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Dear Author or Artist,

Hello and welcome! I am thrilled to see we are a match! There is much for you to dig around in here, and I hope something inspires you to take back amongst your treasures. Hope you enjoy, as I am certain I will have tremendous joy in seeing your creation! :) Love & good wishes - [ profile] Scribe_of_Mirrormere

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If you don't see something listed, assume a neutral stance, but you can ask about it. I have clearly defined what my DNWs are. :) You may see a lot of mentions of fandoms not requested here being used as examples in the general likes area. I apologize for that, but this section is something that's being used from letter to letter, so do bear with me. :) Additionally, the general prompt inspirations section were lifted from my Worldbuilding Exchange letter (since I never got around to signing up for the exchange.) I figured I'll reuse them here since they're an interesting bunch of pieces you might find inspiring! :D

πŸ’€ Do Not Wants:
βˆ’ no additional pairings or canon characters beyond my requested pairings/characters, not even mentions. Exceptions to pairings are background canon pairings if they were established so before the canon's beginning (only exception to that rule: no Ensi/male characters, please.)
βˆ’ absolutely no emotional abuse β€’ domestic abuse β€’ verbal abuse β€’ physical abuse
βˆ’ incest of any sort (parent/child, sibling, cousin, etc)
βˆ’ depression/depressive episodes unresolved/untreated β€’ suicide/suicidal ideation (unless if the suicide is prevented/foiled and the victim is comforted β€’ scenarios used used in a hurt/comfort work is fine especially with lots of comfort after.)
βˆ’ issues of abandonment, neglect, isolation, separation, rejection β€’ loneliness if unresolved (subjects on loneliness is fine if resolved)
βˆ’ extensive hypothermia
βˆ’ dishonesty between the couple β€’ infidelity β€’ disloyalty β€’ breaking up my couple (arguments are fine; but as long they make up in the end) β€’ humiliation
βˆ’ trauma to the eye/gore β€’ extensive violence β€’ extreme gore of any kind β€’ paragraphs-long descriptions of someone's wound or gore (some graphic violence is fine, but not extensive descriptions)
βˆ’ mpreg β€’ a/b/o β€’ underage β€’ scat
βˆ’ no rape/non-con/dub-con/abuse/etc between the canon characters, requested or otherwise, if they are the culprit. Would prefer, if you are creating a piece with rape/non-con, if the rapist is a known villain or an OC who is intended to be a villain/someone for us to dislike.
βˆ’ please no bashing of religion, spirituality, or any kind of deity
βˆ’ please no character bashing and no vilifying ANY of my requested characters, please.
βˆ’ villains win scenarios. Or, if you have such a situation in the beginning of the work, that's fine so long as they are defeated by the end.

🎭 General Info and Likes:
❉ POVs :: third person (subjective, omnipresent, etc) β€’ first person especially for sarcastic characters since I love seeing things from their POV, or an unreliable narrator, or someone with a very interesting/unique ideology and worldview β€’ second person only for darker stories if you're trying to be elusive, or for interactive fiction.
❉ Ratings :: General to Explicit are all fine
❉ Form :: fic β€’ poetry β€’ art β€’ comics β€’ series of in-universe documents (which may combine both fic and art/graphics) β€’ fanmix (as an aside/treat would be awesome)
❉ Content :: canon-setting fics β€’ canon-divergent fics β€’ gapfillers β€’ episode tags β€’ fix-it β€’ backstories for characters or events or a location in canon β€’ slice of life β€’ pre-canon β€’ post-canon β€’ continuation of (a scene/chapter/episode/book/etc.)
❉ Stylistic narratives :: your writing style β€’ fairy-tales if you are opting for that route β€’ unusual formats (look under Genres for more details)
❉ Length :: from minimum to longer works, which I adore. I love them all.
❉ Endings :: happy, tragic, hopeful, elusive, or suspenseful cliffhanger.

🍿Genre-Related Likes:
❉ Hurt/Comfort :: self-harm/depression/self-hatred and being helped from it β€’ suicidal ideation/attempts only if their attempts are foiled and the focus is on the care and healing afterwards β€’ illnesses (anything ranging from fevers and flus to severe illnesses that leave characters bed-bound, mental illnesses go here too) β€’ injuries (accidental, self-inflicted, from a battle, etc) β€’ for darker flavors of this genre see the Dark Loves section.
❉ Fluff :: cuddling next to each other β€’ quiet moments β€’ snuggled with a blanket β€’ taking care of someone while they're recovering from a minor illness
❉ Angst :: dark tone β€’ character dealing with a tragedy (accident, death, war, apocalypse) β€’ having to make a terrible choice β€’ self-blame and doubt
❉ Humor/Comedy :: light-hearted/humorous tone β€’ cracky situations (bonus if the characters are still in-character or if their traits are just slightly cranked up a notch for hilarity's sake) β€’ couples engaging in witty banter and laughing as they make love
❉ Action/Adventure :: rescue missions β€’ "What? That's suicide!" β€’ characters doing something to get an adrenaline rush β€’ one of the characters is a thrill seeker (to the others' dismay) β€’ quest stories β€’ race against the clock
❉ Mystery & Suspense :: solving a crime or mystery (bonus if they have to solve this before time's up) β€’ an old unsolved mystery that won't stop haunting a character β€’ government conspiracies β€’ having to do something extremely risky/potentially endangering their lives from the government (uncovering unsettlingly truths)
❉ Horror :: Ghosts (explored more under Elements) β€’ any supernatural creature and bonus if it's something rare/unique to the culture/region β€’ abandoned places, haunted houses and other haunted locations, especially if characters must lodge there for the night and/or find themselves trapped there or allured by it for whatever reason β€’ For darker horror prompts, see Dark Loves section.
❉ Nonfiction and/or unusual formats :: biographical styled narrative β€’ essays penned by one of the characters β€’ lab reports β€’ memoirs β€’ journals β€’ textbooks β€’ transcripts of spoken speeches or recorded conversation β€’ epistolary
❉ Porn/Smut/PWP (see below for its own category)

❣️Trope-y Things I Like:
❉ Ships :: femslash β€’ slash β€’ het β€’ gen β€’ enjoy seeing them all appear in the same story as well (as in, do not mind seeing background ships if they are something I've requested that you could not fit into the forefront of the story or if there are some background femslash in a gen story, etc.)
❉ Beloved tropes :: hurt/comfort β€’ huddling for warmth β€’ keeping out of the cold β€’ bed sharing (romantic or platonic) β€’ fever dreams β€’ first times (either romantic/sexual context or pertaining to anything) β€’ presumed dead
❉ Holiday and season-themed works :: winter (snow, ice skating, hot drinks, cabins, pine forests, winter holidays and gift-giving themes) β€’ spring (blossoms and the theme of new tidings, flowers, green, bright colors, cool wind, storms, birds, spring fever) β€’ summer (storms, heat wave, walks in the forest, night time/star gazing, carnivals, beaches & lakes, picnics) β€’ autumn (hiding out from the storms, falling leaves, cool crisp air, foliage, pumpkins, harvest and themes of feasts)
❉ Dynamics :: friends to lovers β€’ learning to trust β€’ incredible levels of trust between friends/lovers/etc β€’ found families β€’ intense friendships β€’ intense friendships that are also romantic relationships β€’ slow burn β€’ a something-at-first-sight (love, passion, sense of familiarity or kinship) β€’ teamwork β€’ mutual pining β€’ bonding β€’ a mix of different loves in one relationship (friendship/eros/agape in romantic, storge/agape/friendship in platonic, etc.)
❉ Relationships :: romantic (getting together, established, dating, engaged, weddings, married life, getting through bumps on the road at any point of knowing each other) β€’ friendships β€’ peaceful families (no turbulent or complicated parent-child relationships, please) β€’ strangers being kind to one another β€’ moments of agape that changes a character in some way
❉ Alternative Universes I like :: cyberpunk and cyborgs β€’ in space β€’ noir detective β€’ historical (any point in human history, but I especially love BC eras, ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Aztecan, Greco-Roman, Canaan) and the 1950s-1990s AD periods) β€’ fork in the road β€’ zombie apocalypse (especially in a Shaun of the Dead style/humor.)
❉ Crossovers & Fusions :: feel free to mix and match any of my requested fandoms with these: Tolkien's Middle-earth Legendarium β€’ Peter Jackson's Middle-Earth Film Saga β€’ Stand Still Stay Silent β€’ A Redtail's Dream β€’ Voltron: Legendary Defender β€’ Small Trolls/Year in Hereafter/Tistow β€’ Doctor Who (classic and new) β€’ Nights into Dreams (especially for SSSS or aRTD) β€’ The Old Kingdom Trilogy β€’ Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra β€’ Giant Robo β€’ Journey to the West β€’ One Thousand and One Nights β€’ Marvel Cinematic Universe β€’ The Glass Scientists β€’ Gorillaz β€’ The Munsters β€’ Repo! The Genetic Opera β€’ Fairy Tales, Mythologies, & Folklore (any culture around the world)

🌈 Elements I Love:
❉ Very human, fallible, and flawed characters are incredibly endearing :: genuinely kind and caring characters who make mistakes and unwittingly hurt someone they love deeply β€’ kind and tranquil characters getting enraged into action, especially by a cruel injustice β€’ stoic characters cracking around the edges, driven by a love they did not previously believe in or thought they could experience β€’ leader characters questioning themselves β€’ carefree wanderlust characters finding themselves in one cage after another, living during a time when they cannot be free (war, tension, etc) β€’ jokesters who are suffering and sad inside β€’ characters with issues and internal (and external) struggles as high as the Burj Khalifa but still manage to be decent to others β€’ characters learning from their regrets
❉ Awesome things :: deep unwavering loyalty and commitment β€’ witty banter (or just bantering) β€’ a sense of togetherness in the couple (aka, both are into each other) β€’ very close bonds/profoundness β€’ eucatastrophe β€’ a sense of fairy tale magic/wonder in either the work itself or the narrative or the characters (etc; hopeful endings, quiet moments, dramatic moments, silly moments, etc) β€’ that moment when character realizes they are loved/are shown love β€’ one character rising above the challenge to help someone they love
❉ Interpersonal :: unconventional relationships β€’ dynamic and unusual relationships that aren't the most peaceful or perfect but are nonetheless profoundly close β€’ realistic relationships where they make mistakes but they try to patch things up. Sense of poignancy in their affection β€’ prefer established relationships over pining/unrequited, but getting together isn't bad or a character reflecting on how things were before they got together β€’ please no cheesy love confessions, but I do adore couples getting together in the most unconventional ways (kissing as a confession when things get dangerous, a character being suddenly nonchalant about their true feelings just as when death seems certain, growing so slowly closer together that both have no idea how they got from being just friends to being all married and making love in bed, etc)
❉ Professions :: characters at their craft β€’ learning a skill or improving on what they already know β€’ characters at work, their relationship to their job and how they feel about it β€’ other characters' reaction to profession (such as amazement at character's art/magic/music/science discovery/fighting skill/etc.)
❉ ASMR :: and all sleep-related and relaxation tropes β€’ one character doing something to trigger an ASMR response from a character β€’ scratching sound of pencil or pen on paper β€’ carding fingers through hair β€’ whispering softly into the other's ear β€’ character listening to another's breathing in their ear or the sound of their heart beating β€’ sound of fabric/running hand over clothes β€’ watching someone paint or doing something slowly or contemplatively that the other (the beholder) just watches and relaxes as they do so β€’ repeated stim-like movements that are relaxing such as comfortingly rubbing hand over arm while soothing a person β€’ (note: many examples of ASMR triggers on YouTube)
❉ Hairplay :: carding fingers through hair β€’ shampooing/washing β€’ brushing, braiding, styling β€’ one character giving another a haircut (perhaps just a trim! :'D ) β€’ can tie in to ASMR above β€’ bonus beard-play for any dwarves in your work
❉ Ghosts :: characters telling ghost stories β€’ encounter with ghosts β€’ a story that explores a ghost story from a local legend or folklore β€’ a character sudden experiences something from the POV of a ghost β€’ stranger things such as where an entire building or object feels very much alive and haunted as though it has gone sentient β€’ ghost trains (especially if a character somehow board one. I'll leave it to you to figure out how that happens! :D )
❉ Music :: work inspired by a song or any part of the lyrics (but not as a songfic please) β€’ characters dancing to a song β€’ characters singing
❉ Spirituality :: characters, individually or as a couple or group and the subjects of spirituality: experiencing God/Spirit, praying, discussing theological and/or philosophical topics, etc. (This can be general spirituality, or something that is centric to what the characters believe in, or you are free to write based on your own faith and beliefs. I am open to all three.)
❉ Those moments in life :: seeing the beauty of a terrible storm or the bitterness of a battle won β€’ pyrrhic victories β€’ hard battles with a strong sense of accomplishment and purpose afterwards β€’ bright beautiful dawns after the darkest nights β€’ difficult decisions, or situations with no easy solutions β€’ having to make very painful choices β€’ self sacrifice (not necessarily in the sense of death; can be anything), especially if it is appreciated
❉ Neat things :: philosophical contemplations, philosophical debates with other characters β€’ dreams and characters keeping a dreamlog or a log of their travels
❉ Original characters :: many if not all of my canons can always do with more original characters so do not hesitate to include them β€’ same goes for textual ghosts and unnamed canon characters

🌏 Worldbuilding Elements I Like:
❉ Settings :: abandoned places β€’ old ruins, temples, places which only legends remember β€’ revisiting a place mentioned only in passing in canon or a place glossed over previously β€’ mountains (climbing them or going inside) β€’ by rivers and other bodies of water β€’ outer space β€’ tombs and graveyards β€’ quiet suburban neighborhoods where there's more happening than what meets the eye β€’ places beyond the canon's map β€’ places the characters have not yet visited β€’ factories & other industrial spaces (especially abandoned ones) β€’ regions unexplored β€’ locations accessible only through special means (such as dreams, by taking hallucinogens, etc.)
❉ Fauna & Flora :: plant life that's unique to the area or something new and fictional β€’ I love mythical creatures (especially dragons and phoenixes) or anything unique to the culture or region you're writing
❉ Linguistics :: Exploration of languages in any conlang β€’ inventing slang, proverbs, sayings that can't be fully translatable into English but somehow "fit" the soul of its speakers, poems, a mini lexicon, expanding on a language for the purpose of a fanwork, etc. β€’ For existing languages, if the setting is not set during modern times, a look into language shifts.
❉ Cultures of the people :: real world cultures or fictional cultures β€’ love seeing customs, rituals (weddings, funerals, coming-of-age, preparing for battle and post-battle, etc), religion, holidays, culinary, traditions, proverbs, teaching us a saying or something that this particular culture believes in is always a treat β€’ expanding on fictional cultures in a work, especially those we do not get to see much of (such as Avari tribes, dwarves, NΓΊmenor.)
❉ Attentions to details such as: jewelry and the history behind each piece, the making or reason why a tapestry was made, the history of someone's possession in a canon (such as Lalli's rifle, the blue brooch of the Cardolan woman mentioned in passing in Lord of the Rings, etc.)
❉ Unexplained Mysteries, Things Before Their Time, & Bizarre Coincidences :: I love mysterious things that are unexplained or artifacts that appear to be well before their time. To give some examples of what I mean (not necessarily from fandoms I've requested, but to give an idea) :
    ✧ Middle Earth :: Something similar to The Antikythera mechanism, which has been described as the world's first computer. An artifact so carefully pieced together and so mathematically precise and perfect that, to us in the modern age, it just seems impossible for someone of that time to have been able to pull it off.
    ✧ Stand Still Stay Silent :: Something that harkens to the story of when the HIV epidemic first broke out. The first medications for the virus had already been manufactured--years before the epidemic, but were shelved due to the researchers not having previously found any use for them. Perhaps the cure of the Rash Disease exists in some discarded modern medicine today, tucked away in the to-be-discarded pile of a pharmaceutical research facility because it had failed trials in, say, curing adult acne? What would be the odds of ever running across it again, and even more, getting the idea to use it?
    ✧ A Redtail's Dream :: Signs of a spiritual realm and more beyond this sphere of life. Can manifest as the Nazca lines, or something that would initiate a conversation of whether it was just coincidence that everyone in the village of Hokanniemi happened to have the same dream or if there was something more at hand. Something that would leave people wondering and debating and questioning themselves for years to come.
❉ Challenging Elements You May Enjoy Writing :: for those topics that have no definite answers but may be intriguing to explore nonetheless. I love getting philosophical and deeper into these topics, so if you are up to it, feel free to look at some of these suggestions:
    ✧ Magic/Religion & Science Working Together :: as someone who is both spiritual/a practicing witch and someone who works in a science profession, it does worry me that these elements are often regarded as mutually exclusive. So, I'd like to see something that manages to overlap the two sides, such as a mage using their understanding of a scientific field in being able to cast a stronger spell, or a researcher needing to tap into some areas that cannot be quantified through science and how they can manage that while exploring and studying more of the world around them. AKA: Can't put God in a test tube, but can't take God out of the equation either.
    ✧ Nature & Technology can coexist and can be mutually beneficial :: I love nature (and the cosmos!) but also have a very optimistic view of technology. I believe they can, when approached right, benefit us (such as in medicine) and may even help to benefit the world around us. As much as I adore Tolkien, I do not share his views on technology, so I would like to see something where technological advancements can be seen as beneficial. Not to turn a blind eye to the damages the industrial revolution has brought; pollution is a problem and I will not mind seeing that also addressed, but I believe it was something for us as a species to learn from rather than to see our creations and advancements as something to be ashamed of.
    ✧ Identity of the Self & Sharing The World With Others :: something that gets a little philosophical into what it means to belong to X group (could be a Race (as in Elves, Dwarves, etc), or race/nationality/ethnicity/a particular culture, gender, gender living during this era/living in this region/etc, orientation, orientation living during this era/living in this region/etc). As such I should add that exploring topics of racism/ethnocentrism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, misogyny, discrimination on basis of religion, etc will not matter here so long as the work has a general sympathetic tone towards the marginalized group. I would be interested in seeing works like that, especially canons with fictional groups or settings not in our time. And also, the idea of sharing this world with others. :)

πŸ–€Dark Loves: if you wish to write something darker:
❉ Rape/Non-con :: in a situation where the culprit is someone who's a known villain in the work (such as Sauron, Morgoth) or an OC (such as a wicked kade.) Please, not someone who the character knows and trusts in canon. Work can focus on the trauma and/or the aftermath.
❉ Torture :: Not explicitly graphic (such as paragraphs spent on how the blood drips from the gashing wounds, etc), but something where the character is put under turmoil and stress is fine especially if they come out of the torment later on/defeat the villain/conflict. Some graphic violence and description is okay.
❉ Hurt/comfort :: already talked about above, but for darker tones, whump and "get" scenarios β€’ character having to witness someone they love and care for being brutalized by villains (in canon or OCs), the worse the situation the better (example: character tied up while the other is raped) β€’ one partner being forced to hurt another lest both's lives are endangered β€’ eating disorders (and disordered eating); refusal to eat β€’ victim of harassment/bullying
❉ Death :: Exploration of canon character death β€’ non-canon character death is fine if it serves the purpose of the work and was not used as a form of character bashing β€’ exploration of the aftermath of a canon death β€’ works taking place in the afterlife are fine, as are near death experiences
❉ Horror :: expanding on and exploring any of the darker aspects of the canon β€’ characters caught in a horrific situations they cannot get out of β€’ something that plays with their mind (mind games, feeling trapped, something truly wicked and sinister under the surface), especially if it pushes them over the edge (think: the Tell-Tale Heart type of narrative.)

🎨 Art-Related Things I Love:
❉ Forms :: traditional β€’ digital β€’ mixed media and "cut-out" styles (this is a good example of what I mean :) ) β€’ comics β€’ single illustrations β€’ scenery landscapes with my requested characters as part of the scene
❉ Black and white mediums :: charcoal β€’ crosshatching β€’ pencil shading β€’ inked (especially when it plays on shadows and crosshatching) β€’ black/white/shades of grey digital colors or paints
❉ Color mediums :: digital art β€’ acrylics β€’ watercolors β€’ oils β€’ colored pencils β€’ Copic markers β€’ screen printing/vector art
❉ Color schemes :: earth tones (greens/blues/browns) β€’ jewel tones β€’ sepia/shades of browns/neutrals β€’ faded/washed out β€’ vibrant β€’ iridescent hues and "cosmic" themes β€’ things that invoke autumn vibes β€’ black/white/greys (look above) β€’ pastel hues β€’ monochromatic schemes or mixing complementary colors with or without black/white
❉ Subjects/settings :: forests β€’ dreamscapes or dreams β€’ homes or marketplace or someplace the character(s) loves β€’ downtown or in their village β€’ someplace new for the character and/or abandoned locations (see Worldbuilding : Settings for more details) β€’
❉ Clothing and appearance :: focus on folds in dresses, coats, tunics, etc β€’ details around collars, hems, cuffs, especially if there are cultural meaning or significance to these areas of the clothing β€’ elaborate hairstyles and clothing β€’ drawing inspirations from ancient civilizations (any of your choice)
❉ Accessories :: Vibrant jewelry and details on each gem β€’ interesting details of any advertisements or posters behind character β€’ elaborately designed weapons (I hate violence but I love designs of swords and guns, and the more fantastical the designs, the better!)
❉ Bibliophilia :: character(s) reading/poring through the pages of a book (bonus if two doing it together) β€’ sitting on top of a stack of books β€’ thick ancient tomes β€’ entire shelves of books β€’ books on the nightstand β€’ character reading a book in the bathtub (with more books scattered nearby (inspired by)) β€’ massive libraries (either as backdrop of your artwork or as part of a comic story) β€’ feel free to include other beautiful trinkets with these such as scrolls (rolled and/or unrolled), globes, desk lamps, bookmarks, mugs of tea or coffee, etc.
❉ Themes :: the four seasons β€’ opposites (such as highlighting polar elements of two characters and making a piece out of that) β€’ sun and moon β€’ day and night β€’ earth and cosmos/heavens β€’ the five elements (earth, air/wind, fire, water, spirit) β€’ seven chakras β€’ the zodiac (Western, Chinese, etc)
❉ Inspired Piece :: I love artworks that derive some inspiration from other famous works such as Mucha or Dali. But just using your own style is equally welcome! :)
❉ Character interactions :: if a romantic couple: kisses (on the mouth, on the cheek, on top of hand), affectionate poses/interactions, cuddles/snuggling together, looking into each other's eyes) β€’ platonic or romantic: conversing, one with head on the other's shoulder, watching the stars, hand-holding, lying side by side on the ground, dancing β€’ a group of characters: sitting around a campfire (bonus for at least one playing a musical instrument), marching along some interesting scenery, displaying great teamwork (bonus if my pairings are also included doing something alongside each other), epic poses before or after a battle
❉ Color palettes :: a few I like (but you're free to choose your own!) :: β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯β€’β™₯
❉ Prompts :: I tried my best to provide prompts for each fandom that can also work well for art. If not, look to this list as I would really love these as detailed here. Feel free to look at the rest of my general likes as well as my smut likes and my general list of prompts! :) I would love even if you took one element from a fandom request and made art of it (example: if I request something set during a dream, to get artwork of the character in that dreamworld.)

πŸ’‹Kink & Smut Things I Like:
❉ My biggest loves in smut :: hand-holding during lovemaking β€’ intense emotions β€’ profound levels of trust β€’ getting a strong sense of how they feel about one another β€’ body positions so the lovers can kiss, hold each other, etc β€’ getting so lost into the sex and the emotions for each other that they're practically melting into one another's arms.
❉ Oral :: cunnilingus, blow jobs (be as general or as detailed in description/depiction as you'd like)
❉ Vaginal :: fingering β€’ penis β€’ stap-on, etc.
❉ Anal :: by penis or strap-on, any position is fine
❉ Bodily fluids (semen, vaginal juices); bodily fluids play β€’ watersports (watching partner pee, holding urine in hand or feel of urine down thighs, etc. Would prefer nothing in mouth, though.)
❉ Fingering or stroking β€’ stimulation of the clitoris β€’ massaging around the genitals or up the thighs/hips/stomach
❉ Nipple suckling, kissing the breasts, character brushing their nipples against their lover, etc
❉ Body worship :: kissing the neck, breasts, belly, hips, right over the heart, cheeks, the area right below the ears.
❉ Belly kinks :: teasing (gentle tickles), massaging, kissing, keeping hands over belly to keep the person warm (giving the navel some attention and love is fine too)
❉ Genital-genital contact :: tribadism β€’ frottage β€’ grinding of the hips β€’ intercrural sex
❉ Hairplay during foreplay and sex, be it while one partner is performing oral or while they're in a missionary position.
❉ Fully nude, partially clothed, or fully clothed sex is all fine by me.
❉ Bath/shower sex (bonus for hair washing) β€’ body worship β€’ undressing partner β€’ masturbating in front of partner (as a means of developing more trust and intimacy between a couple) β€’ cuddling after sex β€’ gentle/lazy/sleepy sex β€’ naked cuddling β€’ riding partner (either with cock or a strap-on) β€’ sucking fingers of lover (perhaps after they've fingered or stroked them)
❉ Situational :: first times (in general or new sexual act) β€’ sex for warmth β€’ "Thank God we're alive" sex β€’ sex in front of a mirror
❉ Sex in a smithy :: sex inside a smithy with a blacksmith character (location kink) β€’ using objects found in a smithy for kinky fun
❉ Visual delights :: gripping onto the bedsheets β€’ bedsheets twisting around them (or leg) or one of the partners β€’ beautifully flushed faces
❉ Bloodplay in situations where one or more of the characters are vampires, or if they are magic users, magic sex is in play that requires blood, or in non-con situations between villain/victim. (see the Dark Love section for more info on rape/non-con.) Other elements include: using blood in ritualistic sex, blood drinking, smearing blood on lover.
❉ Being held tightly or squeezed during lovemaking β€’ a little bit of rough sex, especially if it's in-character β€’ a little bit of bantering as well (again, if it fits the characters) β€’ a normally-stoic character losing control from the passion
❉ Voice kink :: soft whisperings in lover's ear β€’ the sound of their breathing or moans driving partner closer to climax β€’ breath on their skin or ears

General Prompts

πŸ–Ό Photo Inspirations:
❉ Voynich Manuscript
❉ Atlantic Ocean Road
❉ Ruins at Virginia Water
❉ Abandoned Stone House
❉ Music, Maestro!
❉ Abandoned Railroad in France
❉ Bad Moon Rising
❉ Antelope Canyon
❉ Trees in Boardman, OR
❉ Rainbow over canyon
❉ Trees by a lake
❉ Ice Caves of Rifle Mountain Park
❉ Abandoned Soviet Passenger Hydrofoil
❉ Las Pozas in the rainforest
❉ Ocean Rainbow
❉ Sunset after the Storm
❉ Cliffside Homes

🎢 Song Inspirations:
❉ We Are Happy Landfill - Gorillaz (lyrics)
❉ Under Ice - Kate Bush (lyrics)
❉ Jig of Life - Kate Bush (lyrics)
❉ Clocks - Coldplay (lyrics)
❉ Marco Polo - Loreena McKennitt (instrumental)
❉ Nahawand - Sharkiat (instrumental)
❉ Wind River - Andrew Vasquez
❉ The Mummer's Dance - Loreena McKennitt (lyrics)
❉ Blacksmith - Loreena McKennitt (lyrics)
❉ Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan - Nightwish (instrumental version)
❉ Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan - Nightwish (lyrics - translation)
❉ Bitchifi - Angelique Kidjo (quick translation: the song asks "What did you bring with you on the day you were born?")
❉ Lullaby - Lei Qiang (instrumental)
❉ LothlΓ³rien - Enya (instrumental)
❉ Salvete Virgines - Hans Zimmer (instrumental)
❉ Kashira Seijin (First Shadow Girl Theme) - Shinkichi Mitsumune (instrumental)
❉ Liva La Vida - Coldplay (lyrics)
❉ Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers (lyrics)
❉ One Step Closer - The String Quartet (instumental)
❉ Symphony of the Forest - Kitaro (instumental)
❉ We Three Kings - Steve Ouimette (instumental)
❉ Bloom - Odesza (instumental)

πŸ“– Poems, Quotes, and Textual Tidbit Inspirations:
❉ The Museum of Stones - Carolyn ForchΓ©
❉ Perspectives - Nikita Gill
❉ Heritage - Claude McKay
❉ "What is a queen without her king?" - Nikita Gill
❉ "You are unexplored, unusual and frighteningly beautiful." β€” Nikita Gill
❉ The First Layer of City - Marianne Boruch
❉ "If you go through life..." - Nikita Gill
❉ Diary of a Wave Outside the Sea [excerpt]
❉ "I have killed myself many times" - Nikita Gill
❉ Call of the Night - Djuna Barnes
❉ "I have tasted deadlier poisons..." - Nikita Gill
❉ After the Disaster - Katie Peterson
❉ The Negro Speaks of Rivers - Langston Hughes
❉ Warlock - Nikita Gill
❉ Silverswords - Juliet S. Kono
❉ A lane of Yellow led the eye (1650) - Emily Dickinson
❉ like a friend, like an old enemy (inspired by)
❉ half-completed maps
❉ untold histories
❉ voice of the voiceless (inspired by)
❉ now I sweep the streets I used to own (inspired by)
❉ the cross we bear that you gave to us (inspired by)
❉ decaying wrapper
❉ dropped pocket watch lost amongst the leaves
❉ portraits on the hall (faded names on the plaques)
❉ family heirlooms
❉ souvenir from a dying land
❉ curled corners of a yellowing page
❉ a letter sent winters past
❉ first night under a different sky
❉ wonders which hands wrought
❉ relic from my past

πŸŽ‡Fandoms πŸŽ‡
β€’ Stand Still Stay Silent β€’
β€’ Gorillaz β€’
β€’ Year in Hereafter β€’
β€’ Small Trolls β€’

Art by Minna Sundberg, creator of the webcomic!
Stand Still Stay Silent

Requesting: Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen β€’ Fic, Art

Biggest loves of my life (besides my own works, that is!) Lalli's introduction of Reynir was so endearing, a man who captivated Lalli in the middle of a dream, which soon turned into a nightmare as Lalli's attention was steered away from danger. It was no wonder why he didn't like Reynir after that when they did meet in the waking world, but slowly he's coming back around to Reynir; and seeing that it's Lalli always seeking Reynir for help warms my heart.

Seeing something that explores that farther from the canon would be excellent. Right now these two men are taking the situation of Tuuri's injury very badly, perhaps the worst out of the team. Both depressed little magic-users. I'm finding them more relatable than ever before, and I would love to see them find solace in one another (seems like they're sharing the same space, and per Minna's notes, Lalli is even sleeping under Reynir's bed. Make of that what you will. ;D ) Or perhaps they decide that activity is the best remedy against depression and team up on a quest for curing Tuuri in any way, complete with dreamworld shenanigans, cameos by the Pastor?

Or inversely, they both realize everything is futile and decide to just...keep walking together in the dreamworld until they come across mages of different cultures they have never heard of before. And maybe, but some luck, realize a cure does exist?

Or if you're not up for writing an epic, any quiet moments of them together, enjoying one another's company, or trying to work together in the waking world with nonverbal communication.

Or perhaps you decide to take the story beyond Chapter 15 and see them at any point after the expedition (meaning: anywhere from on the ship taking them to Iceland all the way to years later when the two are elderly men living a peaceful life together as a couple, and anything in between. Or, heck, give a reason for Reynir to visit Lalli in Finland!)

I've requested these two magical lovebirds before, so feel free to browse through past letters for more ideas!

Art-specific requests: Reynir keeping Lalli company under the bunk bed β€’ kissing, with perhaps Norse runes for lovers in the background β€’ cuddling up in either's haven β€’ Reynir trying to draw up runes to match the effects Lalli drew on pieces of paper (I love Lalli's art skillz.)

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
β€’ In terms of additional relationships, I like: Sigrun/Tuuri, Lalli & Tuuri, Reynir & Tuuri, (and Reynir/Lalli & Tuuri) , the entire team being able to work together.

Do Not Wants:
β€’ No other pairing I didn't request, not even a mention
β€’ Would prefer nothing with Onni, thank you

Art by Jamie Hewlett, one of the co-creators of Gorillaz!

Requesting: Murdoc & 2D & Russel & Noodle β€’ Fic, Art

Ahh! I so cannot wait for the new album! The moment I saw the new Saturnz Barz video, I was reminded of all the things I love about this fictional fantastic band. I've loved their music and their quirky and weird videos (and the canon that goes along with it!) for so many years now, and this brought all those emotions back. Absolutely anything here would be welcome. I would particularly like something that expands on their time in the Spirit House. It's such a weird place. What did it DO to these people? Especially considering the last scene. Coming out of there all happy and wanting a big breakfast? I would have busted out screaming, myself. XD

I just adore the four of them so much, so anything seeing them all going through something together is great and wonderful.

At some point after assignments go out, the album would have been released along with maybe more videos and more canon tidbits, so you are more than free to expand on any of those points. (And if we matched on this or if you are creating a treat, you are more than free to send me a poke via the mod for more info regarding the new album. I'm sure I'll be screaming and super excited over it for a while! :D )

Also? Just a peppermint tea for me, thanks. :3

But if you're feeling nostalgic, anything from their earlier Phases would be equally welcome. I mean, remember Noodle in Phase 1? :') What if Paula makes a reappearance in Phase 4? In terms of ships, I sometimes like Murdoc/2D, but you don't have write ship.

Art-specific requests: a montage of them during all of the Phases, watching how they've changed/got older, etc β€’ Noodle being an axe fact, everyone in their musical element! β€’ Gorillaz in an SSSS fusion where we see them battle with some ghosts and trolls (considering Del and what we've seen in Saturnz Barz, you could make a case for that!)

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
β€’ Murdoc/2D, but you don't have to write ship.
β€’ The entire team having an adventure together (and staying together)
β€’ Cameos from characters of previous Phases would be nice too, if you can work that in.

Do Not Wants:
β€’ I won't complain if you write a ship with Noodle but would prefer it's not explicit and not set before Phase 4. Thanks! :)

Art by Karoliina Hankonen, creator of the webcomic!
Year in Hereafter

Requesting: Veeti Harmonsuo/Jaakko Ilmarinen β€’ Fic, Art

I fell in love so much with this story, especially Veeti, and you can imagine my little heartbreak when I reached page 240! :) (I did know it was on hiatus going in, but it was still painful nonetheless. WHY! The story was just kicking off into gear!) I fell in love with Veeti, our magic-user, and--ah, what have we here? A smith? Well, I'm sold! :D

The webcomic left us in a rather interesting moment. Veeti is off in a sleep state in Jaakko's bed while Mika and Sakari are off on a journey with Ieva. Sounds like the setup for a romance story of some kind. Of some kind (humor? head-butting? Or perhaps...maybe Veeti and Jaakko recognize one another from before? Is Jaakko a native of Hereafter or does he not remember his life from before his death? Or perhaps the two had met before, in a dream, or as spirits?

Some sort of odd recognition there would be neat, especially if played for laughs, but played for some drama would be great too! Really, what I'm dying for most is to read or see some more of where the story had left off, especially once Veeti opens his eyes and interacts with Jaakko in this 'verse. (and if you look above, you'll note that I do have quite a thing for blacksmiths and smithies. Just in case you'd like to add some spark and magic in a smithy between them. ;D )

If you would like to tie this with Small Trolls in some way, perhaps a Soulmate scenario where they learn they are soulmates from multiple universes (Small Trolls, Tistow, Year in Hereafter, etc.) and realize that in each lifetime they must learn something important from one another.

And while I did not officially request Mika/Sakari, I would not mind if you include them either as a ship or platonically either. Anything taking us at least a little step further in the story will make my heart sing. <3

Art-specific requests: Jaakko holding Veeti's hand and helping him up when he wakes up β€’ a little strip showing them about their day (Jaakko at the smithy, Veeti in the forest, with the final cell of them just together, perhaps one sleeping on another's shoulder) β€’ Messy kisses after a long day (soot on Jaakko, twigs and dirt on Veeti)

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
β€’ Mika/Sakari, feel free to include Ieva and Sulo too! Also, if you can somehow work in Tytti/Erwil, I would love that too! :D

Do Not Wants:
β€’ There is nothing here other than my general DNWs from the top of this letter.

Art credit by Karoliina Hankonen and Elli Puukangas, the creators of the webcomic!
Small Trolls

Requesting: JΓ‘hko HammarstrΓΆm & Veeti Harmonsuo β€’ Fic, Art

Wow, this canon just threw us straight into the action! :) I adore these two and absolutely anything about them would please me. Perhaps something about how the two young ones have met and managed to be friends, considering the stark contrast in personalities, and where you think this adventure may be taking them, or set it at a different point in time, after both become veterans in interacting with spirits (or at least Veeti; JΓ‘hko seems to be well acquainted with them!)

Definitely feel free to explore and expand on this world. If you like crossovers and fusions, a little something with SSSS would be not bad as well. What if the place they live happens to be a rare occurrence, an anomaly with regards to the trolls and how humans interact with the world around them? Tiny pockets were the spirit world is a source of wonder and strangeness, not so much a constant state of worry? Perhaps immunity isn't a concern either? I'll leave that up to you. :)

I do ship their alternative counterparts in Year in Hereafter, and if you want to write shippy fic, I would prefer it if the story takes place years later after the characters are of age/artwork depicted them much older, please and thank you.

Art-specific requests: JΓ‘hko and Veeti on the day they first met β€’ Veeti reading while JΓ‘hko tries to get his attention β€’ making a snowman together that looks like one of the spirits they've seen on their journey

Extra Info/Likes/Ships:
β€’ Any exploration of their culture would be cool, too!
β€’ Family members were mentioned and if you wish to include them, you may! :)

Do Not Wants:
β€’ underage, death fic

Hope something here inspires! Best of luck and enjoy, dear creator! πŸŒ„
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