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Dear Chocolatier,

Hello and thank you for taking this moment to look through my requests of shippy and gen confections! :) I am [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere on AO3 and I look forward to see what you create. I'm very easy to please. :)

PLEASE NOTE: I have been in a very bad place in the last few months and had to update my likes and dislikes. If you have read through my letters before, do note several changes have been made. Thank you.

EDIT 1/24/17: I updated my list of general likes and dislikes (as well as more detailed art and smut likes/prompts) right over here and I figured I would just link to it instead of copy and pasting/erasing what I've written below. There's nothing that contradicts what's written here; the list is just things that go more into detail and added more items. I've revamped my letter and decided to just leave an update. Thanks! :)

💘General Likes (and general prompts applicable to all requests)
+ Genres: Humor, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Action/Adventure, Angst, Crack, Romance (obviously :) for the ships ) and Gen/Friendship for the platonic relationships. I'm also open to crossovers and fusions for my requested canons (or any canon--I can usually follow along! :D), or other tropes like time travel, etc. In terms of genres, I'm open to anything.

+ I love: loyalty, witty banter (or just bantering), a sense of togetherness in the couple (aka, both are into each other), very close bonds/profoundness, Eucatastrophe, a sense of fairy tale magic/wonder in either the work itself or the narrative or the characters, etc; hopeful endings, quiet moments, dramatic moments, silly moments, cheesy moments, etc

+ Humor is very much appreciated at this time if you enjoy writing it. Look for the Sour Heart section for each pairing (where applicable) but if there isn't one that doesn't mean I don't welcome it (I just couldn't think of a prompt!) Subtle humor to pure unadulterated crack is all fine with me. Have the couple share tea time with a most peculiar host, have them giggle and laugh their way as they make love. Have them do romantic things together while also laughing or just finding things funny together (or sharing a good laugh after a fright!)

+ Would normally prefer established relationships over pining/unrequited, but getting together isn't too bad or a character reflecting on how things were before they got together.

+ worldbuilding, culture and cultural traditions, languages.

+ Gift-giving traditions between the characters (either via their cultures or anything interpersonal.)

+ Couples overcoming something together or growing closer together in some way. Incredibly amounts of trust. Being best friends as well as lovers in the case of romantic ships (or at least being comfortable enough to joke and banter to hell and back.) In fact, I like all sorts of love in the same relationship: agape, philia, and eros in a love relationship? Agape, storge, and philia in a platonic relationship? YES PLEASE!

+ Ghost stories, if you can work them in somehow. Can be anything from a character telling a ghost story over a campfire to a full-on ghost encounter while exploring an abandoned building.

+ BIG love: anything to do with music (works inspired by a song, characters dancing to a song, etc.) And if anyone would like to do this as a treat, a fanmix for any of my pairings would be great. No songfics, please.

+ Something where one character does something to trigger ASMR in another (and all ensuing sleepy tropes), I will love you forever! :) Common ASMR triggers: threading fingers through hair, whispering softly into the other's ear, perhaps painting or doing something slowly or contemplatively that the other (the beholder) just watches and relaxes as they do so. There are many examples of this on YouTube.

+ If you are comfortable with the idea: spirituality. Characters, individually or as a couple and the subjects of spirituality: experiencing God/Spirit, praying, discussing theological and/or philosophical topics, etc. (This can be general spirituality, or something that is centric to what the characters believe in, or you are free to write based on your own faith and beliefs. I am open to all three.)

+ holiday-themed works, so...anything set in February and the idea of lover's day. Bonus for couples indulging on chocolates! Sharing drinks together (hot cocoa!), or tea or even warm milk ('s a Middle-eastern dessert.)

+ Escapism is something that I'm looking for for this round. I know that's a bit of an abstract request and might not seem very objective. I want Hope, which I feel is unkind to request because I always feel happy when I read my gifts. :) What I'm meaning here is something that's a bit...lighthearted and happy, the thrill one gets from music they love, euphoric, something that'll take the reader as far from this world as possible. Something that's more on the light-hearted and hopeful side, even for the Dark prompts. It could be something where the characters are physically exploring something new together such as locations: dreams or abandoned place or a place they had never been to before (which fits well into all of my requested canons), or an overall content and happy feeling with a storyline that just ignores what's happening in the world around us right now. You don't have to chain yourself to this request, though. And at the moment I'm having trouble getting my thoughts across with this one so feel free to ignore. :)

+ 🎨For Art: I have quite a wide range of things I love in art. I love colored works, but black & white paint/charcoal/pencil shading or crosshatching/etc are also nice. I love digital art as much as traditional art (paintings, colored pencils, etc) and even mixed media (it's my sister's preferred medium, and it's always neat to see what she does with it)! Heck, if you happen to get inspired to make a sculpture of one of my requests, I'd be equally ecstatic and impressed! :D Pastel colors, jewel-tones, neutral/sepia colors, monochromatic schemes or mixing complementary colors with or without black/white--I love it all! Feel free to also make comic strips if you're so inspired! :D I try to keep most of the prompts below things that can be used for either fic or art.

+ 👠For Smut. These are a list of general smutty things I like: cunnilingus/blow jobs/oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, belly massages/belly kinks (kissing, teasing, etc), fingering, tribadism, nipple suckling, enthusiastic lovemaking, one partner showering the other with utmost affection, lots of affection and mutual adoration in general (if that's IC of them; or bantering if they are the kind to banter), emotions running high especially after a fright or an adrenaline-rush-inducing experience. I'm especially all about emotion, so the characters being utterly melted into each other's arms while intimate is pure heaven. :)

🍫 Other General Details:
• Ratings? - Any is fine!

• Endings? - it can be happy, hopeful, elusive, or ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger (for this exchange, I request nothing tragic, thank you.)

• Length? - Any is fine!

• POVs? - Any is fine! Third person subjective or omniscient both work well for these canons. First person is great for sarcastic characters since I love seeing things from their POV, or an unreliable narrator, or someone with a very interesting ideology and worldview. Second person might be great for darker stories, if you want to play with that. :) Also feel free to use any other narrative formats like epistolaries, journals, series of documents, etc.

💔 Do Not Wants
− depression/depressive episodes, suicide/suicidal ideation, death, violent deaths

− absolutely no emotional abuse, domestic abuse, verbal abuse

− incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc)

− Any kind of mention of parent-child relationship, in fact. Even if it was a happy relationship, I don't want something about it right now, please.

− abandonment, neglect, isolation, separation, rejection, loneliness (I know for some of my requested characters, loneliness is a theme, such as Lalli. If possible please try to refrain from making this the focus of the work.)

− characters who cannot keep warm (I know how very odd this DNW sounds, but it can be painful), extensive hypothermia.

− dishonesty between the couple, infidelity, disloyalty

− trauma to the eye/gore, extensive violence, gore of any kind

− mpreg, a/b/o, underage, scat

− no rape/non-con/dub-con/abuse/etc between the canon characters, requested or otherwise

− please no bashing of religion, spirituality, or any kind of deity

− Please no character bashing and no vilifying ANY of my requested characters, please.

− Would generally prefer no additional pairings beyond my requested pairings, not even mentions, unless if they are established canon (only exception: no Ensi/male characters, please.)

(These are more than my usual list of DNWs, I understand, and I apologize if they are of any inconvenience.)

I am approaching this letter a little differently than my previous letters. I will be giving short "ingredients" (aka prompts) to inspire you for each recipe/category (White, Milk, Dark, Sour) per pairing, but of course you are more than free to browse through my entire dear author letters for more inspiration and ideas. Consider all previous prompts still open as requests and very much welcomed so long as they do not hit against any of the DNWs listed above. I did not come up with a prompt for every "recipe"/category, but that doesn't mean I don't welcome a work that falls under the category (exception: romance/smut for gen pairing); I simply couldn't think of a prompt. :) Thank you!

Prompt flavor guide:
White Chocolate: Fluff, butter sweetness, feel-good tales. All the pure goodness with not a drop of bleakness within.

Milk Chocolate: Romantic, sexy, and steamy prompts. Kisses, affection, and smutty fun all go in here. For romantic ships only.

Dark Chocolate: Darker themed stories, hurt/comfort, darkfic, characters who must go face to face with villains or other unpleasant things. Would prefer no unhappy endings, at least not at this time.

Sour Heart: Humor! All the humor, crack prompts, silly things, fun things, and other absurdities that do not fit in any of the above categories.

Also note that my general likes and "anything goes!" applies to all of the pairings as well. The below prompts are only suggestions to inspire, and if you have an idea for something else that's not covered here, then I will be most welcome to receive it. You are also free to mix-and-match any of the "flavors" above (such as a fluff prompt with a humor prompt, dark with some romantic, etc.) Again, I am easy to please. Just please avoid my DNWs. Thank you. :)

Stand Still Stay Silent
The Silmarillion
The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings
Interstella 5555

Stand Still Stay Silent

Note: I do see Lalli as autistic per the canon and what the creator has said about him, so please don't shy away from writing him as such. I adore Lalli as he is. :) Also please don't hesitate to combine the pairings up. I love seeing Reynir/Lalli and Sigrun/Tuuri in the same piece, for example, or all three. One big happy Nordic family!

Artwork by Minna Sundberg, creator of the SSSS webcomic! (with some modifications)

💌 Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen

White Chocolate: quiet moments in the dreamworld • stolen kisses throughout canon • silently marveling over Old World artifacts during a mission • cuddling up while the rest of the crew sleeps (since Lalli sleeps under the bunks and Reynir sleeps on the ground, they must be facing each other very often) • ASMR moments (and how that must change or affect the Dreamworld)

Milk Chocolate: Lalli's thoughts when he fell head over heels over Reynir upon first sight (and how he wondered if he was being foolish afterwards) • make out sessions while Tuuri drives the crew to the next book-hunting location • Lalli resting up in Reynir's Haven because he enjoys feeling every part of Reynir around him • making love in the dreamworld • intimacy while not being able to communicate (communicating nonverbally) yet still managing to melt into one another's arms

Dark Chocolate: A run in with a group of unsavory survivors in the Silent World (or a pack of kades), the lovers are forced to watch one another getting brutalized • An attack leaving Lalli beyond healing and he requests to spend his final moments with Reynir (a focus on their moment together more rather than the death please, or find some means of healing Lalli.)

Sour Heart: Reynir and Lalli trying to collaborate on an assignment for the crew, try being a keyword here (based on the Rage Quit video of Slender man) • Hilarious moments during their relationship at any point in time • cracky misunderstandings arising from one partner messing up the other's language • exchanging partners during a dance (Lalli dancing with Tuuri and Reynir with Sigrun, then exchanging and all the hilarity this entire ordeal brings) • lovemaking filled with humor (either they crack jokes to ease the awkwardness and tension or something happens to make them crack a few grins while trying to make love)

❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖

Artwork by Minna Sundberg, creator of the SSSS webcomic! (with some modifications)

💌 Tuuri Hotakainen & Lalli Hotakainen

White Chocolate: Lalli develops a cold mid-mission and Tuuri takes care of the fussy grumpy cousin-cat • Same for after-Luonto-less care as it seems the event in canon may not have been Lalli's first experience • The crew have survived the expedition, and Lalli and Tuuri have grown closer as friends and a family; their conversation together before returning home • Lalli holding Tuuri very tightly after the ordeal in Chapter 13 (him cracking around the edges would be fine too.)

Dark Chocolate: Tuuri gets infected and Lalli is filled with guilt in not being able to rescue his cousin on time • Lalli is injured beyond repair during a scouting duty and he and Tuuri can only communicate their goodbyes through a sealed door (again, leave the death part out or some happy twist at the end) • An exploration of the Hotakainen past and perhaps Lalli and Tuuri finally opening up about it, many years later.

Sour Heart: After a innocent lover's spat, Lalli is livid at Reynir and wishes for Tuuri to translate his thoughts, but his words are so scathingly offensive that Tuuri tries to lessen the blow (and to save their relationship) by purposely sugarcoating everything for Reynir. Reynir's own words, all kind and sympathetic, are translated without modification, which only serves to fume Lalli's anger further.

❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖

Artwork by Minna Sundberg, creator of the SSSS webcomic! (with some modifications)

💌 Sigrun Eide/Tuuri Hotakainen

White Chocolate: A nice quiet, lazy morning of just the two of them together (either during the mission or after) • Sigrun playing with Tuuri's fluffy hair, noticing one how it's progressively getting more fluffy and adorable as the expedition progresses • Sigrun visiting Tuuri in Finland • Tuuri visiting Sigrun in Norway and maybe trying out mountain-climbing (and learning it's not so bad)

Milk Chocolate: Sigrun shows Tuuri all the impressive things her tongue can do • stolen kisses during the mission (bonus, if you combine this with Reynir/Lalli, if both couples are trying to keep their respective relationships secret and don't think the other knows...and another bonus if Mikkel knows about both couples all along and is silently laughing at them all this time) • One book-hunting mission involved getting into an old two-story Barnes & Noble-like store, where Sigrun decided would make a nice date place for her and Tuuri (no trolls or ghosts are present)

Dark Chocolate: Sigrun taking a hit meant for Tuuri (either troll attack or after running into a bad band of people living in the Silent World) • Sigrun's thoughts, self-blame and so on, as Tuuri suffers the aftermath of the troll attack in Chapter 13 (but with a happy ending, please!)

Sour Heart: Tuuri reveals to Sigrun she happens to be fluent in a language none of the men know and she'd like to teach Sigrun so it can be their little Language of Love. The problem? Sigrun is shit at learning it and butchers it to hilarious degrees, from Valhalla to the pits of the earth, and it keeps ruining the mood. Tuuri can't stop laughing. (if you are uncomfortable using real world languages, I'd die with laughter if this was something like Sindarin or Klingon.) • exchanging partners during a dance (Tuuri dancing with Lalli and Sigrun with Reynir, then exchanging and all the hilarity this entire ordeal brings)

The Silmarillion

Artwork from The Quiver of Love. A collection of Valentines ancient and modern

💌 Elemmírë/Írimë (Lalwen)

While this pairing seems to be an epitome of separation/fights and choosing family over love (hence it brushes with my DNWs) tropes, and while I would like that to be downplayed, if possible, I'm also willing to make an exception here, as this is also a rather draw to this pairing. And it is an OTP.

White Chocolate: The blissful days in Valinor • Kisses and a love which fuels the creativity of both women • Teaching music and dance to young elves in Valinor

Milk Chocolate: finding one another in their dreams/ able to be together even with a sea separating them (if this crosses over with SSSS somehow, I would not mind) • slow dancing together either while in Valinor before the Darkening or after their reunion • a most romance-filled reunion as they let bygones be bygones and pick up where they've left off • Passionate nights in Valinor under Telperion's light

Dark Chocolate: Elemmírë joining the Host of Valinor and rescuing Lalwen only in the nick of time (though she may still have been injured, but not killed) • Lalwen returns to Valinor but as a changed woman, having ceased playing her music and dancing, and Elemmírë slowly brings back the joy of art in her

Sour Heart: Lalwen purposely sabotaging Elemmírë's song-writing session with loud interjections of ridiculous, yet very verse-approapiate, lines that completely derail Elemmírë's concentration • tickling revenge afterwards! • Young elves' poetry love confessions are notoriously bad and thus never recorded in any tales, no matter how great and profound their love in future years are. But proud Elemmírë kept them, thinking she was hot shit and the exception to the rule. Eons later after the poems have been leaked, she regrettably agrees.

❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖

Artworks: Warhammer official design (I think?) and thomaswievegg, respectively.

💌 Gereth/Evranin

White Chocolate: Building a life together with little Elwing as their adopted daughter • making a home together • After a life of hardship comes ease and the two find themselves living a happy life with Elwing (before the Third Kinslaying, that is. Perhaps they decide to sail to Valinor, and on Elwing's insistence?)

Milk Chocolate: Sex in a smithy • the couple having met before and perhaps have been drinking buddies before the Second Kinslaying? Or they have met, have kissed, but never knew the other woman's name • getting past culture clashes and the Noldor-Sindar tension to find love • exploration of their height and body difference (Gereth as a tall and muscular woman; Evranin as tiny and lithe)

Dark Chocolate: Seeing her betrayal of the House of Fëanor, Celegorm's terrible men target Gereth. But she's ready for them.

Sour Heart: These two are the poster elves for all the sassiness and the witty banter so please go wild here • Flirtations that are purposely cheesy and cringeworthy just because these two are being sarcastic asses and are loving every moment of it • The entire Gereth-saving-Evranin-and-Elwing scene went not as heroically as loremasters would have you think. In fact, it was like something out of a B-rated comedy film.

The Hobbit

Artwork by thrandurins

💌 Tauriel/Lírien

White Chocolate: Lírien playing music for Tauriel, perhaps while undressed or partially undressed • Lírien never felt she was good at writing music until she fell in love with Tauriel • Tauriel, a nature tree-climber, is surprised to learn that not all elves like climbing and walking on trees; she goes to change that for the very grounded Lírien

Milk Chocolate: The clashing of personality only seems to make this relationship more interesting • any sweet lovemaking scenario you can think of: Would definitely love any situation that brings out some roughness from Tauriel in kissing and banging Lírien into oblivion.

Dark Chocolate: Seeing Tauriel forlorn after the ordeal near Erebor, Lírien writes a song that honors the dwarves who had once troded past her Rivendell, and uplifts Tauriel's spirits by making her almost feel as though the dwarves were still alive • They must travel somewhere and Tauriel is Lírien's guard; they are attacked and Tauriel gets injured while trying to protect her. • The Fellowship have destroyed the One Ring. Lírien finds herself looking West. But Tauriel's heart is still with the forests of Middle-earth.

Sour Heart: Tauriel's bluntness about Lírien music playing leads to her breaking her harp • epically hilarious fights with the very bratty and sheltered Lírien versus the battle-worn Tauriel.

Lord of the Rings

Artwork by steendraws

💌 Arwen's Daughter/Éowyn's Daughter

I do not have any names for them, so you are free to do anything you wish here! :)

White Chocolate: Love letters between the two women • Éowyn's Daughter's giving Arwen's Daughter a flower from the White Tree before a knightly tournament.

Milk Chocolate: Courtship in any knight-coded way among them (like in the art above) • wedding night • Kisses they've shared throughout the years

Dark Chocolate: They need to travel somewhere, with Éowyn's Daughter as the guard, and they are attacked. Éowyn's Daughter is injured while trying to protect Arwen's Daughter. Assuming no healer is nearby, how much of her parents' healing abilities did she inherit?

Sour Heart: Éowyn's Daughter is the Knight in Rusty Armor (lyrics): a massive dork who only saves Arwen's Daughter from the new Cult of Sauron out of pure dumb luck!

Interstella 5555

I've been consuming a lot of canons to help me get through my current depression episode, and this pairing was on screen for only a couple seconds but they were enough to catch my attention (because it's femslash, of course, I tease myself. :P ) You can watch the entire movie here. The movie itself is quite nice! Again, no names given here. Anything really goes here, not just fluff but also romance and so on. I'll take anything for them! :)

Screencap from the movie--during "One More Time."

💌 Red-Haired Alien/Purple-Haired Alien

White Chocolate: How the two ladies met: was it a love for this musical band? Did they meet in a music store, during a concert? • Couple dancing, or just sharing a quiet moment together enjoying something nice that's playing on the radio • really, anything fluff and/or romantic with these two would be welcome. And a chance to give them proper names.

♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥     ❖     ♥

Hope something here inspires! :) Thank you for reading my letter-- and now, go forth and make the world a sweeter place, dear chocolatier! 💋


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