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Greetings, boils and ghouls! Er, I mean, welcome, dear creator! Welcome to my haunted humble abode under the mountains! Hope you do not mind all of the jack-o-lanterns I, [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere, have displayed around here, but I am just so happy right now! Autumn, Halloween, and the horror genre are all of my most favorite things in life, so I am very excited for this exchange! :) I perhaps got a little carried away, but I hope this will not make you run away in fright! I'm incredibly easy to please, so please, just sit back, do not fret!, enjoy some pumpkin spiced mead, and enjoy your stay!

I hope you will feel like you're in a candy shop here, with a treasure trove of prompts to inspire you! Let your mind relax and your inspiration guide you! Hopefully you will find plenty of mithril while digging down here to use for your tale or artwork. Sometimes there may be a few Balrogs about. If you are not up for dealing with facing such monsters (prompts dealing with potentially upsetting topics such as rape, child death, etc), then just skip any bullet points that begin with and you should be fine! :D

Feel free to look through my previous letters for more ideas! I do tend to copy-paste a lot, but there may be additional information you may find useful! :) And please do not feel you are bound to *only* these prompts! I try to come up with as many as I can as guidelines in hopes of them sparking something. If something here inspires a new idea, go with it! I will love it, I assure you! :D You may even go by only the general likes (or from the new general prompts section) as your starting point if these alone set you on your way!

Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask at all! I will be more than happy to answer any questions! :) Now, let's get on to it, trick-or-treater!

Requesting: Art or Fic for all requests. This can include illustrations, comic strips, fanfiction, poetry, and I'll also toss in fanmixes. :)

🎃 General Likes:
+ I have a pretty broad spectrum of the kind of stories I enjoy reading. I'd love stories that are soft and sweet. I love the doom and gloom. I love humor, banter, adventure, hurt/comfort (a huge love of mine), friendships, and profound dynamics between all relationships, and anything from hopeful endings to devastating tragic ends. I also love dark stories, and I don't care how dark and depressing they get. I have read fics from the Hydra Trash Party meme, to give you an idea, don't feel like there's any limit beyond my DNWs. :) So if you wish to explore darker matters (such as one of the characters getting gravely injured, torture, even death, etc), then that's all fine with me.

+ Worldbuilding and culture, and cultural traditions! May it be further exploration of something in canon, or something new you're introducing where the creator had not explored.
+ Side note for the Moriquendi tribes, I personally draw influence from the following general real-world cultures: Kinn-lai = Native American tribes, Hwenti = African, Windan = East Asian, Kindi = South Asian, Cuind = Middle-eastern, Penni = North European (but the most distinctive trait that they all share is red hair), Nandor = South American, Sindar = ...they're more of a nationality in my mind than an ethnicity, but grey/silvery hair is a prominent feature here, especially since they are similar to the Falmari of Aman. :) Of course you don't have to use these if your headcanon says otherwise, but I've put this here in case you were curious about my own perspective! :)

+ Ghosts! I love ghosts and a good ghost story. Perhaps a character tells a ghost story, or the characters find themselves in a rather spine-tingling atmosphere or situation. Perhaps they are running away from ghosts, getting attacked, or find a ghost (or more) that begs for their help before they can make peace and move on to the afterlife? Here, have some nice scenery porn to help you along if you wish for some visual inspiration! :) I *LOVE* abandoned locations, so if you find more on the net and wish to explore that place, you have my blessing! :D

+ Generally: OCs! I'm always happy to meet your OCs so never shy away from using them! :) Many stories have need for them!

+ Holiday-themed or season-themed settings and stories (in this case: autumn and Halloween! The day is getting shorter, and the air a little bit cooler, but the weather's still wonderful, an excellent time to be with friends and family, and to have an adventure! :) Harvests, apple-picking, and all the things that go bump in the night!)

+ If you desire to write smut: General settings and scenarios that I love are: wedding nights, making love in a nature setting (forest/meadow/etc, especially during summer time), finding shelter (and passion) away from a summer storm, lovemaking after getting some kind of thrill/scare of their life (life-endangering experience or exploring a haunted/abandoned place), reunions, getting away from the demands of life for a little alone time, fitting passion into their busy schedules, close body contact (holding one another tightly) and keeping one another warm while it's cold outside or holding someone to comfort them after they've been injured (and remaining close after lovemaking.) I include a couple more kinks below. :)

+ Also for smut (and in general), I'm all about emotion. I love the close intimacy, the profoundness of a relationship, the trust and deep love for these ships, the unspoken commitment and trust. I especially love intimacy after some massive conflict, such as surviving an event that could have killed one or both (a battle, a natural disaster, siege by enemies, etc.) That little adrenaline rush mixed in with such deep emotions makes for a very happy dwarf over here. :) If it's emotion, I love it!

+ Seeing the beauty of a terrible storm or the bitterness of a battle won. I love those kinds of tales: pyrrhic victories and so on. :)

+ If you are comfortable with it, I wouldn't mind stories exploring the spiritual aspects of that canon. Especially since the elves and dwarves of Middle-earth have pretty intricate and fascinating ideas about faith and religion, and I would love further exploration of SSSS's religious views, if you wish to explore that. :)

+ Characters finding themselves in very complicated situations with no easy solution (my heart might hate you for how much it will be pounding in my chest, but my brain will certainly be tickled and love you for it!)

+ If you can somehow manage to write something where one character does something to trigger ASMR in another (and all ensuing sleepy tropes), I will love you forever! :) Common ASMR triggers: threading fingers through hair, whispering softly into the other's ear, perhaps painting or doing something slowly or contemplatively that the other (the beholder) just watches and relaxes as they do so.

+ Some other trick-specific likes: supernatural horror, demons, a sense that there's a whole huge universe out there that we might not be able to perceive with our eyes, being of this Earth and they of another dimension, psychological horror, monsters (everything from Universal Horror Films to monsters from myths around the world), character deaths, tragic endings, inner demons, demonic possessions, zombie apocalypse, mad scientists, things going badly ("hell is paved with good intensions" type scenarios), body horror.

+ Some other treat-specific likes: autumn-related things like raking leaves, warm apple cider, pumpkin carving; softer side of the supernatural (such as ghosts visiting currently living loved ones), cultural rituals and holidays set around autumn, talking jack-o-lanterns, abandoned places, old places with lots of history attached to them, urban legends, huddled together near a fireplace while enjoying some warm drink, cabins in the woods (sans axe murderer), telling stories (ghost stories? :3) around a campfire, looking up at the autumn full moon, eucatastrophes. :)

🔮 Other General Notes
Ratings? - Any is good!

Kinks? - Any is fine here too! I cannot think of a single kink that squicks me as I've written every one at one time before, long ago. Don't worry if you think a kink might be too "extreme" or whatnot. I've written a few Maglor watersports stuff myself. :) You can find some smutty prompts from this letter for a previous exchange that you are more than free to take inspiration from! General smutty things I like: being held down, cunnilingus/blow jobs/oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, belly massages/belly kinks (kissing, teasing, etc), fingering, tribadism, nipple suckling, enthusiastic lovemaking, one partner showering the other with utmost affection, lost of affection and mutual adoration in general (if that's IC of them; if the characters hate each other, I love seeing that come out too, or bantering if they are the kind to banter), emotions running high especially after a fright or an adrenaline-rush-inducing experience.

Stance on LACE? - I figured I'll add a bit here since many of my requests are Tolkien: I do generally like LACE for what it shows us of the Eldar culture, but I do not believe that it pertains to all elves. The Moriquendi I am certain have a very different culture; polygamy may be a common thing for all we know. I also see it as a bit of a guideline but not some hard and true facts (for example, a couple may be referred to as "man and woman" just for ease of language, but same-gender marriages are definitely accepted in Calaquendi (and Moriquendi) cultures.) One thing for sure, though, is that I hate to imagine elves being capable of rape or spousal abuse.

Endings? - it can be happy, tragic, hopeful, elusive, or ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger (yes, go ahead and torture me with cliffhangers!) I love it all! :)

Length? - Be it short or novel-length, I treasure it all! ♥

POVs? - Any is fine! Third person subjective or omniscient both work well for these canons. First person is great for sarcastic characters since I love seeing things from their POV, or an unreliable narrator (drugged up Jillian?), or someone with a very interesting ideology and worldview (Thuringwethil?). Second person might be great for darker stories, if you want to play with that. :)

Violence? Character death? - All fine with me!

🎨 General Art Prompts:

I have quite a wide range of things I love in art. I love colored works, but black & white paint/charcoal/pencil shading or crosshatching/etc are also nice. I love digital art as much as traditional art (paintings, colored pencils, etc) and even mixed media (it's my sister's preferred medium, and it's always neat to see what she does with it)! Heck, if you happen to be Nerdanel and get inspired to make a sculpture of one of my requests, I'd be equally ecstatic and impressed! :D Pastel colors, jewel-tones, neutral/sepia colors, monochromatic schemes or mixing complementary colors with or without black/white--I love it all! Feel free to also make comic strips if you're so inspired! :D

Below are some general art prompts you can apply to any of my requests, and for this exchange I aimed for some general as well as Halloween and autumn-themed prompts. Please note that below I hope my prompts can apply as both fic or art, but you are not bound to only these! If any of my story prompts inspire art, go for it! (and vice verse, if an art prompt inspires a story or even a poem: go for it! :D I highly encourage creativity in everyone reading this!)

❥ Halloween night! Full moon, black cats, magic, etc. How the characters spend this most magical night, from the silly to the creepiest. :) Halloween decorations, from the contemporary to something more appropriate to canons where Halloween doesn't exist (or where another October holiday is celebrated)?

❥ A couple dancing, perhaps during some autumn festival?

❥ Enjoying a sunset (or sunrise) while in an autumny forest. A stroll in a forest in full foliage, collecting pinecones, or apples. Perhaps running into something supernatural in the forest?

❥ Exploring a graveyard with a friend or two. With or without ghosts involved. Can be peaceful and sombre piece, or adrenaline-filled with something crawling out of the grave and chasing them!

❥ Cooking! Autumn sweets: pies, candied or caramel applies, etc. :)

❥ Physical affections: kisses, cuddles, huddled together near a fireplace or campfire (or TV set, if it exists in their canon), entwined together in bed, all the smutty poses.

❥ One partner stretched over the other's legs all cat-like and being tended to/pampered/showered with adoration. :3

❥ Hair-brushing/hair-playing, massages.

❥ One giving a gift to the other.

❥ If they are a battle couple: in their element! XD Or one protecting the other!

❥ Against an Autumn scenery: taking a walk among falling leaves, or enjoying a hot drink together, cooking together, carving a pumpkin, sharing some hot apple cider, etc.

❥ Contending with monsters.

❥ They are in a haunted house! :D It may or may not be sentient.

❥ Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts <3

🍬 General Prompts:
Something new that I'm trying out. If you are in a bind and need a little push towards some ideas, check these out as some general prompts as little treats for you to use as inspiration to apply to anything here:

[community profile] dailyprompt

The Daily Post's Daily Writing Prompt - daily, one-word prompts (you can view all previous prompts on link)

Elizabeth Sharp McKetta's Writing Prompt Generator - click button to generate a new prompt!

Yeah Write's 2016 Weekly Prompts

A Writing Prompt a Day

Suddenly, Prompts! - some are pretty out there. :)

❦ If you are like me and love pictures as inspiration, perhaps exploring around Flickr may inspire? :)

❦ If you get inspiration from music, feel free to comment anonymously to this letter with "Give me a song!" and I will reply with a song at random! :) You can also specify a certain theme such as "Give me a song that's upbeat!" or "Give me a song that's about ghosts!" Will also give Halloween-themed songs! :)

💀 Do Not Wants:
− eye gore/trauma

− mpreg, a/b/o, underage, bestiality, scat

− incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc)

− no rape/non-con/dub-con/abuse/etc between the characters, requested or otherwise, if they are the culprit (if they are the victim for purposes of a hurt/comfort story and the culprit is a known villain (like Sauron or a HYDRA agent) or an OC specifically for the purpose of being a baddie, that's fine.) The exceptions to this DNW are Sauron and Original Kade Character.

− bashing of religion or spirituality, including bashing Eru and the Valar

− Please no vilifying ANY of my requested characters, please. I love all of them equally. :) (Except, again, Sauron and Original Kade Character. Make them despicable!)

− bashing any characters unless it is appropriate in-universe (such as Caranthir calling the dwarves ugly.)

− No additional pairings beyond my requests unless if the ships are already canon such as Fëanor/Nerdanel, Eöl/Aredhel, Torbjörn/Siv, etc.

(Do note that beyond these specifications, I have no limits as to how dark you wish to make a story. Death fic is perfectly fine in some instances, especially if it's not used as a means of vilifying a character.)

Below are some more specifications if you wish for more prompts! Again, you do not have to stick to these, but if you'd like some additional ideas, they are there. Enjoy, and best of luck, you amazing creative soul! :D

Stand Still, Stay Silent
The Silmarillion
Lord of the Rings
Ghostbusters (2016)
Pokemon (anime)
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Tales From the Cryptkeeper
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Munsters
Original Works

Artwork by Minna Sundberg, the creator of the SSSS webcomic! :D

🎃 Stand Still Stay Silent:

Requesting: Tricks & Treats

Reynir Árnason, Lalli Hotakainen, Original Kade Character

My beloved mages! :D Well, Reynir and Lalli at least. I just couldn't resist adding in a kade into my request to make this a little more Halloweeny and for all the horror potential. :) I ship Reynir/Lalli which you can read more prompts for here, and any fic or art where they work together and have an intense dynamics/relationship together would be excellent.

I'd love to read about any kade character. I have an original character named Valttu if you'd like to use him. He's basically the worst of the worst; commits all crimes. No mercy. Make him as utterly despicable and monstrous as you wish him to be. :) I'm also up for any of your kade OCs, dear writer! Want to have Valttu and your OC meet? Or two new Kades go into a face off? Go right ahead! I find them fascinating! (A turned mage? Oh my!) :D

👾 Tricks:
• This fandom is fit for all the horror! Dreamworld shenanigans. After getting impatient waiting for Reynir, Lalli goes to visit Reynir's Haven, only to be grabbed by the monsters in the dream-water. Luckily, this time Reynir's around and hears Lalli's call for help, except he may or may not also get entangled by the many arms.

• The two get separated by the rest of the crew and have to work together to survive in the most creepy wilderness of the Silent World, complete with only knowing how to communicate minimally. Visual art that shows them contending against monsters in the Silent World? :)

• Piggybacking on above: years later of living in the Silent World, Reynir and Lalli reappear but as rather different, iron-hearted mages who seem to only understand one another. And oddly enough, Reynir never developed the Rash Disease. What happened to them in the Silent World?

• I love seeing characters break. We know that Reynir can get angry and he can stand his own, bless him. I'd love to see Reynir get so fucking pissed after seeing a kade torture Lalli that he just snaps and utterly wrecks the kade. Perhaps this just makes all the magic inside him explode! :D Have Reynir face off with a powerful kade, or Reynir/Lalli team up against the kade!

I love the brutality that comes with "X made them do it" and "fuck or die" tropes. Perhaps the kade captures them and Reynir has a choice: either both die, or he forces a very prone-to-overstimulation Lalli to be fucked for them to be released. Reynir, not being the kind to give up but also has the language barrier to deal with, has to find a means to get Lalli comfortable enough to go along with this, while the kade watches (and possibly wants to join, just to make the experience less enjoyable for Lalli.)

• Something that'll demonstrate a profound trust between them. Suppose for a magic spell to work Reynir will need Lalli's blood. Something like that. :) Or for whatever reason, getting them to safety will hurt Reynir in the process, but Lalli comforts him in the ways only Lalli knows how.

• Kade versus Kade. So as I said before, my own Kade OC Valttu is the worst of the worst. Perhaps a run-in with another kade, one who has a bit of humanity still left in them? Either a story of the two clashing (and the doomed kade dying) or the other kade following Valttu-kade and helping Reynir and Lalli survive the terrible encounter? A kade who redeems themself by self-sacrfice so the two young mages run away?

• If you are feeling up for something really plotty and don't mind getting into a new post-apocalyptic story, a crossover/fusion with Repo! The Genetic Opera prompt: years ago, the Known World learned that they can battle the Rash Illness through genetically engineered organs, but there was a catch: the transplant expenses meant that only the very rich could afford it. The not-as-wealthy still scrambled for surgeries with hopes of being able to eventually scrape enough money to eventually pay off their treatment, but those who failed landed them as victims of the Repo Man, who as the song goes "won't bother to write or to phone you, he'll just rip the still-beating heart from your chest!" Fast forward to Year 90, and at some point during the expedition Reynir and Lalli learn of this skeevy medical practice, and even more, that the Repo Man is still in service. To make matters worse, Lalli has a terrible debt to pay back for a deceased relative's surgeries. :3

🍭 Treats:
• I want to see Iceland and Finland during autumn time! :D Great for Art or Fic, but Reynir or Lalli visits the other in their respective country for the autumn season, experience a little something about any autumn holidays in that country, or just getting to enjoy the scenery, being with one another. :) Maybe they're visiting because one of them has fallen sick, or they're in a relationship, or any other reason you wish! :)

• Do dreamworlds have seasons? Perhaps something happens to trigger them to be able to shift their Havens so that it represents poignant memories of the past, and they share some of their happier memories (I can see Reynir doing this more, as Lalli doesn't seem to have lived a happy life, the poor thing. Perhaps Reynir's doing this to make a sick Lalli feel better?)

• Revisiting the "separated from group" idea: they're deserted somewhere. The downpour leaves them stuck in an old building. Reynir is scared and wants to protect Lalli from danger, fearing a ghost or troll is right around the corner. But Lalli, being the more experienced mage, is well assured they're in no danger. And they're alone, the two lovebirds. And he's feeling playful. ;3

• I love the idea of the two of them casting magic together. I'm certain it makes such beautiful music together, so any reason why: they're joining together to fight a common enemy (kade, ghost, troll, giant, etc), they're helping the crew with something, etc.

• One of them passes away, but they contend with their gods to be able to visit the other. Ghost love story? :) Or, they've both passed on, but perhaps even in the afterlife they can interact? (much to Lalli's dismay? Or hey, maybe he gets lonely or misses that insufferable redhead cutie!)

• A more victorious—and hilarious—conclusion to a kade battle: Valttu (or any other kade) tied up and Reynir and Lalli taking selfies with the pissed off kade! :D Works great as an art prompt, I think? :)

• And...just anything with them interacting and being adorable together, really. :) Teaching one another their languages, Lalli watching (and judging) as Reynir attempts Icelandic magic, or Reynir being awed by Lalli's Finnish magic, art of them in a lovers embrace or kisses, a montage of them throughout the years? And of course, I will not say no to smut here everything from belly massages to full out filthy porn, which I've written about before here. :)

🔮 The Silmarillion:

Requesting: Tricks & Treats

One of my most beloved fandoms! There are so many requested characters so I will try to split them up. For pairings, I have: Aredhel/Eöl, Mablung/Beleg, Nellas/Amras, Rôg/Meleth, Gildor/Maglor, and Ilmarë/Thuringwethil (and Sauron/Maglor as a dark/non-con ship...more like garbage barge, really.)

Aredhel, Eöl, Mablung, Beleg, Nellas, Rôg
- aka, my one big happy Doriath (and Nan Elmoth!) family! Give me all the Moriquendi! (feel free to include characters beyond this list!) Give me OCs! Give me Noldor and Moriquendi interacting!

👾 Tricks:
• Aredhel/Eöl: the characters à la Layla and Majnun. Eöl, being still very passionate and in love with Aredhel, fighting to get past guards after accidentally striking her with the javelin, while the Noldor with their xenophobia/racism towards the Moriquendi see him as nothing more than a deranged savage dark elf? Perhaps the misunderstandings keep mounting after he does escape and is found resting beside her after she passes, and only Idril and Meleth knew the truth that Aredhel requested her final moments to be with him?

• Perhaps, running along that train of thought, Aredhel's spirit being unable to rest and begging Idril and Meleth to give Eöl a more dignified burial, preferably next to hers? Perhaps being foiled by the other Noldor places Gondolin in a terrible curse until Aredhel's dying wish is granted?

• Meleth/Rôg: Ah, my beloved Hwenti/Windan pairing! :) Rôg's name means demon, so I wonder: what if he's actually possessed by a demon? Meleth's reaction to seeing that her husband is possessed? The changing nature of their relationship? Rôg enjoying the chaos building in Gondolin. Meleth walking into Rôg drinking the blood from a dead Eöl while speaking tenderly to him? Dark Rôg-on-Eöl interactions.

• Mablung/Beleg: Mablung giving up on life during the Sacking of Doriath after seeing Beleg's spirit? Or Beleg's spirit refusing the call to the Halls of Mandos and following around Mablung, not realizing that Mablung can sense him and feels more and more depressed with each passing day?

• Or, the couple contending against the supernatural (vampires, zombies, ghosts, etc.)

• Amras/Nellas: Since I headcanon that the House of Fëanor are part-jinn, how does that manifest in Amras, who I imagine was the kindest of his brothers? What if, despite loving one another, Amras's fiery spirit was slowly draining Nellas of her own fëa? Does she let him know?

• For all: Nan Elmoth is an enchanted forest that is alive. Do ents live there, and if so, do they interact with the village in the forest? Or what other oddities do the elves face there? What if they come against evil ents, or the souls of wicked beings from Angband possessing the trees?

🍭 Treats:
• Aredhel/Eöl: softer version of above, Aredhel's spirit resisting the call to the Halls of Mandos so she can seek out Eöl's and maybe coax him towards the Halls, as the Kinn-lai did not trust the Valar initially? Or deciding to roam all of Middle-earth with him, or finally getting the freedom she always wanted and being allowed to roam to the Halls and around the lands of Middle-earth as she pleases?

• With the leaves falling in the forest, Aredhel teases Eöl about how he's going to hide from the sun now.

• Meleth/Rôg: their courtship, a wedding ceremony set in Doriath or Nan Elmoth. Rôg forging something nice for his wife. :3

• Mablung/Beleg: kisses while buried in piles of fallen leaves. Marriage ceremony! :)

• Or using a headcanon that they jointly raised young Túrin, maybe after entering a time/space vortex and ending up in the modern world, the two decide to cheer up crying youngster Túrin by dressing him up and taking him on his first trick-or-treating adventure!

• Amras/Nellas: Keeping warm near Doriath, as Nellas is hiding Amras away from everyone, fearing the King's anger at knowing she married a Noldo. Being discovered by the others but instead of anger, they are delighted (maybe Aredhel reunites with her little cousin?)

• Aredhel and Meleth friendship! (You can include Idril too! :) )

• Since I headcanon both as bi: Aredhel teasing Eöl relentlessly about his obvious infatuation with Egalmoth, and Eöl grinning silently taking Aredhel to meet one of his sisters that she can't stop ogling and blushing at.

• For all: autumn season in Doriath and Nan Elmoth! Ceremonies! Harvests! Holidays! Elves meeting spirits in the forests, perhaps an annual meeting of their loved ones who are now Houseless Elves? Other characters of Doriath making appearances are great!

• I headcanon Mablung as Eöl's older brother, with their relationship being very brotherly (constantly insulting one another but still caring for each other), so anything with those two being little shits to each other, and their Kinn-lai family.

• The entire gang of Doriath in some kind of Scooby-Doo fusion? With Huan as the trusty dog? :)

• Anything with the entire gang! :) There's a number of characters here with sarcastic wits (Aredhel, Mablung, Beleg, Rôg) who could team up to torment the too-serious characters like Eöl while Nellas just want to settle somewhere quiet. Let them have an adventure, no matter how much of canon events it ignores or if they enter a vortex into our world and so on. :) I'd love to see Aredhel causing havoc on the internet after discovering computers, for example. You know she would. X3

Houseless Elves

One of the most heartbreaking things from LACE was that the Moriquendi who refused the call to the Halls of Mandos were rejected and deemed evil. I do not think them evil for being wary of the Valar; they did not have enough information and understanding that the Valar were allies back when Oromë was trying to convince them to come to Valinor. I also think the various tribes developed their own belief systems, so how would that clash with the supposed "truth" in the legendarium? With that in mind:

👾 Tricks:
• Something about the suffering and continued horror of being trapped in a hostile land. Do their souls suffer as they are not in a proper place to heal, such as the Halls?

• What sort of ghosts are houseless elves? When Beleriand was drowned, did the Moriquendi from Beleriand remain in that same geographical region, becoming nothing more than eerie voices to mariners? A ghost town under the sea? Or do they travel all of Middle-earth, their tragedy following them everywhere?

• What of, say, a Calaquendi choosing not to go to the Halls for whatever reason (such as the case of Aredhel from a previous prompt.) What happens to them?

• What of orcs? Having once been elves, do they go to the Halls? Are they accepted there, if their souls are just as twisted as their bodies appeared? Or is their fate crueler, with no means of comfort?

🍭 Treats:
• I want to see a kinder fate of the Moriquendi: perhaps they gather together, and with the Lingerers create a new elven society in Middle-earth that exist to this very day, inhabiting jack-o-lanterns or revealing themselves to humans, especially young ones, not to frighten but perhaps to entertain or pass down wisdom?

• Perhaps, since they relate to the spiritual world differently, what if their ideas of the afterlife come out being true after all? That Eru perhaps showed more understanding and mercy than the Valar, being the One to create them after all, and let them live out their afterlives as they would have it? Something where the Valar accept that the Moriquendi aren't evil, just different in their spiritual views. :)

Maglor, Curufin, Sauron

Also bringing in Gildor from the LOTR request below, but he also has prompts for himself too! :D So for this one I like Gildor/Maglor, Maglor & Curufin as my ultimate BroTP of the Silmarillion, and Sauron/Maglor, again, as that dark ship/garbage barge.

👾 Tricks:
Sauron/Maglor. Shatter my heart into a million pieces. After the First Age, alone, grieving, depressed, homeless, Maglor has a run-in with Sauron who at first promises to be good for him but who later on threatens to leave him forever broken. I'll just link to my old request here. :3 Possibilities of rape, death, torture, gore, bloodplay—anything your dark heart desires. Show Maglor no mercy.

• Gildor: I imagine he "tarried" in Middle-earth for so long because he's searching for Maglor after the First Age. What if he does find him, but Maglor has changed? A very relieved Gildor embracing the love of his life and then feeling Maglor's sharp fangs on his neck? Or he refuses to leave Middle-earth because Maglor is here with him again, even if the other elves don't see him and they worry for Gildor's mental health. But Maglor is there with Gildor, as a houseless elf, haunting Gildor's every step.

• Gildor learning that Maglor is imprisoned in Mordor and tries to strike a negotiation with Sauron. Imagine Gildor, being of the House of Finrod, paralleling that famous song-battle with Sauron!

• Curufin: I headcanon that Fëanor was literally part-jinn as his name suggests "spirit of fire", and he passed that trait on to all of his children. Curufin's own inner fire makes him very sexual in nature, so anything with sex constantly on the mind makes him...a tad wrathful. Perhaps a villain decides to exploit it, blinding him with lust?

• Demonic possession of Curufin à la The Exorcist, where Maglor catches Curufin mutilating himself? Could be another one of Morgoth's plans to do away with the House of Fëanor? Or to give it a twist, Curufin may Come Back Wrong, but he doesn't forget how much he loves his brother and shields a weakened Maglor away from Sauron's wrath.

🍭 Treats:
• By Yavanna's will, Valinor had seasons. I'd love to see Maglor with his loved ones at a festival, or perhaps some time in Endor they do run across a ghost or Houseless elf, but not something that leaves them trembling in fear, but something almost...heartwarming? Perhaps Maglor had discovered a place where he can see his father's spirit every year?

• I see Maglor and Curufin as being the closest of the brothers, being confidants to one another. Maglor raised Curufin virtually all by himself, as he was fascinated by parenthood, wishing to share it with Gildor. In fact, something with adult Maglor/Gildor and baby Curufin would be adorable! But a story with all of them as adults would also be neat! :) Especially since I envision Curufin, literally being a tiny version of his dad, intimidated by Gildor's massive size. Any story about time before the House of Fëanor went up in flames would be cherished. :)

• Child Curufin thinking that he'll never see his brother again so he tries to stop Maglor and Gildor's wedding.

• Gildor trying to win Maglor's parents' hearts. Fëanor finding him a very noble-hearted, great man, but with a tendency to use 's' and 'þ' interchangeably in ways that irks him. Nerdanel thinking Gildor's carpentry work is okay at best, his Noldo father's genes clearly not expressed in Gildor, but otherwise he is such a fine, kindly elf.

• Come to think of it: a story about Gildor and his parents! Noldo father, Vanya mother? Does he have any other relatives: siblings, cousins, weird uncles or aunts? Even anything about Gildor as a child, perhaps a friend to Finrod.

Nienna, Mandos, Vairë

👾 Tricks:
• Something where the Valar, while still being portrayed as forces of good, still coming off as terrifying, especially in a battle with an evil force. The combined powers of Nienna, Mandos, and Vairë becoming forces to be feared. Can also include Irmo. :) Irmo controlling dreams, but also nightmares. Nienna withholding a person's ability to grief and heal from it. Vairë's tapestries coming to life (or entrapping victims in her threads.) And Mandos...he's got a whole hall full of spirits who have been hurt by Morgoth, after all. ;)

🍭 Treats:
• Nienna does not share the other Valar's opinion that elven souls who reject the call of Mandos are evil. She visits Endor, seeks out the troubled spirits, and healing their pains while still respecting their own spiritual beliefs not to follow the Valar.

• Anything about Nienna and the bats decorating the ceiling of her room. This works really great for an art work especially, so perhaps something about these three all decked out in ways befitting for the holiday? :)


👾 Tricks:
• Good ol' bloodplay, with anyone being the victim. Bonus for darkfic femslash, but Sauron/Thuringwethil is good too! :)

• A more evil version of the ASMR prompt below: nail resistance test on a victim (Maglor?)

🍭 Treats:
• Thuringwethil creates ASMR videos of herself either just doing mundane things with her naturally long nails or testing the strength of her nails on various fruit and vegetables. Perhaps she's in the middle of desecrating a pumpkin when Sauron or another colleague walks in on her and yells out, "This is what Morgoth pays you to do all day?!"

🎃 Lord of the Rings:

Requesting: Tricks & Treats


👾 Tricks:
• She decorated her courtyard with strange and disturbing sculptures, which I think can be an excellent way to have a Doctor Who crossover or fusion, with these sculptures being the Weeping Angels! Or if you don't wish to go the route of crossovers/fusions, she could still magick them to do her bidding. :)

• What if one of her cats was actually a jinn who could shift physical form? (Can also be a treat, I suppose!) Does she love the cat-jinn or not? Does she control it or does the jinn control her? Is she fighting a secret battle with a terrible demon that was never written in history books? (Note: not all jinn are evil. Perhaps the cat-jinn may be protecting her from a demonic jinn?)

🍭 Treats:
• Prompts here being a softer version of the prompts above: Berúthiel's meeting of Middle-eastern supernatural beings that doesn't leave one in fright, but perhaps wonder? :)

• Since she is from Umbar, and Umbar from this artwork it's very Middle-eastern (oh my heart!), perhaps this is a place to introduce jinn in the legendarium? Perhaps the real reason for her infamous bitterness has to do with that? Perhaps a jinn is her secret lover? :)

Gildor Inglorion

Also combining him with the Silmarillion request above, but there are some prompts just for him below. Because I may or may not crush on this elf cutie who simply stole my heart the first time I read Lord of the Rings! :) I just love all that wisdom and merriment (and yet also that underlying sorrow) in one so ancient. <3

👾 Tricks:
• One of my headcanons is that Gildor is searching for Maglor during the Third Age, which he either was still doing when he met Frodo or had already done (for the next prompt.) What sort of entanglements did his quest land him in? Did he almost fall victim to Old Man Willow only to be saved by Tom Bombadil? A nasty incident with Barrow-wights? A heart-wrenching experience with an orc where Gildor could still see the humanity in the other being, making the kill especially difficult?

•'s a thought: as Frodo and the hobbits converse with Gildor in that canon scene, Maglor just so happened to be there. But no one but Gildor can see him. (Ghost!Maglor! Oh yes! :3)

🍭 Treats:
• A similar prompt to above. You could have Maglor as a ghost or alive, being healed by Gildor by traveling with him throughout Middle-earth. All the scenery porn, especially if the fic or art is set during Autumn.

• An art work or an introspective piece of Gildor in Rivendell or the Grey Havens during a late October: the fallen leaves, the foliage, the harvest. All the autumny things around him, and perhaps how he himself feels he is passing the autumn stage in his life?


👾 Tricks:
• The black Easterling. Since we unfortunately don't get to see their side of the story, I would love to see Khamûl's history. Was he a leader desperate to make things better for his people dying of famine, and in gullibility thought the ring would be their key to prosperity? Any story of a Khamûl never meaning to become the villain that he is in the books.

• A detailed look into how Sauron captured Khamûl into his services.

• A personal favorite prompt: Khamûl being followed by the spirits of those he killed as he slowly descends into becoming a Nazgûl (and the ghosts don't stop haunting him even after.)

🍭 Treats:
• A sort of bittersweet version of above, but only focused on Khamûl thinking happily after receiving the ring that he may lead his people to a better era.

Elf of the Dead Marshes, Army of the Dead

👾 Tricks:
• I've always wondered what an undead thought of dying. Perhaps something about one of the elves trapped in this limbo or one of the Army of the Dead facing death and being either terrified? Yearning?

• Anything else filled with horror about them. Them attacking any of the heroes (or foes!) of your choice. :)

🍭 Treats:
• This is purely crack, but: once a year the elves of the Dead Marshes and the Army of the Dead slink out of their graves and meet up with one another to catch up on their ghoulish lives.

🔮 Ghostbusters (2016):

Requesting: Tricks & Treats

Jillian Holtzmann, Patty Tolan, Abbey Yates, Erin Gilbert

Oh my Sweet God. Ghostbusters. Dear writer, let me tell you what this movie did to me. ♥ I immensely love ghosts, and ghost stories, and yes--Ghostbusters! The song is forever imprinted in my mind as it used to play on the PA system in school during Halloween, and of course me and classmates roleplayed as Ghostbusters so much. And then this movie came many years later. Not only did we get ghosts, we got an amazing cast of female heroes who were vibrant and filled to the brim with humor, and the friendship and comradeship between them was amazing. And of course add in the femslash vibes and I felt like I was on cloud nine. At last! The movie for me, perfect in every way! :'D

As such, I'd be delighted to have friendship fic between the four ladies, but you can also toss in Kevin into the mix! (I didn't request him only because I wanted the focus on these four, but he can certainly tag along!) As for shipping, I love Patty/Jillian, and you can read more about them here, which you are free to borrow from if it inspires you! :D

👾 Tricks:
• I'm sure ghost hunting is fun and all until one of the ghosts turn out to be a deceased ancestor. Make this as sinister and heart-wrenching as you wish! >:3 Another idea: a ghost with a very malicious, violent intent towards our heroes!

• We've seen Abby get possessed by a ghost. What if someone has an out of body experience?

• What if someone gets badly injured while on duty, but they cannot stop their mission? They have to keep going? (I do kind of enjoy the idea of Jillian whump, especially if there's Patty fussing over her. :') )

• I have the biggest location kink ever. As fic or art: the gang exploring graveyards, museums late at night, abandoned underground places, abandoned hospitals, holy temples, playgrounds/amusement parks, ghost towns (metaphorically or literally), alternative realities, manors and other places that once belonged to the rich, strange mystical forests. What do they see and experience there? Can also be a treat prompt below. :)

🍭 Treats:
• I'm sure the Ghostbusters are going to have a number of kids looking up to them as idols and role models, so: on Halloween the firehouse is featured as a trick-or-treat destination. Perhaps for fun (and for good PR), it is deemed the gang should hold mock demonstrations to judge if each little trick or treater has what it takes to join The Ghostbusters! :D (Something tells me Jillian could really get into this!)

• I have the biggest location kink ever. As fic or art: the gang exploring graveyards, museums late at night, abandoned underground places, abandoned hospitals, holy temples, playgrounds/amusement parks, ghost towns (metaphorically or literally), alternative realities, manors and other places that once belonged to the rich, strange mystical forests. What do they see and experience there? Can also be a trick prompt above. :)

• This will work really great as art especially, but can be fic as well: the gang on Halloween night or any other evening, just having a good time sitting around together, pigging out, and watching a film, perhaps looking a tiny bit sleepy after a long hard day of work? :) Bonus points if Jillian is resting her head on Patty's shoulder for shippy cuteness?

🎃 Pokemon (anime):

Requesting: Treats

Gastly, Haunter, Gengar

After playing Pokemon Go, I got really obsessed with finding as many Gastlys around my city. That then prompted me to go watch the episode "The Tower of Terror," and I fell in love with these three goofy ghosts! :D So I would love something about either this gang from the Tower or any other mischievous trio.

🍭 Treats:
• Ash's out of body experience from the episode inspired this prompt. Seeing as Haunter basically orchestrated the entire ordeal: what if Haunter and the other Ghost Pokemon did the same for a terminally ill child as a means of helping her face her death? Or perhaps they come across a child who has recently died, become a ghost, and they heal her spirit by making her laugh? So that she's not alone in the afterlife; she's got three goofy Ghost Pokemon to always make her smile. :)

• The Tower itself: what other shenanigans have these goofballs been up to? Who else did they scare away (when they meant to make them laugh?) Can you imagine them trying to do simple things like ordering a pizza and then scaring away the delivery person? XD Or—what if they get hired to work in one of those haunted fun houses where they snap a photo of your reactions? XD

• A similar prompt to the first one, except the Ghost Pokemon are with their trainer, who has reached a very old age and is now on her deathbed. Perhaps a story of her life with her beloved three Pokemon. Was she a witch, perhaps? :) Do her Pokemon do anything to give her a proper sendoff, such as, again, giving her a little out-of-body tour of her beloved town one more time before she parts for the final time? Something a little sad but also poignant and sweet? :')

Artwork by Candra

🔮 Repo! The Genetic Opera:

Requesting: Tricks & Treats

Shilo Wallace, Graverobber, Blind Mag, Amber Sweet, Luigi Largo, Pavi Largo

"Is there a way, at the opera tonight!" :D I love this zany and morbid musical-movie so much, everything from Amber Sweet's surgeries to the pharmacology of Zydrate.

👾 Tricks:
• A continuation of where we've left off in the film would be great, and I'm placing it as a trick since the canon itself is rather dark. Now that Amber Sweet and her brothers are in control of GeneCo, what will happen? And where are Graverobber and Shilo?

• So before Repo! The Genetic Opera, there was "The Necromerchant's Debt," which you can see a 2010 performance by AZ'Addicts' here. The difference from the main story is that it tells of the Graverobber falling victim of the Repo Man. That made me think: is the Repo: TGO Graverobber also in debt? Perhaps a post-canon story where Graverobber and Shilo are on the run, only to run into GeneCo's new Repo Man hellbent on getting Graverobber? :)

• A look into Blind Mag's mind when she first learned that she had become the target of the Repo Man. Did she always know there would be a time? Did she live with the dread? How did she come to accept her approaching death? (or did she, considering what happened?)

🍭 Treats:
"My brother and sister should fuck" - Pavi. This was uttered during the film, and I wonder: was Pavi joking, being the lecherous person that he is, or does he have some secret fetish for fantasizing about Luigi and Amber? (I got the sense Luigi maybe knows about it, which is why he told him to just shut up. Does Pavi look like he can keep secrets? XD) Now, I did mention that incest is a DNW, and it's a strong DNW, so maybe something like showing Pavi with dolls that are meant to be Amber and Luigi and having them do intimate things together would be about the extent I wouldn't mind you taking this. :) Would be great as fic or art!

• In terms of shipping, I like the idea of Graverobber/Shilo after Shilo is of age, and same with Amber/Shilo. But I also am intrigued by Graverobber/Amber, so...triad? Love triangle? Anything you wish to do with that, be my guest! :D

• Something where the Largo siblings were young but still their weird and gothic selves. Perhaps an art portrait of them as children getting ready to go out trick-or-treating, with Luigi looking pissed as always no matter the costume, Pavi in a Michael Myers-esque mask, and Amber not really able to decide what she's going as this Halloween?

• One of Blind Mag's eyes still functions after death long enough to give Shilo a final vision, and quite a heartwarming final message at that.

• And, hell, I have to toss this in here: a fix-it fic for Blind Mag. At least have her join with Shilo and Graverobber in running away? I really liked her. ;_;

🎃 Tales From the Cryptkeeper:

Requesting: Treats

The Cryptkeeper, The Old Witch, The Vault Keeper

Ah, these three, a staple of my childhood. The fact that these ghouls are so old (and seemingly undead in some cases) but still have passion and the drive to write and share stories is oddly relatable...

🍭 Treats:
• Anyhow, my needs here are simple: I want an expansion of their relationship based on this darling of an intro. If its bad now, can you imagine what things would be like if they discovered fanfiction online? Vaultkeeper and Old Witch harassing Cryptkeeper's AO3 account or trying to hack it? This has so much crack potential that I would love it. I guess this is neither a trick nor a treat, but perhaps that LSD-laced candy your mother warned you not to eat. Yes, give me crack. All the glorious crack with this request! XD

🔮 The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Requesting: Tricks & Treats

Lock, Shock, Barrel

How much I adore this film of my childhood! :) There isn't a character that I do not adore (although I think I'm required to dislike Oogie Boogie, but even then he's fun to hate), but for this I wish to focus on our three beloved trick-or-treaters.

👾 Tricks:
Based on this post, I'm curious to see something that explores the three when they were alive and how each of them met their demise. The speculation is that Lock froze to death, Shock may have killed herself, and Barrel drowned (or if you disagree with those, you may go with your own theories.) I feel these work well for any fanwork: fic, poem, art, or comic strip. Take your pick! :)

• Piggybacking with above: what if the three friends knew one another in life and purposely died so they may stay together forever? Perhaps one of them died unexpectedly, and the other two followed so they would never be apart?

🍭 Treats:
• A kinder version of above: I want something where death isn't so terrible and bad for these kids. Did they meet in Halloween Town (and if so were they all from the same land or were they from different Towns (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc?), or did they know each other when they were alive? Did they enjoy trick-or-treating before their deaths? Something about their friendship here would be excellent. :)

• The terrible three having fun on Halloween night! Looting the neighborhood for treats (perhaps they visit Christmas Town and get lots of goodies from the poor confused people there? XD) Maybe they draw up maps and go on long journeys in their search for all the chocolatey gold an undead kid could ever dream of? (I think this can work great as fic or art!)

• Well, this gift exchange is called Trick or Treat and these kids are Trick-or-Treaters...what if these kids decide to make gifts for one another for Halloween? What do they make for one another? :D (it can be sweet, weird, hilarious, etc. Also great for fic or art!)

🎃 The Munsters:

Requesting: Treats

Herman Munster, Lily Munster, Grandpa (Count Sam Dracula) Munster, Marilyn Munster, Eddie Munster

A beautiful relic from my past! :') I can never get tired of watching these episodes! In fact, I credit them to my obsession of having home sweet homes positively teeming with lovable monsters. ;)

🍭 Treats:
• Honestly, I just want more of what we already have: more Munster shenanigans! XD More about Eddie's lycanthropy, Marilyn not being able to keep a boyfriend, Grandpa and his disastrous potions (and maybe something that worked--a miracle diet that no one dares to believe! XD), Herman/Lilly cuteness such as dancing under an October full moon with falling leaves about and Lilly wearing a beautiful long ballroom gown with spiderweb designs?

• I'd be stoked if there's something that shows us the Munsters throughout the years! The Munsters during the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, the 00s, the 2010s? Marilyn and Eddie with their first Nintendo? Trying out the brand new computers? The digital age? The change in fashions, meeting up with other ghouls around the world on Facebook? Great as a fic or art prompt! :D

• And here's a thought: What if Marilyn is actually a witch? What if her magic just was inert and something had to trigger its release? :)

Artwork by aditya777

🔮 Original Works:

Requesting: Tricks & Treats

Ghoul, Jinn, Ifrit, Nasnas

Eek! :) So for this I'm requesting all ghoulish monsters from beloved Middle-eastern lore, because I would both love to see more of these beings being written and because I'd love to see them and Halloween clash into a beautiful orchestra of horror and the supernatural. And maybe with some spicy falafel too!

Wiki articles on the numerous beings: Ghoul, Jinn, Ifrit, and Nasnas.

👾 Tricks:
• So, I don't know about you, but I find Nasnas really annoying and terrible. XD Although I suppose ghouls are just as bad. Perhaps something where a human character has a bad run-in with them? Or, a jinn character, as they can be good or bad (as any human.)

• Any Middle-eastern styled horror with these beings, fighting each other, entanglement with humans, slipping into our dimension, etc.

🍭 Treats:
• A Jinn is trying to take her pet Ifrit named Bubbles out for a walk, and having to deal with her annoying ghoul neighbors that keep decimating her crops, and that creeper Nasnas always watching her.

• It's Halloween night, and Jinn is making a butternut squash dip for the party with all of her other ghoulish friends! :D Maybe they'll even get drunk on sous (licorice drink, officially the worst tasting stuff ever, and I say this as a fan of licorice) and end up in our dimension for all the hilarious Middle-eastern shenanigans? :D I will love you forever if this is fic or art!

If you've reached all the way to the bottom of this letter, please treat yourself to this big bag of treats as a reward! XD I hope something here inspires! Remember, if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to forward any questions! :) Best of luck and have fun creating, you wickedly amazing creative soul! 🎃 👻 🔮


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