at the Havens of Sirion? Perhaps these two learned to trust each other more, Gereth helping Evranin with the child-rearing since the parents were now dead. Imagine them as a family unit, with Gereth being the breadwinner since she can use her blacksmith skills to bring in money while also helping to build a new community for the survivors. Perhaps a romance blossomed between Evranin and Gereth? I would love seeing something with these three as a little family together. :)

• If you wish to go the smut route, just know that I...have a thing for blacksmiths. And sex in smithies. ;D Perhaps Evranin gets an urgent medical call to go to the smithy only to find Gereth posing seductively (or what she thinks is seductive) on the anvil, and she gets a little annoyed by that. But after some bantering, things work out fine between them. :3 And in terms of smut, I'm sure a blacksmith like Gereth would come up with...interesting toys such as strap ons and so forth!

• Art prompts: Gereth running off with Evranin slung over her shoulder is a sight to behold, methinks! Them in a smithy having sexytimes, or Evranin patching Gereth up after a mishap in the smithy, the two with little Elwing as a happy little family (or a series of pictures showing the progression of their life together as Elwing grows up, becomes an adult, perhaps the last pic being them searching for her whereabouts or seeing that she's turned into a swan?)

Song prompt:

Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar (lyrics) - Especially if we assume Gereth is a younger elf, not having come from Valinor to Endor but was a Noldo born in Middle-earth. :)
I'll Be Your Shelter - Taylor Dayne (lyrics)

Artwork by nadipieart

🌷 The Hobbit:


*rubs hands together* Oh, this lovely ship...I seem to like them as being either the epitome of hurt/comfort or the epitome of LOLs. Take your pick! :D

So, I imagine that Lírien, the harpist seen in the Rivendell dinner scene where the dwarves get unruly, is around Tauriel's age, but have lived a considerably more pampered and sheltered life in Rivendell than Tauriel. She has predominantly Noldor heritage, but apparently it will take time before she develops their wisdom. She was taught by only the very best in music and harp-playing, and she dreams of becoming greater than Maglor himself. Though she likes to act graceful and as though she's top in her field, she's rather sensitive to how others take to her music.

I love how offended she looked when Nori asked her to play a different song, and when the dwarves then totally ruined her playing! Poor elf. Let's make her life a bigger hell when her eyes befall a beautiful but emotionally wounded warrior named Tauriel who then tells her the same thing, and in a fit of rage, she chucks her harp over the balcony and then proceeds to have a shouting match with Elrond! :D Yes, this pairing can be sweet and romantic and hurt/comfort appropriate and everything, but also I do like seeing Lírien as a little bratty too!

• So...yeah. what if Tauriel visited Rivendell at some point and repeated Nori's exact the same words ("I feel like I'm at a funeral!"), affected as she was by the Battle of Five Armies? And what if Lírien fought with Tauriel over her insult because how dare anyone insult Lírien's obviously perfect musical talent? I would love to see a quarrel that then dissolves into the two kissing one another. Completely with a horrified Elrond because Lírien destroyed a harp and then made a ruckus. At least the kiss was a sign of peace, he supposed.

• But on a more serious note, perhaps after their initial hilarious and bad start, Lírien learns more about Tauriel's recent past and traumas, and the two grow closer. Fascinated by also sympathetic to this warrior woman, Lírien decides she wants to heal her with music. <3

• Would definitely love any situation that brings out some roughness from Tauriel in kissing and banging Lírien into oblivion. Perhaps Lírien reveals that she can take anything that Tauriel gives her, knowing that a little roughness will make Tauriel feel better? :3 *coughs and fans self*

• What if Lírien is far more sheltered from the outside dangers than Tauriel is? What if she asks to travel with Tauriel, but Tauriel refuses to have her come with her? Or the two go on the journey nonetheless, and there is an attack? (plot twist: it's not Lírien who gets injured?)

• Something with this song (Lírien's humming that gives Tauriel goosebumps. Perhaps something that jars a memory of Tauriel's past? Or makes her recount the horrors she's faced out on the battlefield?)

• Romantic kisses and intimacy, clashes of personality that keeps things interesting, Tauriel swearing to protect her lady. Lírien, fueled and inspired by love, suddenly finds that she's become a better wordsmith in music-making.

• The Fellowship have destroyed the One Ring. Lírien finds herself looking West. But Tauriel's heart is still with the forests of Middle-earth.

• Surprise AU! Zombie apocalypse! Just for any chance to see Lírien throw her harp at a walker. In fact, any story where she breaks her harp would bring a smile to my face. :) (Bonus points if she has a shouting match with Elrond. I don't know why I want this so much. I'd love a bit of humor with her.)

• Art prompts: all the art! OMG: Lírien dressing Tauriel's wounds, or playing a private song for her while they're both naked? Something that highlights the difference in their bodies (Tauriel strong, Lírien soft but maybe not so graceful.) Intimate moments, them exploring Middle-earth, perhaps even old abandoned haunted areas?

Song prompt! The association of this song with this pairing in my mind is just too great:

She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals (lyrics)
Fairyland - Angelzoom (lyrics)
Feast of Starlight - Howard Shore (instrumental)
Doomsday - Murray Gold (instrumental)

Artwork by steendraws

🌻 Lord of the Rings:

Arwen's Daughter/Éowyn's Daughter

This pairing makes me so delighted! :D So you may have noticed that I love pairings with sweet narratives attached, and I love the potential narrative here: the children of two vital couples in a story pairing up! I find that so sweet for reasons I cannot quite articulate.

Who are these women? I like to think that Éowyn's Daughter is some kind of knight, and Arwen's Daughter is a princess who is wooed by the strong lady who swears her loyalty and service to her, from Ithilien to Gondor with love and devotion! :D

• As with any ship with OFCs, I'm going to give you full reign on what you wish to do with them! Perhaps Éowyn's Daughter competes with other knights in a tournament and then presents a rose or a flower from the White Tree to Arwen's Daughter after revealing that all those men lost to a lady? (or not, as I don't think Éowyn would let women have to hide their gender if they wish to be fighters.)

• Or, Arwen's Daughter must travel somewhere where the roads can get dangerous, and Éowyn's Daughter volunteers to be her escort. What happens on this journey?

• Or why are we making Éowyn's Daughter so graceful and adept at her job? If you're familiar with the song Knight in Rusty Armor (lyrics), perhaps Éowyn's Daughter is a big dork and just wants to prove her worth, and she saves Arwen's Daughter in only the most convenient of ways thanks to her squeaky, rusty armor? :D

• Based on Tolkien's discarded draft of The Return of the Shadow, perhaps the two find themselves amidst the cults of Sauron or one of them was captured and the other must save her? Action/adventure, elven magic that may still linger inside Arwen's daughter, and epic romance abound!

• Art prompts: Éowyn's Daughter presenting Arwen's Daughter with a rose or flower from the White Tree, protecting her from an Orc or one of Sauron's cult members, riding a horse together, lazing out in the autumn sunset somewhere in Ithilien, a romantic stroll in Gondor, Arwen's Daughter giving Éowyn's Daughter's her gift (and/or a big kiss) after she is knighted.

Song prompts!

Can't Help Falling In Love - Haley Reinhart (lyrics)
Scarborough Fair - Simon & Garfunkel (lyrics)

Artwork by squelliem

🌺 Ghostbusters 2016:

Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan

Oh my Sweet God. Ghostbusters. Dear writer, let me tell you what this movie did to me. ♥ I immensely love ghosts, and ghost stories, and yes--Ghostbusters! The song is forever imprinted in my mind as it used to play on the PA system in school during Halloween, and of course me and classmates roleplaying as Ghostbusters. And then this movie came many years later. Not only did we get ghosts, we got an amazing cast of female heroes who were vibrant and filled to the brim with humor, and the friendship and comradeship between them was amazing. And of course add in the femslash vibes and I felt like I was on cloud nine. At last! The movie for me, perfect in every way! :'D

Jillian and Patty gripped my heart the most out of the group, both as individuals and as a couple. I love that Patty, though not a scientist, is so vital to the group that they would be lost without her; and Jillian is such a mad genius that I love her and kind of envy her for getting to live the career I wanted to be growing up (mad scientist. XD) There was definitely something going on between them, what with how Patty kept giving cute nicknames to Jillian and just the way the two played off one another!

• During a mission, Jillian gets badly injured enough that she cannot complete the steps of a new device she had set out to capture a ghost, but she takes Patty through the steps, who pulls it off beautifully. Jillian thanks her with lots of affection after her injuries heal.

• In fact...let's leave an injured!Jillian with Patty worrying over her prompt right over here, hee. :3

• Erin, Abby, and Kevin are away. The two are alone in headquarters. What starts off as Jillian showing Patty all of the cool new gadgets she's working on turns into smutty fun. You may use some of Jillian's gadgets as part of the pervy fun. :)

• In fact, this ship strikes me as potentially having lots of crack and hilarity mingled in with the smut. Have fun with that! I want to see their characters' banter and humor shine through no matter what situation they're in! <3

• Patty takes Jillian on a tour through New York, picking out all of the places she knows that will inspire her engineering genius girlfriend. :D

• Patty and Jillian go Ghost-hunting, but with a twist! This one kind of ties with below, but what if Jillian cannot get Gertrude Eldridge's ghost out of her mind for whatever reason? Perhaps she makes a reappearance? What if she tries chasing down the ghost and Patty joins her on this adventure? Or perhaps if not Gertrude's ghost, but someone who's an ancestor of either Jillian or Patty? Fun times learning family genealogies, old family secrets, all while ghost hunting!

• I have been fortunate enough to attend a ball at this large museum yearly that's held late at night, and let me tell you, there's something a little eerie about walking through exhibits with the lights all dimmed, or even outright dark. Perhaps the Ghostbusters' next mission takes them into a museum at midnight, where strange things are about in the dark exhibits. And if you're thinking "Night at the Museum fusion!" then you have my blessing! XD

• Art prompts: Patty and Jillian in their element fighting ghosts (and maybe sharing a kiss afterwards), sitting out on their headquarters's roof enjoying the view, romantic poses that highlight their size difference, hair play, in bed together (either cuddling/Patty listening to Jillian talking rapidly about some sciencey thing or them making love.)

Song prompts! :D

Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr. (lyrics)- Of course, had to include this because it's a classic and childhood feels. Also the music video is just cracky, so check it out! Maybe something will inspire there! XD
Weird Science - Oingo Boingo (lyrics)-okay! This song...can be pretty kinky considering the lyrics. XD And fun!
I'll Be Your Shelter - Taylor Dayne (lyrics)-yes, used again here. I think it fits for both ships, don't you? :)
Electric Feel - MGMT (lyrics)

Jillian Holtzmann/Gertrude Eldridge's Ghost
Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Jillian seem taken by her when the ghost appeared to the three friends? Here was Jillian just standing around eating Pringles and then when Gertrude Eldridge appeared, it was like her breath was stolen away. :') Of course, it could be because she saw a ghost, which is amazing in and of itself, but knowing from Word of God that Jillian is a lesbian, I say she totally fell head over heels for Gertrude Eldridge's ghost! And why not? Gertrude Eldridge is (was) quite the beauty, wouldn't you agree? :D

• Absolutely anything here would be gold. Perhaps a look into Jillian's mind as she gazes up at the beautiful but ghostly Gertrude Eldridge?

• Combining this with my ship request from above, perhaps Gertrude's ghost returns or something and Jillian wants to track her down, but this time, Patty is along for the ride! :D

• Not so sure what art prompts would fit here. Perhaps just Jillian gazing all heart-eyes at Gertrude? :D With a visual glimpse into her mind as she's torn between trying to rationalize the existence of ghost while also fantasizing about taking ghost on a date?

No song prompts in this case, but I'll love you forever if you can somehow combine "Weird Science" with this and Patty/Jillian! :D

Artwork by wa10

🌼 Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Natasha Romanov/Sharon Carter

I have been in love with this ship ever since Natasha's "She's nice" comment during The Winter Solider, and wasn't Sharon just so cool in Civil War? <3 I love them both and I would be thrilled to see them together in any way possible! :)

• Working together on a mission assignment (or working against one another!); You can also combine this where they were first set to be working against each other before deciding to become allies instead.

• Cuddling together after a long day! As much as I love action/adventure, I will not say no to a little domesticity with MCU either. :)

• Sharon bringing light into Natasha's darkness, Natasha rescuing Sharon, playing mind games (with one another in cases where they are working against each other, or while trying to break a common enemy.) In fact, I'm such a sap for this trope: imagine Natasha gets brainwashed in a Winter Solider-ish way and commanded to torment or kill Sharon, who was captured, but Sharon's voice and love can break through the layers of brainwashing? I said above that I do not mind Hydra Trash Party fics, so if you enjoy dark fics, feel free to make this as nail-biting suspenseful as you wish!

• And since I mentioned the Winter Solider above: an AU where Natasha is the Winter Solider and Sharon is her "Steve"? :D Can be a fic or an art prompt!

• Art prompts: taking selfies on either side of a captured and bound up baddie! :D Cuddling up after a long day, Sharon brushing away singed hair from Natasha's forehead, one visiting her injured battle partner and girlfriend, kisses on a balcony/atop a building, playful/mock interrogation (perhaps with Natasha as the one doing the interrogating?)

Song prompts:

Throw Down Your Guns - Wild Belle (lyrics)
Need You Now - Lady Antebellum (lyrics)
Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down (lyrics)
Talking In Your Sleep - Romantics (lyrics)-every time I hear this song, I imagine that these two are trying to get intel from the other, mutually seduce each other, and then one of them talks in her sleep and blows her own secrets to the amusement of the other. XD

And you've reached the end! :D I hope something here inspires. Again, don't hesitate to forward any questions if you have any. Happy creating! :D 🌷💐🌸🌼🌺🌹🌻
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