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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello and welcome to my humble abode under the mountain! I, [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere, am so glad to see we have matched on at least one of my favorite small fandoms!

I am quite easy to please and always enjoy seeing what other creative souls produce, so do not fret about what you will be creating! I'm sure to adore it to pieces! :) Let your mind relax and your inspiration guide you! Hopefully you will find plenty of mithril while digging down here to use for your tale or artwork. Sometimes there may be a few Balrogs about, but I have labeled that carefully so you may skip and be on your merry way! :) If something here inspires a new idea, go with it! I will love it, I assure you! :D

Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask at all! I will be more than happy to answer any questions! :)

Now, pull up a chair next to the fireplace, and bring some ale, and we shall begin!

🎁 General Likes:
+ I have a pretty broad spectrum of the kind of stories I enjoy reading. I'd love stories that are soft and sweet. I love the doom and gloom. I love humor, banter, adventure, hurt/comfort (a huge love of mine), friendships, and profound dynamics between all relationships, and anything from hopeful endings to devastating tragic ends. I also love dark stories, and I don't care how dark and depressing they get. I have read fics from the Hydra Trash Party meme, to give you an idea, don't feel like there's any limit beyond my DNWs. :) So if you wish to explore darker matters (such as one of the characters getting gravely injured, torture, even death, etc), then that's all fine with me.

+ Worldbuilding and culture, and cultural traditions! May it be further exploration of something in canon, or something new you're introducing where the creator had not explored.

+ Ghosts! I love ghosts and a good ghost story. Perhaps a character tells a ghost story, or the characters find themselves in a rather spine-tingling atmosphere or situation. Perhaps they are running away from ghosts, getting attacked, or find a ghost (or more) that begs for their help before they can make peace and move on to the afterlife? Here, have some nice scenery porn to help you along if you wish for some visual inspiration! :) I *LOVE* abandoned locations, so if you find more on the net and wish to explore that place, you have my blessing! :D

+ Holiday-themed or season-themed settings and stories (in this case: winter! Log cabins, huddling for warmth, sharing a hot drink while watching a snowy night, activities out in the snow, etc.)

+ Seeing the beauty of a terrible storm or the bitterness of a battle won. I love those kinds of tales: pyrrhic victories and so on. :)

+ If you are comfortable with it, I wouldn't mind stories exploring the spiritual aspects of that canon.

+ Characters finding themselves in very complicated situations with no easy solution (my heart might hate you for how much it will be pounding in my chest, but my brain will certainly be tickled and love you for it!)

+ If you can somehow manage to write something where one character does something to trigger ASMR in another (and all ensuing sleepy tropes), I will love you forever! :) Common ASMR triggers: threading fingers through hair, whispering softly into the other's ear, perhaps painting or doing something slowly or contemplatively that the other (the beholder) just watches and relaxes as they do so.

β›„ Other General Notes
β€’ Ratings? - Any is good!

β€’ Endings? - it can be happy, tragic, hopeful, elusive, or ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger (yes, go ahead and torture me with cliffhangers!) I love it all! :)

β€’ Length? - Be it short or novel-length, I treasure it all! β™₯

β€’ Crossovers? - Yes! I'd be really curious and interested if you crossed my requested fandoms in some way! I even offered a few ideas here and there! :)

β€’ POVs? - Any is fine! Third person subjective or omniscient both work well for these canons. First person is great for sarcastic characters since I love seeing things from their POV, or an unreliable narrator, or someone with a very interesting ideology and worldview. Second person might be great for darker stories, if you want to play with that. :)

β€’ Violence? Character death? - All fine with me!

🚫 Do Not Wants:
βˆ’ eye gore/trauma

βˆ’ mpreg, a/b/o, underage

βˆ’ incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc)

βˆ’ no rape/non-con/dub-con/abuse/etc between the characters, requested or otherwise, if they are the culprit (if they are the victim for purposes of a hurt/comfort story and the culprit is a known villain (like Sauron or a HYDRA agent) or an OC specifically for the purpose of being a baddie, that's fine.)

βˆ’ bashing of religion or spirituality

βˆ’ Please no vilifying ANY of my requested characters, please. I love all of them equally. :)

βˆ’ bashing any characters unless it is appropriate in-universe (such as one character ranting about a character they canonically hate.)

βˆ’ Would generally prefer no additional pairings beyond my requests.

(Do note that beyond these specifications, I have no limits as to how dark you wish to make a story. Death fic is perfectly fine in some instances, especially if it's not used as a means of vilifying a character.)

Below are some more specifications if you wish for more prompts! Again, you do not have to stick to these, but if you'd like some additional ideas, they are there. I apologize in advance that the sections aren't of equal length; the larger the canon, the more I wrote! :)

Enjoy, and best of luck, you amazing creative soul! :D

Stand Still Stay Silent
Father Christmas Letters - J.R.R. Tolkien
Diggy Diggy Hole
Bonus: Crossover all three!

πŸŽ„Stand Still Stay SilentπŸŽ„
Reynir Árnason, Lalli Hotakainen

Available: HERE!

I love everything about this canon but most especially everything magic and mage-related. Where do I begin with these mages who have captured my heart before I even began reading the comic (when I was just glimpsing the character bio pages)? I love how Lalli's first glimpse of Reynir in the dreamworld left him with a look of utter awe, and heβ€”though he is not one for being close to even his own cousinsβ€”reacts by trying to reach out to Reynir (though that encounters is tragically interrupted!) As we later on learn in Chapter 11, Lalli doesn't take kindly to feeling rejected or not given help when he needs it (even if the person didn't hear him), because he was pretty nasty when he and Reynir did finally meet for real in the waking world, even though Reynir didn't recognize him! Despite that, Reynir's still nice to Lalli, even wishing to ask him questions about mage stuff, if they could just get past that language barrier in the waking world; but he's also respectful of keeping his space when he senses Lalli needs it at the same time. Lalli, meanwhile, whether he wants to admit it or not, has definitely taken a notice of Reynir's appearance enough that he dreams of him chopping off that silly long braid! XP definitely seems he longs for his company, doesn't he? :3 Poor lonely mage.

Needless to say, I love these two so much. Not only are they mages (whose magics are closely tied to some beautiful real-world cultures and mythologies), but everything about them and their story hit all of my narrative kinks: their first meeting under unusual and rather memorable circumstance, language barriers (and other barriers to get through), how one is a bright sunny day while the other is the mysterious night. This yin-yang pairing immediately burrowed their way into my heart, and I cannot wait to see more of them in the comic as even little moment between them is a treat. Heck, even little moments like this! (What do you mean "You're not here," Reynir, and not "He's not here"? Perhaps they've grown closer in those weeks off-screen? :D)

There is so much potential for them and so many ways you can take them, from fluff to crack to action/adventure to hurt/comfort and angst to pure smut to anything! So I'm definitely requesting shipfic here, although if you opt for gen, I definitely want that intense dynamic we see in the canon (and them growing closer as friends, please? :) ), it will sure make my heart sing!

Some prompts:

β€’ December in Iceland/December in Finland! I would love to see either Lalli visiting Reynir in Iceland or vice versa (or if one of them decides to move in.) December must be the most magically time for their respective countries, so a tour of their towns, perhaps some exploring, enjoying winter holidays together, peaceful moments watching the Northern Lights. Reynir trying out saunas for the first time? :) And being adorably shy about nakedness while Lalli just walks around like it's nothing (not to mention walking around in absolutely nothing.)

β€’ Or perhaps a less than happy reason for their visit, such as Reynir gets a call to visit Lalli who has fallen ill, or Lalli sees Reynir fall ill while they are communicating in the dreamworld, and he takes the next ship headed to Iceland to meet him? I deeply love hurt/comfort, so have fun with this! :) Happy endings, sad endings, anything goes here! A scene of one helping the other take his medicine or feeding him would be extra sweet.

β€’ Reynir as Gavin and Lalli as Michael. In any sense. It just matches their banter so well from what we've already seen (such as here), sans language barrier. :) Maybe they find this game while in the dreamworld and get really into it. Or maybe they get separated from the crew and have to find their way through this scary maze-like forest (a monster in pursuit may be included.) I can just imagine the hilarity with the added language barrier if Lalli gets fed up trying to talk to Reynir.

β€’ Reynir/Lalli in a sort of Ladyhawke AU, in which the starcrossed lovers are cursed so that during the day Lalli is in the form of his luonto while Reynir is in human form, but during the night, it is Reynir who takes on his fylgja's form while Lalli is a human. Some character, such as an OC mage or Sigrun, tries to work out a means to help them break the curse.

Crueltide prompts:

β€’ Kades! So I'm all about the mages in this canon, and I'm really fascinated by the idea of kades. I have an OC kade that's basically the worst of the worst who leaves Lalli shattered to pieces. I will not mind a kade who is some kind of supernatural, troll-like creature or just a man (a handsome much older man?) with who can bring ill with just a look in his eyes. Let him wreck Lalli in any possible way, even if its pushing him over the edge by making him think no one loves him. Let him tie up Reynir and force him to watch helplessly as he rapes Lalli, torments him, performs dark magic on him, etc. Or if you want something really wicked, a "fuck or die" scenario where Reynir and Lalli are separated from the crew and run into the kade who will not let them go until they do this for his own enjoyment (and having sex in front of him isn't the only thing he wants them to do)? And...I admit I do also enjoy the idea of a darker Lalli, so Lalli being seduced to the dark side, and trying to bring Reynir along with him? Or, I love seeing Reynir getting a beating too, and I'm drunk on the idea of Reynir physically throwing his own body as a shield between Lalli and the kade. :3

β€’ Some dark prompts you can pick from: body horror, brainwashing, character death, degradation, disease, gaslighting, hauntings, humiliation, insanity, invasion of privacy, Lovecraftian cosmic horrors, medical experimentation, mind control, monsters, murder, mutilation, non-con/rape, poisoning, prison, ptsd, sadism, slavery, suicide, torture, unhappy endings, violence. Graphic rape/non-con and violence is fine here.

Yuleporn prompts:

β€’ Some kinks I love: oral, anal, frottage, sex magic, bloodplay, all the belly kink (massaging, caressing, kissing, licking, tickling), desperate sex, hand-holding during sex, trust, emotions running high, "Thank God we're alive" sex after a scare, naked cuddling, ritual sex, sleepy sex, "fuck or die" if combining with Crueltide prompt above.

β€’ Scenarios: All of the sex magic about these two! Dreamscape sex! Sleepy sex! Learning to trust, Reynir's love and magic keeping Lalli alive after his Luonto is away for too long, rituals leading to heightened passions (or sex/passion being a requirement for a spell), breaking down barriers (language barriers, any walls put up by by Lalli, etc), cuddling up when it's really cold or after having a fright, a bit of magic in their lovemaking, linguistic/language porn, Lalli receiving a belly massage (being the cat that he is; can work vice versa as well!), Lalli being dominate in his own ways (and Reynir rather enjoys the sudden attention from the Finnish mage!), Lalli riding Reynir or giving Reynir a blowjob (with or without deepthroating, if Lalli thinks he can take in the full length of that Icelandic cutie without gagging), their dreamscape sex leading to a whole new definition of "wet dream," leading to a very blushing Mikkel shaking his head as he washes those bedsheets the following morning! Also: bantering during sex! <3

πŸŽ…The Father Christmas Letters - J.R.R. TolkienπŸŽ…
Father Christmas, Ilbereth, North Polar Bear (Karhu)

Available: HERE!

Oh, my heart, dear writer! I always tear up when I read this beautiful book! This canon comprises of a series of letters which Tolkien penned to his children under the guise of either Father Christmas, Polar Bear, or Ilbereth (his elvish secretary.) The letters themselves tell of the misadventures happening at the North Pole on a yearly basis, and what would be Yuletide without requesting this beautiful and sweet and poignant canon, something just so right for the wintery season! (at least for the Northern Hemisphere!)

What especially strikes me about this canon is how personal Father Christmas's letters are to these children. Innocent and intimate, the magic in these letters make me want to believe that there really is a Cliff House, North Pole with Father Christmas residing with Polar Bear and all of these other interesting characters, and that every year is a whole new adventure. The humor is absolutely charming, the pictures just so darling, and of course, the differences of the handwriting and writing styles of the three characters! What's also especially striking is how the events mirrored happenings in the real world, especially with regards to the WWII.

Some prompts:

β€’ I'd love to see more of these letters. The last letter is dated 1943, and a lot has happened in the world since. How is good old Father Christmas and Ilbereth and the Polar Bears doing now? What's the letter like in 1959 when little girls started wanting Barbie dolls? Or in the 1960s with the hippie movement? 1970s? 80s? 90s? And so on. What would Father Christmas or Polar Bear have to say in the year 2016? What are the young polar bears up to right now? The Red Gnomes, the Snow Babies? The battle with the Goblins? Considering the parallels with the real world, I suspect these buggers must be bothering Father Christmas quite a bit in the recent past!

β€’ Or perhaps keep things in the 1920s to 1940s but in another place in the world and a different house hold? What would those letters be like? Does Father Christmas treat each child the same, or is there a slightly different relationship that he has with each child? What of, say, a child with an illness? Or a child with a learning disability? A child in a broken home? How does Father Christmas interact with these children? And has there ever been a time when that child never, ever stopped hanging their stocking, and continued to write to Cliff House, North Pole, well into their adulthood?

β€’ What of you, dear writer? What would Father Christmas, Polar Bear, and Ilbereth write to you? :) Think of your most beloved winter season and write a story around that. Maybe you can twist real-life events into something fantastical and magical to fit in with Father Christmas and his crew? I think that would be an awesome challenge, and a neat writing prompt! :D Or if you want some of my favorite winter years: 1994, 1998, 1999, 2003, and 2015.

β€’ Or, take us out of these letters and have us experience any one of these stories through the eyes of these endearing characters! Live among them! Ilbereth, for example, during the middle of these wars with these terrible Goblins, or him and Polar Bear arguing as they collaborate on a letter for a child. Or just a typical day in the life of Father Christmas. I mean, goodness, the man can produce an artwork in less than a minute? I would love to see him at work! XD

πŸŽ„Diggy Diggy HoleπŸŽ„
Dwarf King, Dwarfling

Available: HERE!

Dear writer...please pardon me for a moment, but I must utterly scream of joy! :D EEEEK! DWARVES! <3

So I'm approaching my one year anniversary of knowing this canon! It was all thanks to Yuletide last year and skimming through requests that I first knew of this charming music video! :D It was love at first sight--dwarves! With a wonderfully catchy tune and a wide cast of dwarves that you just want to pick up and hug, each and every one of them!

The story is basically about the Dwarfling studying a mural of his people while his father the Dwarf King and his men are going about their business, digging, forging, and fighting in battles with goblins/orcs. The canon itself doesn't delve much too deep into dwarf culture, leaving everything else much to speculation. You're just shown glimpses of it. It appears it's part of a game, but I'm not too familiar with that nor with YOGSCAST themselves, so please forgive me if you are! If you are familiar and wish to bring in those elements, you certainly may!

What I love so much is that, while we do only get mere glimpses, there is so much treasure buried under for us to--well, dig for! XD The optimism of the song pretty much tells us that these dwarves take so much pride in their work, pride in their identity, which instantly steals my heart! Also, they seem like such happy folk! Anyone who sings while they works has my love! If you wish to mix in elements of Tolkien's dwarves, or Markus Heitz's dwarves, or any sort of dwarves you'd like (steampunk dwarves? :D) into your writing, then you are more than free! Or come up with a culture widely different from anything else! (Same goes with naming them.) If it is dwarves, it is good! <3

A few prompts:

β€’ So it appears the Dwarfling does not join with the adults in their work. Does he spend his days studying the lore of his people, as the video seemed to indicate? And as for the song itself, is it being sung outside of the hall or is it something that the Dwarfling is recalling in his head, perhaps a song taught to him by his father the Dwarf King? Perhaps a flashback story, a moment of Dwarfling learning of his heritage, his people and what they do...

β€’ That little teardrop in the video. Does Dwarfling understand the meaning of death? Why was the mural unfinished? What's the story behind that? Seems odd that the throne room is unfurnished. Did they have to relocate from the old throne room, and what happened to the old room? A battle? Did Dwarfling lose someone (an older brother, perhaps?)

β€’ I know I requested these two only, but I cannot help it: female dwarves! And really, any dwarf in that video! I would love to see them all as part of the story in some way! :D I kind of suspect the blond dwarf in the photo above is a female dwarf, a scientist of some kind. Perhaps some adventure following Dwarf King, Scientist (was she testing rocks?), the Dapper Dwarf (a sword dualist?) exploring deeper regions of the mountain?

β€’ The dwarf versus goblin/orc fight -- where the heck did these fiends come from, and what's the history of this war? Were they trying to occupy the dwarves' land, or where they creatures the dwarves ran into while building their mountainous empire? Perhaps a story where Dwarfling is now old enough to join the battle alongside Dwarf King?

πŸŽ…Bonus prompt: Crossover all three!πŸŽ…

So this is a bonus, just for fun, prompt if you wanted to give yourself a challenge! :D If you'd like to consume all three canons* then try this out, and I will probably write you something in return because I'd admire you forever if you did this. This is probably a crazy idea, but what the heck! XD *takes another swig of that ale*

(*Father Christmas and Diggy Diggy Hole are pretty quick canons, and I remember reading SSSS in two days despite it being the longest canon of the three. Father Christmas is the only one that may require you to buy the canon, although I've seen PDF files of Tolkien's works floating around so there may be one of this book too.)

So...connections between all three fandoms! Father Christmas mentioned passing by Iceland in one of his letters (Year 1927.) What if he did manage to stop by there one year, in a very different Earth far in the future (Year 90+), and he got to meet the legendary Yule Lads? Rather troublesome impish lads who steal his presents and wish to do mischief with them. Father Christmas searches for help. Finds aid in two young mages who don't like the sound of these imps running amok with presents (and let's be real, especially not *their* presents!) And of course, Father Christmas also finds a whole army of dwarves in one of the mountains ready to take on any foe! :D (And could the Icelandic Yule lads perhaps be rowdy exiled members of the Dwarf King's kingdom?)

Or...something like that! Just about any crossover idea you can come up with using two or all three of these! :)

Hope something here inspires! If you have any additional questions, you are always free to ask! May your Yuletide season be filled with lots of creativity! :)

Date: 2016-10-10 03:38 pm (UTC)
isis: (yuletide)
From: [personal profile] isis
I came across your letter while adding it to the spreadsheet, and I just want to say that I'm charmed by the idea of the triple crossover!


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